2 Sides To Every Story

Me Behave? Seriously? As a child I saw Tarzan almost naked, Cinderella arrived home after midnight, Pinocchio told lies, Aladdin was a thief, Batman drove over 200 miles an hour, Snow White lived in a house with 7 men, Popeye smoked a pipe and had tattoos, Pac Man ran around to digital music while eating pills that enhanced his performance, and Shaggy and Scooby were mystery solving hippies that always had the munchies. The fault is not mine! My looks have nothing to do with why you won’t find another like me. My heart, my honesty, my loyalty, my realness, my smart mouth. I promise you won’t find anyone else. She was right you know; it takes a special person.

Her lips of divinity drawing forth the honey that rises deep down from his pit. His body tenses, then relaxes in an instant and the world outside goes black. When he opens his eyes she’s still kneeled before him. Her face is a wreck, red and splotchy. Her lips are swollen and her eyes are glassed over. Her hair is a mess from his hands pulling by the roots as he was cumming.  That was the hardest he had ever fucked her face. He walks over the couch and flops down, asleep before his head even hits the pillow. She was out of breath and she just wanted to close her eyes and sleep for a little bit. She came with a furry that rivaled the wrath of the gods and she pleased the object of her desire into a comatose state of sleep. But she has things to do today and she only wants him to rest. He deserves it.

(1 hour prior) She walks up to his door to find that it’s already crack open. She knocks before she enters. There is no one around. She cracks the door open enough to peep through “Hello, is anyone home?” It’s almost eerie as she peers in even further. She hears a familiar voice down the hall. It’s distant but that voice calls out to her. She feels herself start to rise and sweat.  How in the world a person’s voice can do that to her she still has yet to figure out, but his does. She hears him and she can’t help it, she just needs to have him in her mouth as he talks to her. She knows how he talks to other people but it’s different with her. She can hear his tone change and she likes it. It makes her feel special, after all she must be or else why would she be here. She walks down the hall following the sounds of his voice. Her palms start to sweat and her knees weaken. Her body knows where to find him before her mind even starts to look. All she has to do is follow where her instincts tell her to go. All the doors down the hall are cracked. Which does she choose? She closes her eyes and listens, 2nd door on the left. She pushes it open and there he is sitting on the couch, naked and bathing in the light of the sun streaking through the window… gorgeous. She walks over and straddles him. She lowers herself onto his lap, and he unties the thick belt that wraps around the waist of her coat. He opens it to find nothing on underneath but a pair of taupe colored undies, soft and made of lace. She wears heels that are the same color. Her bag of goodies matches. The woman enjoys her particular brand of color coordination.

He slides the coat off and it falls to the floor. He admires her large heavy breast with his mouth. Her eyes close and her head tilts to the side slightly. It feels so nice when he does that. The way he moves his mouth is unreal. The way he circles her nipples with his tongue causes them to harden and peak. He uses his teeth to graze their tips and she can feel him start to harden between her legs. He pulls back one nipple then the other with his teeth and lets them pop back in to place. She plops her bag up onto the couch next to him and he wonders what is in the bag.  He releases her and she leans over to reach in. When she opens it she pulls out a few items: Lube, he feels his pulse deep in the depth of his jewels, A purple princess plug, he will have fun sliding that into her tight little rear later. The thought makes the head of his cock swell to maximum girth. The last thing she retrieves is a long 2 headed dildo. It’s made of a jelly like hard rubber. Flesh colored and has large vein-like striations that paint its length. One large clear droplet releases itself from the slit like opening of his tip. Oh, he is going to have fun with that later. He runs his fingers up her back to the nape of her hair and pulls her head back. He breathes one long breath up her neck to her ear and says “what shall I do with you today?” He focuses on her thick shiny flesh painted lips as she answers “Anything you like Sir, you have all my control.” He smacks her ass hard and pulls her lace to the side. They rip in a length wise strip. “I’ll buy you another pair.” He whispers. She oils the shiny jeweled plug and hands it to him. “Locked and Loaded” she says as she gives him a cunning smile. Their dialogue is half the fun of their interaction. It’s overly lubed intentionally. He takes one hand and spreads her wide. She leans forward bracing herself on him and she feels the cold wet steel on her hot skin. Her body buckles slightly. Instinctively she searches for it but he pulls away. She can feel the cold oils on her body start to warm and her body relaxes. She leans back and looks at him. “Not yet” he smiles. She stands, still in high-heels , and turns her ass towards him; she bends over and grabs her ankles with her legs spread. “How about now?” she entices.  At that moment he wonders who is really in control. SMACK! He marks her flesh with his hand and she lets out a giggle. “The fun begins.”

He spreads her cheeks and run his oiled fingers down the length of her crack. Then he tastes her pussy from behind as he sticks the tip of his middle up to the first knuckle into her star fish. It’s even better than she remembers. He is lucky that she didn’t spray him down with her own sugary elixir as he works his tongue from behind as his finger plunges in and out of her magical sea creature.  He pulls back when she has loosened herself to him. She moves to stand up right and he pushes her back down and smacks her ass again. “Don’t move, Not yet” he speaks. She grasps her ankles and tries to relax. She starts to feel the blood rush to her head. Then she feels the cold steel up to her entrance once more. He pushes it in slowly and he removes it. He never quiet lets it reach the stem. Many times he does this. Creating a gaping hole, the more she relaxed the slower it closes. The more she controls her breathing the better she can control it. She starts to let it open and close for him. He is fascinated, like a child with a kaleidoscope. It closes for the final time and she pushes the steel all the way to the base and releases her from her stance. He sits back and she kneels with one knee on the couch. She brushes his cock with her nose and the tip of her tongue passes his head in a slow wet stroke. She tastes the wetness that flows freely and covers him. His stickiness is salty and thick. He has waited too long and is pushing his own limit of keeping it together to today. She wants to suck him dry like the vampires she is in her dreams but, he lifts her chin and she watches his index finger move from left to right and she is hypnotized. She falls to her knees and he stand with the double sided cock in his hand. “If you want a cock in your mouth this is what you will get… for now.” Doe-eyed she looks up at him and opens her mouth wide, sticking her tongue out. Mocking him in a way. “Oh you and your mouth will pay for that one little girl” She lets out her second giggle of the day. The he slowly sticks the end of it into her mouth nice and slow. He drives it deep down and when he moves to pull it out, her lips cocoon it like it’s his cock and she closes her eyes and enjoys the attention. When the rubber-like cock tip reaches her lips she tongues it and kisses its tip. She wants to play today and he knows it. She slides it in again this time with a little force. He can sense her body jerk and he drives it down further. She concentrates on relaxing her throat. The saliva quickly starts to drip, reminiscent of his cock, onto the floor. He hates messes, so she reaches up with her fingers as he gags her with the cock and wipes her mouth. She reaches out for his cock with both hands and start to circle his cock with her moist fingers moving from base to tip, a double fister. He pulls out of her mouth and as she opens her eyes to gaze through her saline tears he asks “how do you like that?” “I’d have liked it better if it was you!” she smiles as she wipes her lips with her index finger and sucks them dry. She makes him cascade to the floor. “You’re making a mess Sir, allow me.” And she takes him into her mouth and milks his fluid up from the base with her hand releasing him just before he cums.

He lifts her up and pulls her over to the table. The sound of her heels on the floor gives away the urgency of his walk. He pushes her down, bending her over the nearest table and pulls the plug from her hole. She winces and hears it fall to the floor with a thud. She likes thuds, the kind of thud that sounds like his cock popping her on the mouth. “Are you going to fuck me in the Ass Sir?” SMACK!  “No, and no Talking!” he commands. He takes the wet end of the double sided dildo and slips it in to her ass nice and deep. She gasps “Liar!” SMACK! “Let me Clarify, I’m not going to fuck you in the ass with my cock, now stop sassing me.” He barks. “Yes SIR” she knows he means business.  He moves the thick long cock in and out of her ass hard and fast. Her body jerks with each pass in a forward motion. She starts to cry out begging for him to take her pussy with his own cock. He reaches down and pops her wet thick mound. “I’m think I will.”  Then he rams his cock into her tight wet pussy;  hard and deep letting his tip bounce off the inside of her cupola. She starts to tighten around him and he pulls out before he cums inside of her. Then like a master twirler removes the two headed snake from her ass and spins the cock around his palm, swiftly stick the other side into her tight wet pussy.  Short quick strokes and she douses the floor beneath, he takes it out and smacks her undercarriage with it. It forcefully bounces off the swollen nub that peers from underneath her hood. More of her pleasure flows down to the floor. Then he reams her again with the cock right in her ass and stuff his cock into her simultaneously stabbing her pussy straight to the core with his own weapon. Her body starts to convulse and she cums one last time this time splattering him with her essence. He pulls out again and she slithers to the floor. On her knees, no giggles, just lust. She opens her mouth. Her loosely pulled back hair that sits atop her head in a bun is the perfect size. He grabs her by the ears and his fingers tighten on her scalp. He pulls her onto his cock hard and deep. His fervor for her is undeniable. He takes her mouth and owns it. She gives it to him willingly, trusting he will never betray her. He feels the gravity and she reaches up and surrounds him with her hands and pumps long and hard with each stroke he takes. Her other hand scratches her way up his thigh and massages his balls with her thumb as she pumps him with her hand. He controls her head and lets his cock bounce off the back of her throat. He can feel her uvula graze his head and he slows. Her hand follows his lead, slowing its pace. She allows his balls to climb and she brushes the soft wrinkled skin left behind and he violently fires his cannon. Hurling wads of thick salty cum down her gorge. She wastes not a drop.

And if you don’t like me, as I do you; I understand. Because who would really choose a daisy, in a field of Roses.