Here’s to the crazy ones, the misfits, the troublemakers, the round pegs in square holes…the ones who see things differently – they’re not fond of rules. You can quote them, disagree with them, glorify or vilify them, but the only thing you can’t do is ignore them because they change things. They push the human race forward, and while some may see them as the crazy ones, we see genius, because the ones who were crazy enough to think they can change the world, are the ones who do. – (Steve Jobs).

Carly walks in to the main office at The Donovan Group. When she opens the door she tells the receptionist to stay quiet by putting her index finger up to her lips.. shhhhhh! Bret walks around the corner and sees her, he starts to say something but she quiets him in the same way. They were not expecting her. She hasn’t been in town for the past 3 months, Houston has been a busy place. She has with her one rolling suit case, she came straight here after she checked into the hotel. Frank is in the office with a client finishing up Janet tells her. Carly arranges with the receptionist, to play a little prank on Frank. She sends her to lunch early and tells her she will man her post until she returns. “Oh yea Don’t rush back” she tells her as she is walking out the door. 20 minutes later Frank exits his office shaking Cash Carter’s hand. “Janet!” he snaps but never looks in her direction. “Where are Mr. Carters personal effects?” he barks. Cash is the first to look to the assistant with eyes of sympathy. Frank has been extremely busy lately and anyone who doesn’t have Jedi senses has been on the receiving end of his wrath . When Cash looks over he sees Carly sitting there with her fingers up to her lips, effects in hand, and a tiny smirk streaks across his face. His eyes glance back to Frank. “Who do you think you are talking to like that Sir?” a kind but firm female voice snaps back. It takes him a minute for the voice to sink in. Janet never calls him Sir. His head whips around and he sees Carly standing next to Cash with his belongings. She gives Cash a friendly hug and as they greet one another Frank stands quiet. She turns to Frank and she laughs. “You really need to lighten up Frank” she says. Cash agrees with her and says his good-byes and Bret chuckles at Franks surprise, before he leaves for his own appointment. Carly walks into Franks office and takes a seat.

“What are you doing in town Carly?” he asks dryly. “I came to visit. Nothing More.” she replies. “I have an appointment with another client shortly” he quickly points out. “Well I will let you get back to work, just thought I would surprise you and say hi” She laughs. “Hi” he replies sarcastically. She stands and tells him where she is staying and lets him know that if he wasn’t busy she would love to catch up and have some coffee. She stoops down and opens her rolling suit case, pretending like she is searching for something of importance. She begins to set items out on his desk like they are plain everyday bobbles. He sits and watches quietly, letting her play her little game. He calls out each item to himself in his mind.  Nipple clamps, oil, vibrator, ass hook…. (double take) ASS HOOK! His eyes get big. “Oh yes here it is” she says as she hands him the spare key to her classy hotel suite. One by one she puts all the items back in her suite case. “Are these items you take on all your trips Miss Dawson?” he asks coyly, tapping his fingers on the desk. She smiles and zips up the bag and walks over to the door to leave. ” Miss Dawson.. you forgot your Ass Hook” he says with a poker face holding it high in the air. Just having it in his grasp makes his cock ache. “Oh no I didn’t Sir, that is your Ass Hook.” She says walking back over to his side of the desk. Circling to the back of his chair she leans in and runs her hands down the front of his body to his nearly rigid cock. Hot breath in his ear she whispers “It’s no longer a hard limit, thought you might like to fish for something a little larger than juveniles this weekend.” She spins his chair around and kneels between his parted legs. He watches her mouth intently, as her lips cup his cock. She bites him, gently between her teeth, through his pants leaving a wet mark in the shape of her lips. Then she stands turning to walk away. He grabs her by the hips and pulls her back onto his lap. He opens the front of her shirt popping two buttons off. Grasping her tits in his hands he bites her neck and tells her to Behave! I’m is a man on the edge and you are likely to get hurt if you keep it up. Reaching back she grabs his hard cock one last time with one hand. “Hurt Me!” She says. Spreading her legs she takes one of his hands and runs it up her skirt. She isn’t wearing any panties and she is soaked. He feels the slick heat on the tips of his fingers and starts to plunge his fingers in and out of her slit and she whispers “May I cum Sir?” sinking his fingers inside her rapidly pulsating pussy makes him even harder. He stands her up and bends her over the desk exposing her flesh.  Unleashing his cock he loses him self inside her warm cavern. Fucking her hard and fast it isn’t long before he reaches his pleasure. Pulling out of her she turns and kneels before him. Taking him into her mouth she lets him fuck her mouth hard, ramming his cock deep until he shoots a mass of thick built up energy down her throat. She stands and straightens her attire as he zips his pants back up. “May I cum again later Sir” she says with a devilish tone. He presses her up against the desk forcing her to bend over once more. Pulling up her skirt he leaves a hand print on her ass that could be heard a mile away. “That’s for leaving lip prints on my good suit pants” he hisses. SMACK! “and that’s for cumming without permission.” Sliding the hook into her tight ass he stands her up and pulls the back of her skirt down. “Hold on to that for me until later please Miss Dawson” he whispers. Grabbing her rolling suite case she walks towards the door, just then Janet enters with his new clients. The ladies both exit the office at the same time and Frank calls to her “Carly?!”  Looking him deep in the eye she says “yes Sir, Of course.” She closes the door leaving for the hotel.

The day carries on and the only thought that weighs on his mind is the hook firmly placed in her ass. He can feel the pounding of his heart at the base of his cock. Every minute it rises closer and closer to the top. He decides to send Janet home early and close up shop. He needs to get to her. He calls but she doesn’t answer. WTF!! he thinks to himself. He drives directly to the hotel and there he sees her pool-side. With a very large drink in hand. He remembers that she likes to have the sun on her skin. He walks up behind her and traces his finger tips from her ear lobe to her elbow. “You didn’t answer the phone Miss Dawson” he says. “I know” she responds, not looking in his direction. “You know you will have to be punished for that later?!” This is more of a statement than a question. “Yes, I know” she smiles darkly to herself. She came here to get spanked, like him, she is in need of release. When she leaves she will be ready to go back and face the big city and he will be ready to get back to business, they will both be better for it in the end. She stands and wraps her waist in a long sheer sirong. They head over to the bar, she needs a refill and he needs to loosen up. After a drink and a round of catch up, she lets him know she is heading up to her room to shower. Asking him to give her 15 minutes, he agrees. Just enough time to have another drink, before he makes his way up to the room. Sliding the card key into the slot of the door he hears it click and slowly opens it. The room is large and has more than one piece of furniture he can put to use the remainder of the day and possibly the night. When he looks over he sees her sitting on the bed. Hair wet, she has just finished braiding it down her back. She is wrapped in a towel. When she turns to make eye contact with him, she can see he means business. She rolls over on to her front and in a flat-iron position raises her ass slightly off the bed. The moist towel falls forward exposing her flesh to him. He removes his tie and crisply pressed shirt. Leaving him wearing only a white tank underneath and his well fitted dress pants. Just looking at him makes her pussy burn. He starts to tie her down to the bed when she says, “No Ties today, I promise I won’t move.” He stops and drops his bindings to the floor. He trusts her and knows she will take every lash he gives her without moving a muscle.

He removes the wet towel from her body. Taking his hands and running them from her shoulders down to the back of her knees. He grabs the flogger and strikes her skin. The tassels leave a series of light pink strands on the back of her thighs. Her rear raises slightly higher off the bed, unknowingly encouraging him to strike her again. This time on her freshly washed apple bottom, he obliges and strikes her again. His cock starts to swell and her pussy begins to seep. Over and over this dance happens until the backs of her thighs and ass are lit up like Christmas in July. “Turn Over” he orders her. She does as her Dom tells her. Taking both hands he spreads her legs wide the tells her to raise her arms atop her head. The long braid of her hair is swept to the side and falls along her side breast. Using the ends of her hair with a feather like touch he paints her nipple until it raises to his liking. Reaching down he sucks hard on the opposite nipple until they are a matching set of rose-colored bliss. Running the flogger down her body he lets the tassels softly bounce off her swollen mound over and over. Her body naturally follows the bouncing attempting to create more friction. “How hard do you want to cum my dear?” he asks. “I want to cum hard Sir, I need you to make me cum hard please” she begs. “Okay.” he says and he takes the flogger and welts the inside of her thighs. The red streaks match her swollen red pussy. It glistens with the moisture that seeps from her folds. He runs his thumb along those fleshy moist folds up and down, wetting the outside of her pussy until it shines like a diamond in the middle of a coal stack. He can see the pulse and he can smell the sweetness. Her breasts linger atop her chest and slightly hang off to each side. Creating a fissure down the center of her chest.

Walking over to the suit case he finds the warm slick almond oil. Starting at the crevasse between her breasts he drizzles copious amounts of oil down her body until it runs freely down her thick mound. She can feel the oil fall between her creases and wet every hole she has. His hands spread the oil across her breast and make them glisten the same with her abdomen and her pussy. She is shiny from breast to slit. He wants to stick his dick in her mouth and fuck it until her saliva covers her face but he chooses to wait. She lays there, hands still above her head and legs spread far apart. He takes the nipples clamps and, after several attempts, attaches them to her already slick nipples. She gasps with pleasure. He doesn’t know how long they will stay on but, he would be willing to bet his last dollar he is going to fuck her hard enough to make them fly across the room. Her chest is already starting to flush, he can see the excitement all over her body. He can hold off a little longer. The release she provided this morning was enough to stave off the urge to be inside her for a little while longer. He crawls between her legs and unzips himself. His long thick cock is suffocating, he needs to let his rigid cock breathe. Spreading her with his fingers he examines every inch of her pussy. Running a finger between each swollen fold she has before easing two fingers up inside her. Her pussy is slick from the oil and he eases in and out of her with little resistance. He can feel her creamy center start to close in around his fingers. He pulls out of her, she is not allowed to cum yet. Her body tries to follow but he stops her.. “You said you wouldn’t move” and he smacks her along the side of her left breast. It sounds louder than it is due to the oil. He raises her legs off the bed and instructs her to lift them up to her chest. Using his middle finger as a guide he slowly grazes the hot hole at her rear. Slick and shiny his skin glides across her striations and she relaxes opening for him slightly. One then two fingers, deep into her abyss. Preparing her for what is next. “How long has it been since you have had anything in your ass Carly?” he asks feeling her tightness. “Aside from this morning… the last time, was when I was in town Sir” She responds and never breaks character. “You are in need of retraining, you are tight and I won’t be able to get my dick in you.” he says. Pulling out of her she hands him the hook. Turning over, hands still above her head, she spreads her legs giving him access to train her ass how he likes. Taking the hook by the neck, he points it slightly downwards and pushes its round ball into her juicy hole. With an upward motion he secures the hook in her ass. The neck of the hook travels up the entire length of her crack, nearly touching the tattoo she hides on her lower back. Its large bulbous head fills her cavern, pushing into the walls of her pussy. She feels full in both holes all at once. Grabbing his cock, he sticks just his head into the outer lips of her pussy. He feels the cold steel against his body and her wet warmth on his skin. She tries to push back on to him but he doesn’t allow it. He smacks her hard on her ass and tells her to be still. “I can’t take it anymore I need you to fuck me, I need to cum Sir please” Her body shakes and she is breathless for his cock to be inside of her. If he touches her one more time she will cum and there will be no stopping it.

His cock now dripping at the thought of her torture, he plunges deep into her. Pushing far past the tightly secure ball of the hook. He grabs it by the neck and using it like a joy stick, pulls her on to him hard and fast. Her body relaxes and she lets him fuck her pussy anyway he likes. She cums over and over, letting him have the control he desires. Pulling on the hook, her ass contracts with each orgasm she has. Every time he pulls, her ass pulls back just as hard. Her pussy foams leaving traces on his cock that he sees it each time he looks down at her tightly coiled skin around his phallus. Her creamy center showing itself to him forces him to drive harder into her. His cock is like a sieve, weeping… seeping out clear sticky juice. He knows he is almost there. He unhooks her ass, like  the fish she is, and fills her ass with his long thick dick. Hotter than the hole before, he can feel the change in temperature. Plowing his cock deep into her ass, she fingers her self and agitates her swollen nub as he assaults her rear entrance from behind. One of the nipple clamps flies off and hits the wall, dropping to the floor with a thud. She can feel the warmth rush back into her skin and it perks up as it grazes the sheets below. The harder she rubs her little clit the harder he stuffs her. She cums again and he can feel her ass close in around him rapidly. The deeper he fucks her the more she begs for him not to stop. “Please Don’t stop, fuck me harder. That’s it, don’t stop, yes sir, yes sir” she says in a whisper; with her head down, over and over in between her moans of extreme ecstasy she is barely audible.  The back of her ass and thighs are red from the pounding, her ass and pussy are swollen from the painful pleasure, she is almost out of gas. One last time he reaches back, she can feel his extreme hardness like a fire poker in her ass. He is almost there. She looks back at him and asks him to cum in her mouth. With her words he can’t hold back any longer. Sliding out her barely broken-in ass she turns and he mounts her. She grabs his cock in her hands and aims. As she strokes his long hard cock she places her mouth just at the head and opens her mouth. Her tongue slightly forward, begging his cock to aim right for her. She circles the head of his phallus with her fist gripping him tightly. Reaching up her fingers grazes the sensitive skin of his ascended sack before she grabs him at the base of his cock.  He shoots thick cloudy cum onto her tongue like a bulls-eye.  She can feels the pulsation at the base as he ascends further. The pounding in her hand makes her own pussy pulse once more. She strokes his cock until there is nothing left. She shows him what he has left in her mouth before she swallows it all before his eyes. One last squeeze of his phallus and she takes only the drop that bubbles up with her tongue. Falling back, they both lay there staring up at the ceiling. Relaxed and in a much better mood than in the hours before. “I have a meeting in Des Moines next month, I might need your help closing the deal if you can make it.” he says “Sure I can be there, shall I book our rooms?” she asks. “There is no point in wasting money on two rooms, just get one.” he responds. “Okay.” They won’t be going 3 months without a release anytime soon.

Fire is light-footed and shamanic, dancing between the visible and invisible. Playing with fire doesn’t necessarily get you burned, if you are clever and cunning.  A spark was enough to set them ablaze, anytime day or night. Man might have discovered fire, but woman discovered how to play with it. Got a match?!



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