Words With Friends

Of course she wants him, but she’s too much a lady to go chasing after him anymore. So she smiles and bides her time. In a way, you can’t blame her. Every woman would like to live dangerously with him, if only for 20 minutes…or half the night.

She sits across the auditorium staring at him as he conducts his meeting with a man of unknown origins. He is wearing her favorite shirt. He is so sexy, and he doesn’t even know it. She wants to come closer to hear how he talks to the gentleman but she is afraid that she might be punished for it later. Her job is to remain unseen and unheard. After all that is what a good assistant does. One inviting look in her direction and the flickering of an index finger summons her to his side with a quickness.  She hears his voice and instantly she can hear the sound of her heart beating between her  thighs.  She is sure he can hear it too.  She hones in on him and everyone else in the room disappears. Upon her arrival the stranger stands and extends his hand. He is a slightly older gentleman, he is tall and has an inviting southern charm about him. She hears the muffled noise of the back ground. She has to focus on what the stranger says. She really just wants him to get lost! All she wants right now is to crawl up between her bosses legs and leave a lip print on his pants as she bites his growing staff, before she straddles him and leaves a puddle in his lap. But the stranger keeps talking…Ugh!  Her boss interrupts their polite conversation to obtain the answers he seeks.  After the interrogation she silently takes her leave and returns to her seat.  Not long after the men stand to leave and she follows suit. Before she reaches her vehicle the phone rings… “Yes Sir I’m Near.”

She steps into his space. All she wants to do is make him cum by any means necessary. He has something for her. It’s thick and rigid. It seeps sticky clear fluid. She wipes the fluid away with her lips, she would hate for him to ruin his freshly pressed suit pants. She looks up at him and her thick lips are shiny with his gift. It looks like she has painted her lips with the highest quality gloss that MAC supplies. The DSL’s of his nightmares. She wastes no time, he is a man with no time to spare and she is very aware of it. She devours him in one swift motion. His thick throbbing head bumps the back of her moist throat and he lets out a low growl. One day she will take him all the way down to his base, she just needs a little more practice. She wants to graze his balls with her lower lips as he runs his cock down the back of her throat. She can feel him start to swell with each pass she makes. She doesn’t want him to cum, she only wants to bring him to the edge before she backs off. She wants him to follow her body with his as she moves away. She wants to feel his desire for her like he feels her desire for him. She wants him to grab her with both of his worn hands around the neck and run his thumbs along her jaw line before he leads her back to him. She likes him to take charge and he likes his control, SHE DOESN’T LIKE TO BE CHOKED OUT!!  She likes his control. She likes the way he talks her through her work load on a stressful day. He is the best kind of midday release.

As she hovers over him with her lips wrapped firmly around his throbbing cock her thoughts reflect back to the last time she found herself in the same predicament but the scenario changes in her mind to suit her liking.

<<Flash Back>>

She opens the door quietly and slips into the room. Nothing but tile surrounds them. He grabs her by her shirt and puts his hand on her abdomen. With one leg between hers he pushes her back against the wall. She lays her palms on his chest instinctively for balance and when she feels her back against the cold tile she slides her hands down his body and releases him from the pesky restraints that the rest of the world calls pants. She sees the head of his delicious glistening cock peeking at her through what’s left of his clothing. He is hard.  With her back against the wall she slides down to her knees pulling his undergarments with her. Her nails leave a trail on the skin of his thighs. Her nose brushes up against the soft skin of his shaft. His scent makes her clit skip a beat. Starting at his base she takes one long taste of his shaft to it’s tip with her tongue. Then she takes him in, just his head, teasing him. He wants her to takes him all the way to the back of her soft spongy throat but she won’t do it. She is going to torture him into her own kind of submission. She looks up at him and he stands her up by the roots of her hair. He turns her around and puts her palms on the wall before her pants fall to her ankles. He pulls her hips back and spreads her legs with his feet. She instinctively raises up on to her toes like a ballerina. His phone rings and he puts his index finger up to his lips to hush her permanently. “This is….” He impales her.  She whimpers softly, he smack her ass hard like an exclamation point marked  her ass after the hush. “What noise?” he continues to thrash her. He looks down and can see her sweet cream covering his thick mast. Then he feels her surround him in a pulsating explosion. He pushes high up into her before he breaks free from her noose. She sees him in the mirror and he is twirling his index finger around, ushering her to do the same. She turns and drops to her knees, fascinated at what he makes her body do. She licks her residue off him before she throat fucks him until she makes herself gag. He grabs her by the skull and pushes further into her, maybe it’s the noise she makes. Maybe it’s the way he makes her mascara run, whatever it is she does to him it makes him cum. He cums hard and violently down her throat every time they have the pleasure of each others company. She always feels it on her lips. It’s one of her favorite sensations.

<<Back to the task at hand… >>

When she comes back from her reflections she finds that she is straddled over his raging dick.  She looks down and he is spilling over like a 2 liter that has been shaken too hard. He looks up at her with wanton desire for her. She licks her fingers and reaches down loading her flesh with moisture for a smooth entrance. Just before she envelops him he grabs her ass, digging with his fingers. She relaxes her tight wet pussy and he pushes her down on to his wicked hard cock. He reaches her high on the inside at her peak, he can go no further. He can feel her warm inviting flesh sheath him in full, like a hand to a glove. His head falls forward, he inhales her and comments on her sweet aroma. ‘Finally!’ she thinks to herself.  She had tested many flavors on him but this is the first time he has remarked on her perfume. She will be sure to wear this scent again for him. Up and down she moves on his shaft. His arms around her waist as his hands lie on the round ass. He likes to feel them as they bounce up and down on his cock. Quickly she moves in a dance that his body feels the full force of.  “Are you trying to make me cum?” he asks. She stops in laughter. When she laughs her pussy squeezes his cock even harder in waves of delight.  Her giggles come to a hault when he turns the tables and she finds herself laid on her back with her legs wrapped around him. He pulls free and spreads her wide at the knees.  His dick is shiny and covered with her. It bobs up and down and bounces off her sensitive nub. He enters her shallowly with his fingers and with the same flick of his finger, like the one he summoned her with in the auditorium with, he makes her cum. She comes with her body not just her clit. Two completely different sensations both enjoyable but when you are good enough to make a womans whole body go numb and then fall into a relaxed state of euphoria that’s when you know you have arrived. If he can do that with just two fingers imagine how he makes her feel with his cock. She still sees only the back of her lids when she feels his hands spread her legs at the knee once again. Her toes point out of instinct and she feels him rubbing the head of his cock between her wet crease. It slides up and down with little effort. He goes to slide himself in her and even after all their antics of the morning she is still tight and he must force his way into her canal. She is magical, her full-on body orgasm still hasn’t totally subsided and he can feel the aftershocks pillage their way through her pussy. He reaches up and runs his palm lightly over her nipple and it hardens and peaks even further, her pussy jumps again. Another violent explosions occurs wrapping itself around him time. Liquid gushes from between their friction. The energy radiating between them was at an all-time high. The longer they wait, the harder they come it seems. As he plunders his way deeper she yelps with pleasure. He fills and stretches her  to the point of no return. This man owns her body when she is with him, like a time-share to use when he sees fit. His stamina has reached its breaking point. He pulls out of her nearly unloading on the outside of her inflamed pussy. He pulls her up as he sits back and she falls face first into his lap. Her mouth opens to invite him in and he thrusts into her with anticipation. He reaches back and slides one hand down the crack of her rear pulling on the gem she has been hiding. The other hand is on the back of her head, his fingers tangled in her long strands of hair. He needs to cum and he needs to cum down her throat. She rises up and he pushes her head back down. She chokes on his massive cock. Her blues eyes start to water and she gags for his pleasure. Saliva and a mixture of their fluids cover her mouth. She wraps her hand around his cock and as he watches her work his shaft up and down. He realizes she has beautifully polished nails that are wrapped around him like satin ribbons of flesh. She slows her pace and takes him in deep once more, letting him rebound off the back of her throat. He cums powerfully, his load shoots forward and hits the back of her throat, she feels it slide down in thick tasty wads. Over and over he unloads until he is empty. “I noticed you polished your nails.” He says. “ I don’t just polish my nails for anyone.” she replies with a smile.

It’s amazing what a man can do with his index finger…Text me anytime for the documentation.