Enforced Availability

Choose a specific period of time, such as one particular day, when your ‘play toy’ is required to be available for sex at all times, regardless of her state of arousal. During this time, she is required to do whatever is necessary to keep herself ready for sexual penetration or intercourse. Periodically throughout the day, you should take advantage of her availability by taking her sexually, without warning and regardless of what she’s doing at the time. Keeping herself available and well-lubricated is part of her responsibility; she should be ready for you constantly, at any time.

Ava arrives to work on Friday after her last class of the day, it’s almost 5pm. The place is still 95% dead. She walks around the bar and there is a white envelope taped to the computer screen with her name on it. She opens it and there is a set of instructions and one sharpie marker.

Dearest Ava~

You will do exactly as this letter says. You will go to the nearest quiet place every hour on the hour until you get off work and send me proof that you are doing as you are told. Once your shift is over you will go directly to my house. You will enter the house and remove all of your clothing. No shower, straight to bed! I will follow shortly there after to make sure that you have followed my instructions to a tee. If you have not done exactly as you are told you will be made to draw from the ‘punishment’ box. If you have been a Good Girl, you may draw from the box marked ‘reward’. See you tonight.



1. 5 pm – insert this plug into your hot little ass, I expect to have a picture no later than 5:10 sent via text message.

2. 6pm – attach one clamp to each nipple

3. 7pm – remove your panties for the rest of the shift.

4. 8pm – take the purple marker enclosed and show me what belongs to me

5. 9pm – masturbate until you are ready to cum, then stop. You only cum when I tell you and you only cum in my presence.

6. 10pm – Your pussy should be good and wet by now, insert your fingers and show me how ready you are for me.

Post Script.. If at anytime I request it you will make your self available to me, I might just swing by to make sure you are being a good girl.

Oh! he is turning out to be one hell of a Dominant. A quick zap to her clit, lets her know that he is going his job. She looks down at the clock. It’s 5:06.. She needs to hurry, she sets her duffel bag on the counter and removes one pink plug. Soft to the touch, its made from silicone and it’s firm. She hurries to the nearest bathroom. She takes out her phone. She snaps one picture of her licking the plug and one picture of her inserting it into her ass. Then hits the send button. She waits for a minute or two and gets no reply. She has to head back to work but she keeps her phone in her pocket just in case. She keeps a watch on her phone but she hears nothing. She is trying to please him but he hasn’t gotten the whole gist of the game. A submissive being made to do something needs to be told she pleases her Dom. If not, the fun of the chase is lost. For now she will play along but something will have to be said. 5:55pm, she makes her way back to the bathroom. She applies one small clamp to each nipple. They remind her of hoop earrings, they are small but they pack a punch. She takes her proof pics and send them. Still no reply. She follows it up with an unhappy emoji and heads back to work. 7:00 on the dot, she has a minute alone at the bar. She reaches up under her skirt and causes her panties to fall to the stone floor. She take a picture of them around her ankles then she take one more as she strings them up on the bar tap and fills another glass, her panties fall into the foam of the Bud Light. She sends the pictures and she finally gets a text back. It’s a happy emoji face. Well something is better than nothing she thinks to herself. She is starting to get pretty wet now as things pick up around the bar.  Having to walk orders out to customers is causing a friction that is almost too much to bear. A brisk wind catches her and her nipples feel the cool breeze, a draft shoots up her skirt and she feels it on the lips of her slick pussy. She has a small orgasm that shudders between her thighs.

(She stops in her tracks, taking a minute to regroup and remembers the power exchange from times past. That is what really draws her in, she loves being submissive.  She has to be in control in every other aspect of her life. She gets off on being dominated, she is a control freak and the dichotomy of yearning for a total lack of control in the bedroom is thrilling. She needs you to have control Sir, she wants you to have control. She needs you to create that power exchange. You want to Dominate her and she wants to be dominated by you.)

7:59pm she retrieves the purple sharpie marker from her pocket and sneaks away for a break. She finds an empty bathroom in the fancy hotel lobby. She walks in and locks the door. She removes her clothes and begins to scribe on her own skin. Across her stomach she writes the word MASTER’S Just underneath she writes the word ‘pussy’ with one long arrow. The  tip of the arrow stops at the start of her slit. Then atop the large word she writes the word ‘tits’ with two arrows one pointing to each breast. The arrows stop just at her nipple and fall under her still attached clamps. ‘Good thing these are not too tight’, she says aloud. Then she turns and looking back in the mirror at her ass she writes ‘MASTERS ASS” just at the small of her back. She draws two arrows around each of her sides following the curve of her hips, each arrow stops  where her crack starts. She retrieves her phone and takes one picture of herself  standing full body length in the luxurious hotel mirror and then one picture, ass to the glass. Slightly bent over so that he can read the words and see the plug deeply inserted between her cheeks. SEND! She redresses and on her way back out to the tiki bar she gets one text. It is the a picture. The head of what seems to be Linc’s cock. Shiny and dripping. One large clear drop sits atop his Mast. Hmm she wants to lick that off of him. She loves the way his cock tastes in her mouth. His droplets are sweet like honey, the way it coats her lips, his cock makes her mouth water and makes her pussy sing. 9pm she is making her way to the nearest restroom. Her pussy is red and swollen, she squeezes her thighs together whenever there is a slight breeze. She could cum so easily right now. It has been so long since she has been dominated in this manner, she has missed it. She steps into the ladies room when a hand catches her, it’s Linc. He swiftly leads her into the bathroom. They never speak a word. He puts her hands on the bathroom sink and pushes her over. Spreading her legs with his knee, she reaches down and begins to circle her clit softly. Too hard, and she will cum all over the floor. Her master will punish her if she cums without permission. He reaches down and with two fingers pushes his way between the swollen lips of her hot pussy. “You are so hot and wet” His cock throbs. “I’m going to fuck you quick and hard, you are not to cum. Do you understand?” he asks. “Yes Sir” she says. He pushes his way between the lips of her pussy with his blazing phallus. He can feel her glaze coat him instantly, she closes her eyes and takes long deep breaths. Her body is trying not to cum. He reaches up and palms her breast. His fingers graze her nipple just a little too hard and her body can hold out no longer. He can feel the pounding of her pussy on his hard cock and he is thrusting into her hard and quick. He can feel the thickness of her bodies release on the shaft of his dick. She squeezes him harder with each pass he makes into her. He pulls his cock out of her and cums on her ass. It lands on the words written on her back and then run down her crack. A mix of purple ink and cum create a stream the flow down. He smacks her on the ass and whispers “It’ll be the punishment box for you tonight when you get home Miss.” Then he exits the bathroom. Before she can catch her breath he is gone. She knows not where he went, only that she needs to get back to work. When she reaches the station she gets a text. Don’t think you are excused from #6. I will expect my proof in 1 hour. Her pussy is still wet and wanton for more of Lincs long thick cock. She thinks about the way he grazes her from clit to hole with the head of his cock. The beer from the tap over flows and her customer gives her a dirty look. She smiles apologetically and says “I’m sorry I have a lot on my mind tonight, this one is on the house.”

10pm she walks to the bathroom and pulls out her phone placing it on to the tile floor. She pulls up her skirt and hovers over the phone as she squats. She hits the Glide App on her phone and video pops up. All Linc sees on his screen is her wet pussy staring him in the face. Taking two fingers and not uttering a word she enters herself with two fingers. Exiting slowly, he can see her fingers glisten. She spreads herself exposing her inflamed tender skin to him beaded up and pulsing up close and hard enough for him to see. He wants to reach out and touch the screen with his fingers, his tongue, anything… But the screen will only be cold. “Cum in my face” is all he says. She reaches up into her pussy and starts to quickly agitate herself on the inside with one hand.  With the other hand she tugs on one of her nipples. She can feel the silicon plug in her ass, it is warm and feels like soft jelly. Her body releases a powerful explosion and her cum drips on the screen. All he sees is a cloudy rain drop cascade down from the other side of the phone glass. His cock twitches with a hard pulse. She wipes away the droplet with her thumb and then hits the off button. His screen goes black. She has another hour left until she gets off work. She finishes up her shift and hurries to Linc’s place. Her clothes are left in a pile at the front step and no one is home. She goes to the bedroom and sees two boxes atop the bed, a white one and a black one. The white box is labeled ‘REWARDS’ the black labeled ‘PUNISHMENTS’ She sits on the bed. The sheets are fine white linen and she is sure they are already smeared with purple inked cum from their bathroom escape earlier. There is another letter between the two boxes. Please take one card from the ‘punishment’ box for cumming without permission and take one from the’ reward’ box for cumming in my face on the other end of the phone screen. She reaches in, from the White box she pulls out and index card, Laminated.  It says ‘Flogger’ and then she reaches into the black box and pulls out a card that says “Ass Hook.” She walks over to the duffel bag and pulls out her flogger. She, however, doesn’t own an ass hook seeing as how she isn’t into fishing. He must have something up his sleeve!

She lies face down on the bed waiting for her master to arrive. Finally she hears the door open and his footsteps travel down the hall. Each step louder than the one before. He plops a large ass hook on the bed next to her face then he bends over and kisses each of her ass cheeks softly. Reaching in to remove the soft plug he instructs her to raise her hips off the bed. He spreads her cheeks apart and spits directly on to her gaping hot hole. He holds the large silver ball of the ass hook up to her mouth and she licks it. Then he inserts the ball end of the hook into her ass slowly. Watching her hole stretch farther than it ever has before. His cock drips and he readies himself with his weapon, the flogger.

Lets Fish

Lets Fish

To be continued…

Is it so bad that I want to fuck you in a myriad of fantastic ways? Let you do what you want to my body without complaint and with no questions asked? I don’t think it’s so bad but, who am I to say. I’m only a lowly submissive waiting for her Sirs return. Will he ever return? I am not so sure.




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