Fact or Fiction (via Whyte Peacock)

Pool Party

Back again huh? I miss you too B. 😉  Alas we mustn’t speak it aloud, on the lustful desire that rages on, inside of us. Shhhh… Just read me and know that if things were different I’d have already had you in every compromising position imaginable and I would have let you have me in return…Anyway you wanted me. Knowing you has changed me, and I will never forget you.

She lays pool side. The clear blue water rippling in the rays of the sun. Her skin starts to bead up with sweat. It’s hot out side. She takes a long sip of ice tea and sets her mason jar back onto the table beside her. The ice clinks against the thick glass. It’s time to take a dip in the cool refreshing water. She stands and dips her toes in the water then without hesitate she dives in, allowing the cool water to wash the heat of the day from her skin in an instant. There is something to be said for 6 ft privacy fences and owning your own pool, she thinks to herself. She bobs her head under the water again and when she surfaces for a breath of air her bikini surfaces alongside her. Nothing protects her sensitive skin from the cool water or the UV of the sun, maybe she should invest in sunblock.

Taking the steps up from the pool she saunters over to her chair, a cool breeze sweeps over her body. Her nipples rise and her areolas wrinkle and tighten. She takes her seat and leans back. Her head slightly elevated, she raises her arms over her head and allows the sun to dry her body. Why waste a perfectly good towel when the sun does the trick. Her bathing suit still lays in a watery puddle pool side. The sliding glass door opens. It can only be one person. She makes no gesture to acknowledge that she has even heard him exit the house. He eases himself into the water. Taking in several laps before he relaxes to watch her tan her skin in places the sun isn’t normally privy to. Each time the breeze passes he watches her breast call him by name. She fully expects to hear him exit the pool and the sound of clothing to hit the floor. But all she hears are wet foots steps drawing nearer and nearer. Then she feels the warmth of this tongue and mouth on her sun-kissed darkened nipples. Her arms never move, staying locked above her head giving him full access to large adornments that furnish her chest. There is a momentary pause, she stretches her hand out wards to feel his bare skin. He was never wearing any swimming attire. Just like him, always preferring to be one with the elements. Using the strings from her bathing suit he figure-8’s her arms to the head rest of the sun chair. Spreading her legs as he crawls up the length of the chair. What lies ahead is like a carillon beckoning him with her melodic sound. He reaches her and tastes the moist skin between her thighs. Her body creams for him instantly and he can feel the flutter of her spasms. He reaches out with his tongue and laps up all that seeps from her. He reaches up and lets down her arms. She sits up and as he stands straddling the lounge chair she takes him into her mouth. Long strokes with her tongue up and down his shaft teasing him. Staring up at him she uses her tongue on the tip of his cock using it to tantalize his opening. Stroking his shaft up and down with one hand and the other hand gently kneading his balls. Then she takes his head in. Swirling her tongue around him like he is an ice cream cone melting in the hot summer sun. Careful not to let any morsels slip away from her lips. Once he is at his full length and firmness he sits. As they face each other she continues to stroke him as he points due north. He reaches out and takes a nipple between each thumb and forefinger. Rolling them around and tugging on them. She stands and turns around. Sitting up on her knees with her ass at nearly eye levels he taps her cheeks hard enough to watch them dance. “Again..” she pleads as she bends over slightly. He can see the sparkle between her crevasse. Purple means it’s a bigger one. His cock drips at the thought. He glances momentarily past the jewel that pierces him to see her thick lips show themselves as she presses her body against the straps of the chair. She reaches back and shows him how wet she is by spreading her reddened flesh. He can see the tender inner skin of her pussy is glistening with seepage. He leans in and tastes her again. Is it possible that she tastes even sweeter from behind? He inches closer into her and feels compelled to leave a set of impressions from his teeth on the skin of her right ass cheek, and a matching hand print on the left. She makes him want her so bad that she deserves to be spanked for it. Spreading her legs as she lowers her self down she can feel his staff as he waves it back and forth at her entrance. She hovers over him allowing his cock to sniff out what it yearns for the most. Unconsciously his pelvis lifts, but she isn’t ready, she too raises her body. The head of his cock aches with wantonness, it can sense the heat coming off her pussy. With one hand on the head rest of the lounge chair to stead herself, she takes the other and finally guides him into her pussy. Slow controlled movements she covers just the head of his cock. Taking him in and then completely out. Her thighs start to burn but she doesn’t stop. It feels too good. He is thick and he feels good when he enters her tightness. Every time she lowers herself down he expects it to be the moment when she takes him all the way to the base of his cock. But, she is unrelenting in her torture. He knows not whether to scream in frustration and spank her or to cum because it feel so good. Her pussy is as red and swollen as it has ever been. She has teased them both into a frenzy of nerve endings. Any moment they might implode. Then he reaches up and pinches her overly stimulated nipple and she takes him all in full force. His shaft feels the fullness of the stainless steel protruding her cavern from her ass. He can feel the entrance of her pussy pucker around the base of his massive cock and he can feel the head of his rod hitting her shallow depths. He presses the side of his face against her shoulder and he thrusts hard up into her. Her legs are spread far and she holds on to the back of the chair with one hand. The other hand she has breasts in hand holding them in place as they jerk with each hard thrust of punishment he gives her. He reaches around and vigorously rubs her clit back and forth with one hand and with the other holds her wet hair using it as leverage for each thrashing pump he doles out. He starts to feel her insides palpitate around him and his balls begin to ascend upwards, He is going to shoot hard. Then she says breathlessly “I’m cumming” Her fingers go numb and she feels a rush of tingly sensations that starts at her forehead and run down the back of her neck and continues all the way to her ankles. She feel the pulsing sensation that pounds away between the apex of her pussy. She release a teaspoon full of liquid that coats him and the walls of her pussy grab him and refuse to let go of his steel cock. He pounds away until he has lost all control. His whole body tenses and she can feel his arms harden. She begins to raise off him so she can taste his pleasure. But he holds strong. His abdomen tightens and the muscles in his face paralyse. His balls tighten and like a hard sneeze his cock spurts forth thick cum multiple times. He has a total body orgasm. Both of the sit momentarily recovering from the intense sex play of the day. They experience several aftershocks that one another can feel happening and the laugh aloud.

She raises off him and he shivers from the over stimulation it causes. His cock is shiny from the concoction their bodies create. She slides in the pool and heads over to a spot that is shaded by a group or large palms. He is still unable to stand to his feet, weakened by the events of the afternoon. He falls off into a recuperative state of slumber. When she emerges from the pool she retrieves her towel and dries her self. She lays the towel on the small table next to him and asks him if he would like a drink. “Yes Thank you” he says eyes still closed. He hears a loud clang and seconds later the sliding glass door opens and closes quickly. Several minutes pass and she has not returned. He turns top sit and prepares to stand. When he sees what she has left for him in the sweating mason jar amongst the melted ice. The Princess Plug. He retrieves it and heads inside. Only to find her on the couch with an ice-cold beverage sitting between her legs. “What took you so long?” she asks. He walks over taking in the contents of the glass.  Then he holds up the shiny silver plug. “What shall I do with this Miss ….?” He asks. Then she pulls out from behind her back another shiny plug even larger than the one he holds upright. “Nothing” she says. And it hits the floor with a thud. He takes the large plug from her grasp and pulls both her legs forward. Allowing her ass to hang off the couch slightly. He licks her entrance allowing his saliva to trickle from one hold to the next. Then he puts one thumb on her clit lightly stroking her up and down and with the other he slowly stretches her ass until it accommodates the largest plug in her collection. Closing her legs she lifts them straight into the air. He can see her thick lips and the silver dollar sized purple jewel in full view. He rubs the length of her lips. Then he places his fingers up to his chin and asks “what shall I do with this?” He smacks her ass hard… The rest of the story you can improvise in your own mind.

Reprogramming my mind is proving tougher than I initially thought.  I guess my mind is like the internet, there is always a trace left behind somewhere deep in the recesses. Then again you wouldn’t know anything about that. You are an Angel.



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