Eye Contact



She is merely a Logophile, nothing more. A clever girl who can take any word and turn it into something sexual and deviant. She pretends to be sexy and he indulges her. He on the other hand is a Master of all things. No means of measure can describe his limitless vitality. He is the highest personality she has ever known. He is a well-spring of pleasure. I wish I could describe him but, he’s indescribable, he’s incomprehensible; he’s irresistible! There are days she can’t get him out of her mind. The competition can stand him, but they know they can’t stop him. He is unprecedented and unparalleled; and no matter how many times she says ‘no’; he always knows how to turn it into a ‘yes’. Because out of all the words she uses…. ‘Yes’ is his favorite.


It’s true, she can’t look him in the eye when they are having intimate conversations about life.  Because she knows he can see right through her. To the world she is bold and full of zest. A true diplomat always saying and doing the right things. She is a hummingbird full of magic and moxie, flapping her wings 200 times per minute; 1000 heart beats racing simultaneously. But when it comes to him, oh yes; when it comes to him, she is a bumbling fool tripping over her own words. She goes in well-practiced with a list of all the things she wants to say. But then he looks at her and flashes that devilish grin; she melts like a single mint candy in his hand. Honestly… she wouldn’t have it any other way. One day he will force her to look him in the eye and they will both cum harder than ever before.


The shower is running as she stands in front of the mirror looking at herself. The fog in the bathroom is thick like her thighs and breast. She sees a figure coming up behind her out of the fog. He is tall and has dark hair. He takes off his glasses and sets them aside. She can feel him touch her ass with his steel.  He runs his hands down her back to the tops of her cheeks and with both index fingers he traces the shape of a heart on her. Then he pulls her back on to him with just two fingers nestled in the grooves of her hips. That is her favorite place to be touched. She gasps and closed her eyes. He comes up behind her ear and tells her to look at him. She turns her chin and attempts to bury it in her shoulder. Sliding his hand up, from the crack of her ass to the roots of her hair, he grabs her by the chin and turns her head to the mirror.  “Don’t move” he says. He smacks her hard on her back-end. Her body moves forward slightly from the pang of his hand on her ass. She wasn’t expecting it because her eyes were closed. “Don’t close your eyes, or there will be more where that came from” he says softly. Her pussy drips, sure that it’s him who cause her moisture and not the steam that fills the room.


Her round melon-like tits are swaying as he teases her clit with his staff. He reaches up to grab one. Not really pulling the nipple but kneading and rolling the entire mass with his worn hands. His hands on her soft excitable skin shoots a bolt of electricity down to her clit. Out of reaction her eyes close and her head falls chin-first down to her breasts. He grabs her by the pony-tail and yanks back hard “look at me.” She reaches back and glides her hand up and down his shaft before she enters her tight little dark hole with one long finger. Her eyes never stray from his. He doesn’t have to look at her to know what she is doing. He slides his cock into her warm tight ass. She raises both hands to the mirror in front of them leaving streaks down the glass. The steam refills the streaks in no time. Her hair now wet with steam slides out of the loosened tail and plasters onto her back. He buries his face in her wet locks and wipes the steam off the mirror. Bringing his hand back he brushes her nipple and he can feel her orgasm ensue.  He pounds harder into her, still staring her down. He slows unleashing a round of white pearls into her cavern, leaving a set of teeth marks on her shoulder in the process. Stepping back he notices her closing gape… ”Beautiful!” is all he can seem to mutter as he pops her ass once more.


He steps into the shower and heads to the room after he is clean, she follows suit. The minute she walks out she can see he is nearly ready for more as his cock is at half-mast. She crawls between his legs taking him into her mouth. He smells like masculine soap, something she isn’t used to. It’s strange to her, but she likes it. He rises up onto his knees as she continues working him into a frenzy. As she is bent over with her ass in the air she can feel his hands tangle in her hair as he starts to thrust into her mouth. Face fucking is one of his favorite hobbies and she like giving him what he likes. He holds her by the hair so her head doesn’t move and he goes to town, pounding his flesh into her face. All she can do it concentrate. Remnants of what was mascara before her shower start to slide down her face. Streams of saliva flow from her lips and he makes her gag on his shaft like the spear fisherman his he. He releases her, fully intending to repay the favor. He is certain no one has ever fucked him as good as she does.


Starting at the bottom he licks her from her ankles to her ear lobes. On his way back down he stops to admire her stunning breasts. They are absolutely huge and he has a fondness for them that is hard to match. He tells her how much he likes sucking on them and then backs his words up with actions. In his mouth her nipples harden into little beads and the soft pink areolas tighten and wrinkle into a slightly darker color. She think she might have an orgasm just from the way he flicks his tongue on her beaded skin.  Just as she is there he stops and travels south. It’s like her body is braille and he knows how to read it better than any other fingers in the world. Soon he finds himself running his nose between the soft moist lips of her sweet pussy. He licks her from one hole to the next and her body tingles. As he sucks on her clit he slides one fingers into her trying to feel her from the inside out. Slowly sliding his finger in and out of her he finds a rhythm as he devours her simultaneously. As she lies in rapture he laps up her sacrifice to him with pleasure. Letting his own goodness drip to the sheets below (truly a waste in her opinion.)


She is fully ready to be bent over and taken from behind but Sir is always full of surprises. He crawls up between her legs with the intent of giving her a good old fashion dicking and she has every pleasure of looking him dead in the eyes as he does. He smacks her clit a little with his thick cock before he slides it up and down her crack. Her eyes never leave his. He punctures her slow and hard spreading her legs at the knees, as far as they will go, so he can thumb her clit. His eyes daring her to look away, he leans forward and pounds into her harder and deeper. Their frames collide and his body pounds against her clit with each thrust. He pulls her knees up to her chest doing pelvic push-ups wrecking her chassis with long hard strokes. His eyes never leave hers. She wraps her legs around him and their slippery skins slide with each pass he makes. The sweat from his forehead drips down to hers as they stare each other down. She lifts up onto her elbows as he slams into her. Her head falls back and he leans in to take her nipple into his mouth and her whole body goes numb. Her tightness grasps him and he slows. She lifts her head and they cum as they stare each other down. Neither of them loses the battle tonight, but it’s unclear who will win the war.


And like a slumbering hummingbird who has slowed her heart to a mere 70 beats per minute she is a brilliant flash of color; in arrested motion. ‘Wake me up when September Ends.’