The Purge

I had a dream the other night; it was about a Dragon and a Damselfly. The Damselfly was painted purple and pewter. She had flakes of magenta and chartreuse on her body that lit up when the sunlight stroked her skin in just the right way. Her wings were opalescent and they sparkled even in the darkest of night, her eyes large and blue in color. The Dragon was larger than life and walked with a general purpose, breathing fire and puffing smoke. He was red with coarse hands and smooth scales. One day the Damsel was flying about and landed on his nose. Curious about the creature, she buzzed and buzzed around his ears and face, circling him and bumping into him with her fragile body. She would bounce on his nose as she looked him in the eyes, trying to figure out what he was all about. He would listen to her hum and buzz, staring at her in all her boldness for such a tiny creature. For days on end they would replay the same ritual, over and over. She would come and land on his nose and he would stare quietly as she buzzed and hummed. Then one day she arrived to their meeting place and he was nowhere to be found. Searching and searching for a nose to land on, she would come back day after day. Sometimes she thought she could see him far off in the distance. But, the moment she would move closer to the horizon, he would disappear. Then one day she came to the understanding that her pet dragon was not coming back. She was left with but a memory, an imprint of what she had discovered. Enlightened and forever changed by his silent ways, the Damsel flew off in the direction of her own kind. But when she returned, they noticed a change. She was a Damsel with the gift of flame.

You have been awfully quiet for a while now. Everything has be rated PG as well. I hate to assume so I thought I would write instead. See where your head is at these day. Let you know where I am at.

I’m not much of a Salesman; I never did turn that “no” into a “yes.” At the end of the day, I was never meant to. It was never the Captain that I knew. He never really let me in, and he was right not to. It was the Dragon all along, always teetering on the edges of a coin spinning in motion. Too addicted to choose one color, and too scared to take the other. But you are busy enough in your day to day that once you read this I will be but a distant thought, momentary at the least. From dusk till dawn, is what they say. In the middle of the night when you cannot sleep, a memory or two might be a little more deserving of your precious time. After all just a few moments of your valuable time was all I had ever asked. You can get Spellbound at 1 am. Study Pavlov’s Law when you arrive early to your first morning destination. Consider Lip Balm in the winter months, and remember The Collar when you are in need of a little extra spice. They will all remain, after all they were for you to enjoy. I myself won’t remember you in a fantasy. I choose to remember the real thing. Each time I had you in my mouth and the results I rendered. The orgasms you caused. The role play, the long distances and the late nights. The time you fucked me with the princess. The Apricot; I have never read a tall tale with anything about Dragons liking apricots anyways…

So now I find I am at an impasse. Do I wait some more, or do I go quietly? Without stating the obvious, all I see is my self addicted to a figment of my imagination; a mythical creature…a Dragon. One that is many places at many times, one that doesn’t have enough hours in a day. Truth is people make time when they really want to. It is hard to stay addicted to a ghost. So…As much as I want to stick around and play this game with you, I cannot wait around anymore. I have been left too long and too many times, alone, to roll the dice. I am on Boardwalk and you are stuck somewhere between Mediterranean Ave and St.Charles Place, depending on the day.

But for grins, I am going to roll the dice one last time, so let’s play little game. After I post this I am going to check my blog stats everyday for 1 week (or until I see you have read this). You have two choices, move your game piece or forfeit. I suggest you choose the option that comes to your mind first. Gut instincts are generally the right ones. If you want to move your game piece up a few spaces then instantly and without hesitation send me a text stating the property in which you find yourself inclined to place your piece on (or an ellipsis … will be fine… I always liked getting those from you, they meant fun time.) I don’t care if it is 1am or 7pm, honestly it’d be hot if you did it. Don’t be scared, just send it! Then move your game piece forward. If you choose to forfeit the game then, do not respond at all. 1 week!! Those are the rules. You are not in charge of the rules and you are not the moderator of the game. Choose now or forever hold your peace.

But the same concept applies that I set forth previously. If you forfeit then I have to say good-bye. I don’t want to, believe me, but if you can’t say ‘yes’ (and stand by that choice until we decide otherwise) then you are saying ‘no.’ That means I have to detox my mind of you, your extremely fabulous cock and your magical hands that need to stay busy. I am totally over wanting a dick that I am never given access to, except for the times that you seem to consider a momentary lapse in judgment; after the fact. It’s not fair and you know it.

Lucky for the both of us (if you forfeit), I will run into your pretty face regularly and know you are well and fine. This will not affect any business we may have at work, which won’t be often, I assume. I will have to cleanse my mind of the filthy thoughts I have of your deliciousness. Know that my mind and heart will always wonder how you are, and how you have been (I wear my thoughts and emotions on my sleeve, so I am sure that my face will tell you that I want nothing more than to stop, grab a hug, and enquire about your life.) But I won‘t be able to, I can‘t. When and if I feel like I can talk to you and think of you in an innocent way, with a clear mind I will reach out to you. But, sadly I think you hit the nail on the head when you said, we will never be able to get it out of our systems 100%. I will miss you, and there will be long boring, zestless days ahead but it will have to be done.

If however you decide to say ‘yes’ and move your game piece forward, then some things are going to have to change. Nothing drastic, I mean I have a life too. But I need to see you…ALONE! Time to unwind, time to experiment, sometime to test drive, time to be greased like a good little cog should be. I mean really when have we ever spent more than 20, maybe 30, minutes together…. Never EXACTLY! And stop acting like a prude when I talk to you. I know you are wound so damn tight some days that you could pop. Let me take the tension away, give you a euphoric release, and make the rest of the day tolerable. I have proven time and again that I respect all your wishes. I have never put even one toe out of line regarding any guidelines you have needed or wanted. But I have some new rules No talk about family, how we will need to choose blue at some point or Big Brother when we are in the confines of that time. I know all those things and I know you know all those things. After I have just cum multiple times and harder than ever, I don’t want to hear about (and yes I am doing my impersonation of you) “How we need to take the blue pill at some point” Seriously I just came off your rock hard cock with a princess still in my ass and you want to talk about choosing the color blue…Don’t want to hear that. Don’t want to talk about how big brother is watching even if no one else is and don’t want you to ask me what my husband will say if he sees your hand print on my ass. None of that is a turn on.

So those are the options. You have 7 days B. If I don’t hear from you, as always, you made the right choice and I understand. I will not hate you for it, I got nothing but love for ya. If you choose the desirable option then I’d be most excited for you to pencil me in to your agenda sometime soon. So you can grease me up. Xo

They say the hardest road we walk, is the one we walk alone. But, knowing you has changed me and I will never forget you. You said something to me one time and it stuck with me. If only our eyes saw souls instead of bodies. How very beautiful our ideals of beauty would be. If I never hear from you again just know that I think you have a beautiful soul, and I wish you every happiness a person could ever hope for. You are a truly special person who deserves all the wonderful things life has to offer.

May The Odds Be Ever In Your Favor,




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