Just That Simple

A person still in the same skin but almost completely changed. Still I know that even human life and ideals are constantly changing and evolving. I try to keep a rational mind on such things. But alas, I’m a thinker and I just can’t help but miss the person I was so used to talking to. Not much left to talk about these days. I guess we have hit all the major topics of interest. Never the less I miss what once was. I feel like Red stuck in Shawshank Prison after Andy escaped. But why keep chasing Zihuatanejo. I’m clearly not meant to follow the long rock wall. I have stood under the tree though. I have seen the clear black volcanic rock. It really does have no earthly place under a tree like that.

It’s Thursday, 2 am. I’m awakened by the burning between my thighs. My hot sticky wetness pools between my flesh. I’m swollen and red. I walk into the kitchen for a cold drink. When I open the door to the refrigerator the cold air brushed past my nipples and they harden to the point of pain. It is overwhelming. All I can think about is you sucking on them. I need to sleep and all I can think about is the taste of your balls on my tongue. I need you to make me cum even if it’s only in my mind. They tasted nice as I grazed them with my lips. I think I will try it again sometime. I need a shower, something to bring my temperature down. I stop in my closet and break in to my secret stash. I need three things. After I retrieve them I make my way to the bathroom. I reach in and turn the shower on. The steam fills the room and I quietly stick my newest toy onto the glass wall of the shower. I let the hot water cascade down my skin. Reaching back I stick one then two fingers in my back entrance. It’s been a while since I have plugged myself with your special little toy. I need to prepare my tight little ass for it. Once I’m relaxed I slide it in. It’s just like riding a bike, the ass never forgets. I reach back and I grasp my new shower dildo like it’s you walking up behind me. I stroke it up and down before I back onto it. Reaching back I spread myself and I take it in slowly until my ass cheeks hit to glass panel of the shower. If you were and outsider looking in all you would see are two round ass cheeks pressed against the glass and a purple dot dead center. It’s about to get a little steamier in here.


I back myself on to the large rubber staff again. It’s long but not as long as you. Your head is thicker too. But at this moment I can’t concentrate on what it lacks. I need to concentrate on what it is. I’m tight and I can feel myself start to loosen to a fitting size. It feels good. The hot water scouring me as I back my slick pussy on to and off of the rubber cock. I reach between my legs and sense my clit swelling to the size of a cats eye marble. I start to move my hips up and down in a side to side motion. I start to feel a silken like film cover the rubber and slide more easily to and fro. This is great but I need something more. The vibration is what I need. I turn off the shower and step out. I don’t bother to grab a towel. The cool air hits my wet skin and my nipples bead up. I step into my large garden tub and have a seat on the far edge. I’m facing the large mirror across the way and I see myself. My tits really are massive. They are heavy and wet. I look at them for a moment as I thoughtlessly spread my legs, one foot on each far end of the tub. I’m spread wide and I see every wrinkle of flesh my thighs normally hide. My pussy is pretty. My lips are not too thick. I don’t have the type of inner lips that hang down. My skin is fair and has a pink center. Dark pink when I am aroused and the only bulge I see is my swollen nub of a clit. Yes; my pussy is tight and pretty and does its job well. My ass hangs off the front edge of the tub. I can feel the weight of the plug in my ass as gravity shows its face. It feels good. I won’t even need to reach down and pull. This leaves and extra hand for my nipples. For every scar and mark I carry, for every ounce of extra flesh my body holds. I guess at the end of the day I’m not terrible to look at. Maybe I should fuck myself in front of a mirror more often.

I can’t think anymore, I need to take action. I slide in my pink vibrator and the ears of the hare hit my clit. My head falls back and hits the wall with a small thud; sad part is I haven’t even turned it on yet. I take one nipple between my fingers. It feels so good. I already know I’m going to take this as far as I can. I’m going to make my self cum until I spray the sides of the tub. I turn on the vibrator. One click and I immediately feel heat starting to boil up from my core. The weight of the plug is pulling down on my floor, and the vibrator is high up inside of me. My pussy has latched on to it and its not letting go. Have you ever had a woman’s pussy latch on to your cock with that much force? That even if you tried to loose your self from her, that you weren’t sure you could. Not that you would want to. Like a vice around the shaft of your cock. Pulling you deeper and milking you further. With the head of your cock cradled deep in the soft bed with in. swirling around your hot thick pounding head. Drinking in all that you seep. Have you ever felt that? Have you ever fought that hard to release yourself from that kind of imprisonment. I let the vibrator go and look up in the mirror is does not fall to the tub floor. My pussy is strong and tight. I hold it in place with out even thinking about it. I squeeze and pull it upward, further into me as I watch in the mirror ahead. Here it comes, the first of many. I Orgasm; I orgasm hard enough for me to see the vibrator in the mirror jump back and forth with each pounding contraction. But that isn’t enough, I need to cum and I need to cum hard.

I reach back down and take the rabbit into my hand just as my pussy decides to let it go. It falls just out of my pussy before I ram it back in to my overly stimulated skin. Can I push myself to the point of a full on eruption? My hair is wet and dripping down my back. Strands fall in patterns of disarray and stick to my breasts in the front. I start to swiftly push roger in and out of me. Smooth deep strokes. No more star gazing in the mirror. My chin is down and I concentrate on what I remember of the times I had you deep inside of me. Each time I slide the vibrator out of me I see more of a cloudy film start to cover it. I sure hope I don’t loose another pair of bunny ears thinking of your cock in my pussy. My toes grip the edge of the tub with each orgasm that rips through me but I’m swinging for a home run tonight. Faster and harder now. Moving from each breast without even thinking about it. The weight of the plug pulling on my ass rings loud in my head. I’m almost there. One last thrust and as I enter deep into my pussy and the ears hit just the right nerve on my tight budded up clit. I hit the button to the next level up and shake the rubber hard and deep into my self. My chin lifts and my toes relax. I feel a large thump and I gaze into the mirror. I can see my pussy cumming. With each pounding contraction I see what a full release looks like. It’s wet, clear , and fascinating. Droplets in a pattern reminiscent of fireworks fly outward and splatter on the side of the tub. Watching it makes me cum even harder. It’s a beautiful sight to behold. Once the pounding stop and my head clears I feel a heavy sleepiness fall over me. My legs are weak and my elbows buckle under my own weight as I try to lift myself up. I quietly make my way to my bed. I don’t even bother to remove the plug from my ass. Who needs clothes, my skin is hot already. I’m asleep before my head hits the pillow. What only seems like a few minutes pass before the alarm sounds. Time for work, maybe I will see you; maybe I wont. I guess I will just sit tight and see where the chips fall. Until next time.

I could see why some of the boys took him for snobby. He had a quiet way about him, a walk and talk that just wasn’t normal around here. He strolled, like a man in a park without a care or worry in the world, like he had on an invisible coat that would shield him from this place. Yeah, I think it would be fair to say… I liked Andy from the start. But, I have to remind myself that some birds aren’t meant to be caged. Their feathers are just too bright. And when they fly away, the part of you knows it was a sin to lock them up does rejoice. Still, the place you live is that much more drab and empty when they are gone. I guess I just miss my friend. – (Red)


My wicked tongue; where will it be. You know that I’m on to you. You must be on to me. My skin it longs; ghost in the sheets. I know if I’m haunting you; you must be haunting me.