Due Diligence

Scene 10:Bumps in the Road

A true man wants 2 things: Danger & Play. For that reason he wants a woman, as the most dangerous play thing. Believe me I’m dangerous but, then again so are you.

It’s Saturday 7 am. Carly awakens, this is sleeping in late for her. She feels refreshed, she worked into the night on a very important deal Frank was working on. She rolls out of bed and decides that she is going to take the dog out for a walk. She gets dressed, brushes her teeth, throws her hair into a pony tail and out the door she goes. It is a beautiful day out. The kind of day that makes you want to be out on the water taking in the rays. She can feel the sun on her face I really should get outside more she thinks to herself. Suddenly out of nowhere and very unexpectedly she sees a familiar face….Ari. “Oh my Gosh, what are you doing here?” She asks. “I’m just out getting some cardio in for the day.” he replies. ” NO I’m mean here, state side, what are you doing here? Aren’t you suppose to be in Greece?” Laughingly he replies ” You are not rid of me that easy Miss Dawson. I am in town for the big meeting next week. Frank thought it best that I be here in person and I wanted to familiarize myself with the clients before the meeting. I am staying at the Hilton up the street.” Carly wasn’t aware that Ari was going to be here. You think Frank might have given her a heads up. They stand there exchanging pleasantries for a short time than Carly insists she must be on her way and that she will see him on Monday. She decides not to tell Frank that she saw him as there is nothing really to tell. Carly’s day flies by with the normalcy that surrounds her weekend routine. She finds herself sitting on the couch around 10pm watching t.v. when the phone buzzes alerting her to a text she received. I wonder who that could be? she wonders. Her mind immediately goes to Frank. However, when she looks at her phone much to her surprise it is Ari’s name that she sees. “I am wondering if we can meet up tomorrow about the big meeting next Friday. I hate to bother you so late but I thought I’d take a chance you were still awake.” he asks. “Tomorrow is Sunday Ari, I don’t make it a rule to work on Sunday.” She replies. She isn’t about to tell him that the last time she met him for dinner she was spanked for a week straight by Frank. “Ok” he replies, “no work on Sunday’s what about lunch then? Just Lunch.”  Persistent! she thinks to herself. Then her thoughts move to what Frank would think. Ya know what, forget what Frank would think! It’s the weekend and I’m not on the clock! “Ok fine, Lunch tomorrow… just lunch!”  Carly and Ari agree on a small bistro in town to meet for lunch. Then she is off to bed.

The weekend comes and goes, Lunch with Ari was pleasant, no funny business. Even though she thought she caught him eyeballing her a couple times out of the corner of her eye. Before she knows it Monday morning has rolled around. Once again she is the first one to the office. 8:am Frank and Ari walk into the office. ” Good Morning Miss Dawson” says Frank. Ari smiles kindly and nods his head. The gentlemen head into Franks office and as Ari turns to close the door she sees him wink in her direction. Yep he is Sexy! she thinks to herself. A short time later Frank asks Carly to join them in his office. . This is going to be rich. The man who dominates my thoughts Monday thru Friday and a man who I seem to be extremely turned on by every time I see him. “Miss Dawson, can you help me to familiarize Mr. Damascos with the Bloomberg  account.”  Frank asks “Yes Mr. Donovan” she sits and begins her decent into the clients account. Mr. Donovan is busy working away on his lap top and Ari is tentatively staring at her as she reviews the information with him. By the time she is done it is the Lunch hour. “I have a lunch meeting with new business this afternoon.  Miss Dawson, please show Mr. Damascos around today and let him shadow you. I am not sure if I told you but he will be moving here by the summer to take over some of our larger accounts now that we are down a man.” Her thoughts briefly revisit Seth. Frank asks Ari to excuse himself he needs to have a word with Miss Dawson for a moment. She will out shortly to continue familiarizing him with his new work space. Ari exits but before he does he asks Carly if she would like to grab a bite to eat for lunch. ” Ummm I brought my lunch today but thanks for the invite I…” Frank interrupts. Carly please take the business card and show Ari the places we normally take our clients while you are out. Call it a tour. He needs to be familiar with the city anyway. I will expense it.” with a smile Carly says ” Yes Sir” Ari chimes in “Great! I will be out here waiting”. He closes the door. Frank walks over to the door and locks it. The last time Ari was in their vicinity he busted in on them. “He likes you, you are aware of that I assume?” Frank asks ” I have picked up on that Sir, but I am not interested in him.” Carly says. “Yes you are, your mind tells you no, but I can see otherwise. If you like him I will not stop you from pursuing him, but I hope that will not change our arrangement.” Franks searches her eyes for a clue as to what she might think about that. Frank walks over to his desk and pulls out a velvet pouch that has pull strings at the top. “what’s in the pouch?” asks Carly. “Something for the Lock box, do you want to see?” He asks. “yes please Sir.” He takes out a pair of silver balls attached to a string. “What are you going to do with those?” she asks. ” Come let me show you.” He says with a sinister smile.

For your pleasure.

For your pleasure.

Carly walks over to Frank he is sitting on the Chaise Lounge in the corner of his office. He motions for her to turn around. She does as she is told. He then instructs her to spread her legs and bend over. She lifts her skirt, she is wearing a black  barely there thong, with one finger he pulls it over to the side. He slides one finger into her, she is so wet. “No need for lube this round Carly” he laughs. He slides one ball in then the next. He smacks her once on her ass and instructs her to stand. The sensation of this causes her insides to burn with pleasure immediately. He rises and puts his arms around her cupping her breasts in his hands and whispers “you will wear these all day, and think of me when you do. If you are a good girl when I return I will remove them and then take what I desire. Do you understand?” She nods before she walks off he smack her ass once more. Frank and Carly exit the office together they give nothing away. Ari is there waiting patiently. “Thought he was holding you hostage in there, I was afraid I would have to bust in and save you from the principal” beams Ari. “Lunch, shall we?” Carly says in return. She returns to her desk to retrieve her belongings. When she grabs her phone she realizes there are a few messages from Frank. He was sending them to her the entire meeting. So much for work. He always hides their shenanigans so well, she laughs to herself. He planned this whole thing out. Is he trying to torture me. Sticking these fabulous balls insides of me and then sending me off with an ass smack only to have lunch with Ari the Greek God. Yes! Its torture. Carly is miserable the whole time she is out with Ari. Frank did this on purpose he was going to make sure that she wouldn’t do anything but think of him the whole time she was out, and she is. She decides to send him a text. ” I can’t take this anymore I will have to remove them, driving this car around giving tours for the afternoon is too much to handle, I feel every bump in the road.” frank immediately responds ” DO NOT REMOVE THEM OR ELSE!” she asks him “or else what?” Franks only reply ” Or else you will not get fucked today or tomorrow either for that matter” playfully she responds “I am sure if I asked Mr. Damascos could take care of that…Mr. Donovan” She doesn’t get a response. She assumes Frank is caught up in a meeting. Carly and Ari arrive  back to the office just before 5. Frank is gone she assumes he came and went for the day as she never heard back from him. She doesn’t bother going  in she just drops Ari off at his rental car and she heads home. Before he exits the car he asks her if they can have dinner tomorrow. She lets him know she will get back with him and he exits the car.

She arrives home around 6:30 and its starting to get dark already. She drops the black velvet bag on her counter and heads towards the shower. Thinking a long hot shower will relax her body and cause the need she has to go away, she undresses. 30 minutes later she steps out of the shower and she hears the phone ring. She runs to catch it before it’s too late. ” Hello.” she picks up not having a chance to see who it is. ” Carly, what are you wearing?” its Frank.  ” a towel, why? I just got out of the shower.” she responds ” Get dressed and come out side I’m here.” Carly dresses her hair is still wet so she quickly ties it back into a braid. She is wearing a long skirt and a tank top. She throws on some sandals and heads out of the door. She walks around to the driver side of the car to ask Frank what he needed. Frank says “I came to retrieve my balls, lets take a ride.” She slowly walks around to the passenger side of the Infinity Essence that was just released to the general public. She likes the truck better but she doesn’t drive it so she makes no comment.  “where are you taking me?” she asks.  ” back to the office we have unfinished business.”

Boys and their toys.

Boys and their toys.

They enter the office through the back door. Franks heads to his chair, he wants to check some emails quickly. Carly saunters over to the Chaise and derobes. It is fairly dark in the office and Frank doesn’t see her do this. He approaches her shortly after his work is complete, she is sure he was making her wait on purpose, only to find her naked. “Why Miss Dawson you are ever a surprise. Did you enjoy your travels through out the city today?” He says “I was miserable and you know it, and now I need you to make it better, please.” she has a soft seductive tone to her voice. “were you a good girl today and did you mind your manners with our Greek Friend?” Frank asks. ” Yes, I was Sir, he asked me to Dinner tomorrow and I told him I would get back with him.” she says “well now you are in BIG trouble Miss Dawson. You are my “Play Thing” and I don’t like to share my toys with the other boys in the sandbox. You can go with him to dinner but, no touching what is mine. And…..  since you waited to get my approval the spanking you are going to get will be for pleasure not punishment. But don’t tease me again about him giving you what you desire. That is my job. Are we on the same page?”  She nods in agreement. The thought of this makes Carly mind run wild amongst other things. As she lies back against the pillows Frank slowly slides his hands between her thighs. She takes a deep breath. She has been wearing these things all day and she is in desperate need of what only Frank can give her. ” Do you want me to remove these Carly?” he asks ” Yes please Sir, I need you inside of me.” she begs. “I think first I shall give that much deserved spanking you so desire. Stand up please.” She follows the instructions given. She is now leaned over his lap. With one hand intertwined in her braided hair and the other on her ass he rubs her gently then offers up 6 luscious smacks not in the usual place she observes. This time he lays his hand each time just at the bottom part of her ass and with each blow she can feel the balls inside of her vibrating. By the time the last blow to her bottom is issued she orgasms. “How did you like that Carly?” he asks. “More I want more, please.” she is breathless. She stands and lies back again on the lounge. “Hold out your hands Carly.” She follows her instructions to a tee. He pulls out the tied he wore earlier in the day from his desk drawer. Binding her wrists together he affixes her to the lounge by the ornate wood that is at the back of the chair. He spreads her legs and begins to taste her. Sucking on her clit taking it between his teeth Carly begins to lets out a moan and he knows she is going to orgasm again. Just as she does he slowly pulls on the string to release the balls from her body. He taste everything her body has offered up to him. Once the orgasm subsides she asks if she may be released. He stands to do so and once her arms are free from the lounge she takes his cock in her hands and guides it into her mouth. Both hands still bound together she takes them both and encompasses his dick interlocking her fingers. With the rhythmic dance between her mouth and her hands he begins to harden. Frank enjoys how Carly’s mouth feels around his cock. The flick of her tongue the pumping action of her hands around him the way she takes him all in to the back of her throat. “If you want me to fuck you then you must stop now.” he commands. She stops and stands. She walks over to the desk and with her arms stretched out she lies across the desk her breast are presses firmly against the glass top, still standing with her legs apart. He walks over to the desk slowly opens the drawer and removes their new favorite accessory; the glass plug. She opens her mouth and slides it down the length of her tongue. He removes it from her mouth gives her another smack then eases it into her ass. She hisses in relief. Then he walks up behind her wielding his masterful cock in hand and thrusts it into her. Taking his hands he grabs her by the hips and pulls her on to him over and over again. Looking back towards him she urges him to pump harder into her. She likes it hard, she wants it hard. “Frank I’m going to cum, please harder, deeper. Right there just like that.” It’s only a matter of seconds before she finds her release. Frank can feel her tightening around him and not long after he follows suit. He pulls out of her and places both hands on his desk. She stands and heads back over to the chaise to retrieve her clothing. She sits momentarily to compose herself. Franks sits in his chair doing the same. When her phone rings… It’s Ari.

“Well Carly Dawson… what do you say to dinner tomorrow?”…



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