Dragon Slayer


The best history is but like the art of Rembrandt; it casts a vivid light on certain selected causes, on those which were best and greatest; it leaves all the rest in shadow and unseen.

(I didn’t dare approach you today, I thought if I did it would be written all over my face. The fact that all I wanted to do at that moment was walk over and lead you down the nearest hall; Fuck you hard and fast, then suck you off hard. I envision you ordering me to wait to swallow your load until I showed it to you on my tongue first. I just don’t know if my poker-face is as keen as yours I’m afraid. Not knowing for sure who you were with, I didn’t want to put you in jeopardy. Regardless of what you might think, I always have your best interest at heart. Seeing you standing there, in all your manly glory, (you are extremely sexy when you are conducting business) sent a shock wave through my body that I had to suffer through all day. The thirst was unbearable. There I said it, when it comes to you I’m thirsty!!! Nothing quenches it; not the everyday sex, nor the vibrators or the toys, nothing takes the burning thirst away from my pussy.)

I solemnly swear, that I am up to no-good…

This place is quiet after hours. So many places to hide, the clean shiny surfaces are intriguing to them both. The bright overhead lights turned off. The machines shut down. The Odds down one hall, the Evens down the other. There is a large white cart over in the corner, it has many drawers. The drawers are filled with tubes and tourniquets. Sitting in the cold room for hours on end, he thinks about what he could do with those items. How he could use them on her. Would she lay there struggle free or would she disobey like she always does. His brow sweats as he tries to focus on the task at hand. But the cold metal in his hands makes him wonder what it would be like to take these rods to her body in a most unconventional way. He sees her through the glass as she walks by. Their eyes meet and she too, starts to think about all the possibilities of a place like this. Endless adventures to say the least.

He is the master of this environment. He is the master of her, when he wants to be. He could show her things she doesn’t even know existed here. It’s been too long of a day. The idiots all around only frustrate him to the point of violent anger deep within. The dragon is loose. He is fiery and when he is free to roam about the room, can be hard to tame. She is on her way out for the evening when she sees him. She must look like she is wandering the halls, looking for trouble. In reality she is lost. She knows not where to go. Excuse me Sir, can you help me. I think I have gotten turned around. She always knows just way to say to him. She can see the beast in his eyes. The beast has a thirst of his own, a thirst that she has the ability to quench, with her juicy wetness. When he presses up against her she feels him. He is hard and thick. Pulling her quickly behind, he leads her through a large swinging door. He wastes no time exposing himself to the sterile humid-free air that they inhale. She knows what he needs and she makes haste as she drops to her knees. Looking up at him he can see her eyes in the dim light of the glowing view box. The black and white pictures still up on the white screen, he can enjoy the empire he has amassed as she sucks his hard cock. From top to bottom the rigid curve has been set straight because of what he can offer, just like the rigid curve he has is set straight by what she willing gives him.

There is a light that comes on just down the hall. Pulling her by her hair, he drags her over to the corner. A monitor glides slowly across the floor as shadows on the outside pass by. Their words are muffled but their laughs are obvious. Her mouth never relents and she can feel him seeps his sticky drops onto her tongue. Once the lights dim he commands her to stand. Pulling her into the center of the large facility, there are blue packs lined wall to wall; labeled according to their purpose. Through the labyrinth he drags her. The Dragon has her and he isn’t going to let her go. In and out there are so many doors. Which one will best fit his needs? Finally they enter a room that pleases him. He throws her up on to the table and rips open two packs of long tubing. Taking the thin clear tub he ties her hands to the business end of a rolling steel gurney. She lies face down and with legs stretched he removes her pants, tossing them into the nearest yellow bag. “Wait those are mine.” She whispers in protest. He smacks her hard on her ass with a long thin metal rod. After the metal bounces off her skin, he cracks his neck. His body releases just enough dopamine to cause him to want more. A red welt rises and in that her body relaxes. He pops her on the bottoms of her feet with the long metal switches. Her body jerks and her pussy starts to sweat. Running his hand down the back of her ass he smacks her hard on the crests of her thighs.. She is still wearing her shirt, but she can feel the cold torturous metal through the thin layer of clothing that barely covers her skin. “Get up on your knees with your face down” he tells her. She pulls her knees up to her chest and lifts her ass high in the air. The metal rod strokes her ass again. He has every intention of leaving his mark on her tonight. Once he is finished, her ass is bright red and filled with the lines of his metal cane. Her eyes water and her pussy quivers.

He grabs the handle of the heavy overhead light so that a small bright circle glows on the dark hole that is her rear-opening. He can see that her pussy is sweating from his torture. He runs his tired fingers along her fault-line to feel the heat that radiates from her body. Her pussy is swollen and her ass is puckered. “We must do something about this” he says. Searching through the cart in this room he finds a large dilator. Spreading her ass apart he spits on her tightly puckered hole. It’s like applying lotion, you have to stroke her ass up and down. Applying just the right amount of pressure as you massage it in. Her ass will open for you if you just find the right combination. Slowly he slides the dilator into her ass. Watching her ring stretch for him only makes his fire-breathing hotter. Opening the tape on the blue drape he rifles through the instruments before him. “Yes there it is.” He says. Removing the dilator from her hot hole he spits on her again. Her ass is slick with his saliva. Her pussy is slick with her own moisture. “Just relax” he tells her The resistance is obvious as her hole puckers up tightly. SMACK! “Don’t fight me” he tells her. He can feel her muscles relax instantly and he slides in a long steel speculum. She is such a good girl..even after all this time. He begins to crank it the dial, opening her slowly. She can feel her ass stretch for him. Once she is spread open wide enough for his liking he tells her to put her head between her knee. She does as she is told and he lowers the bed. Adjusting the light once more so that he can see in the darkness of the room, her ass and pussy are set aflame. The wet thick lips are calling to the monster. She is coming to slay the dragon and put him back in his cage. There will be nothing he can do to stop her. It is only a matter of time.

She baits him, sabotaging him with her wet aroma. Her evening dew is sweet and tacky on his finger tips. The further he stretches her ass the juicier she gets. Finally she looks back and silently her eyes beg for him to fuck her. “Keep Quiet, I‘m going to fuck you hard and fast” he says, then he impales. She does just as her master asks, and never makes a sound. The light still shines bright on her ass. She is still stretched in all directions by the surgical instrument. Hard and deep he fucks her. Long controlled movements, her tits graze the cold steel underneath her and they start to hurt. He smack her ass again hard, just above the signature of his metal cane. She pushes back onto him. Meeting him blow for blow. Slamming her pussy on to his cock as he slowly begins to remove the speculum from her ass. He tosses it into a large metal tray across the room. The door of her ass slams shut, will she ever be trained. He can feel her surround him quickly. The slayer now takes her weapon and applies pressure to him from the inside out. She tightens the walls of her pussy from entrance to inside. His cock is pounding and he doesn’t know how long he can hold out. She grinds down on his cock harder than she has before. Fucking him harder and harder each time her ass meets his hips.. So hard that her body starts to bruise, her pussy looks fabulous wrapped around his dick from the spot light above. She jerks one time and raising her sword she he is done for. His body stills and he lets her take the dragon once more and lock it in its cage. Pulling out of her there is no time to remove her binds. He takes one final plunge into her newly stretch hot ass. In one movement she squeezes and pushes back. He releases his fiery load inside her ass. He has been tamed and put back in his dragons keep. Until he decides to escape again, knowing she sill be there to tame him. But, until then…

…Mischief Managed!





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