Scene 11: Dreamscape

What happens in our dreams could very well turn into reality. Only if you want it. The buffet has been placed before you, all you have to do it eat of its fruits and drink of its wine. It’s yours for the taking. TAKE IT!

Frank wants it. He hasn’t heard from her in a week. Why hasn’t she called. Just because she is on vacation doesn’t mean he doesn’t want what she gives him. As he sits in his truck at the end of the work week, he realizes it will be another week until she returns. He debates to himself if he should call. He is a man whom is torn. Maybe she needed a break from him. FUCK IT! He thinks to himself. It’s been a week since he has cum. He is a man burning with desire he needs to cum. As he sits with the phone is his hand, he dozes off.

I see Red in a Sea of White.

Red in sea of White.

Not a word is spoken when she walks into the room. Who is this he thinks to himself? Where is Carly? She looks like her but she is different…Doppelganger! The strange woman sits on the bed. She is unclothed. She doesn’t speak. She lies on the bed exposing herself to me, stretched out on her back. The bed is placed in the center of a large room.  I search around the room looking for Carly it was supposed to be her. I hear it, the doors creeks open. She walks in she is wearing apple red spiked Louboutins and matching red lipstick. Her hair is pulled back in a slick bun and she dons only a white double-breasted trench coat. I watch her as she strides towards me. Leading me to the white chair at the edge of the bed. She undresses me and sits me down. She walks way. Where is she going? I am surrounded by a sea of white, everything except Carly’s lips and heels. The walls, the bed, the floor. Before me lies a woman very naked. Carly walks around the head of the bed. Still wearing her coat she leans over and runs her fingers through the womans locks of hair. She leans over and kisses the womans bottom lip as she stares in my direction. The contrast between her red lips and the strangers cause the tip of my cock to twitch. She stands back up and circles the bed once more. Tracing one finger along the unnamed torso as she strides the length of the bed, one foot directly in front of the other a slow controlled movement, in my direction. Carly stops just before me and slowly unbuttons her coat. I can see her extremely large breasts spill forth. She does not remove the coat. As I sit in the chair she circles me once running her fingers along my shoulders. With her coat wide open in the tallest skyscrapers I have ever seen she squats in front of me. Her hands are on my thighs and she breaths me in. Running her nose up the length of my hard dick careful not to touch me with her lips. She is so fucking sexy! I love it! With all the grace in the world she takes my raging cock in her mouth. One long mouth full from tip down to the base my cock disappears between her red lips. Then she stands again. Making her way back to the head of the bed where the doppelgänger lays patiently. She leans over the mirror image of herself running her hands down the womans outstretched arms making her way to her breasts and stopping. She takes one of the strangers nipples in her mouth and tugs on it gently with her teeth. I am dripping now. She runs her hands further down the womans torso reaching the apex of her thighs. Taking all 4 fingers and rubbing the strangers pussy. Circling her clit with the middle finger alone. The womans lets out a moan. Are they just going to sit here and make me watch this? I want to participate dammit! Carly looks up and shakes her index finger at me, from side to side. She stands. NO! NO! NO don’t stand. Keep going. She reaches my feet yet again. A Carly, and a Carly wannabe, “this is the best day ever!” I think to myself wielding my ridged cock. I squeeze the tip and a larger drop emerges. She stoops one last time to taste of my nectar with her tongue. When she stands her coat falls to the floor. She turns around to the edge of the bed and bends over at the womans feet. Exposing herself to me, from behind, in those sexy heels she is wearing. She reaches around and spreads her self with her hands even further apart I can see now what I want. She stands and looking back at me gives herself a little smack on the ass as she glides her fingers from her pussy up the crack of her ass. She snaps, whips her head around and points. The doppelgänger rises and moves to the front of me. Carly leans forward on the bed and I can see her glisten. The Stranger now lowers herself on her knees at my feet. I see Carly laying on the bed now. She has a all white vibrator and she is running up and down the length of her soaking wet pussy. The doppelgänger takes my dick in her hands and moves slowly up and down as I rest my hands on the arms of the chairs taking in the show before me. Teasing me ever so lightly with her tongue. My own personal fluffer before the big event. Carly slides the dildo in and out of her slowly taking in the entire length of the silicone toy. I sit wishing that were me instead. I can see her in mid orgasm, I need what she has. I stand now. The doppelgänger slowly walks barefoot to the head of the bed and leans in to kiss Carly. I approach her touching her soft meaty flesh with my fingers. Inserting one finger in her. It slides in so fucking easy, I take it out and taste. The doppelgänger takes Carly by the arms and spreads them far apart holding her still. Placing her cheek up to Carlys’ she kisses her lightly. I take one of Carly breasts in my hand as the stranger watches.  Like and animal stalking its prey in the dead of the night I hover over her. The stranger stands to kiss me while holding Carly’s arms in place still spread far apart. I can’t wait any longer I have to thrust into her tight hole.  As I do her back arches high into the air and she lifts up releasing and deep winded hiss. It feels so good, I make a sounds that even I have never heard before. The stranger kisses her neck and I have her legs in my arms. Damn these shoes are hot! I want her from behind. I pull out of her and flip her in one swift motion. Her fabulous ass is in the air and its all mine!. With her bare breasts down to the bed and her head up the stranger kisses her hard on the mouth. I can see their tongues interlocking now. Carly’s hands are down to the side and the doppelgänger reaches around and smacks her hard on her ass leaving a pink hand print. I bury myself deep into Carly. I have her by the hips, straddling her legs. Her knees are pushed together making her feel even tighter than normal .SMACK! the  stranger spanks her again. As I thrust deeper and harder into her than ever before I begin to feel her quicken. With one last breath she is screaming my name. Her glorious tight wet pussy is squeezing me so hard and so rapidly I know this is the hardest she has ever cum. I cannot take it anymore. As she turns around her she mouths to me ” Cum for me.” Her red lipstick smears the white sheets as she takes them between her teeth, she cums again with me this time. The stranger slowly stands and exits the white room leaving Carly limp on the bed. I return to my chair to inhale what I just witnessed. I don’t know that my mind or my body can ever handle two Carly’s again. After a few minutes Carly stands and approaches me. Still wearing the red heels she squats in front of me. She takes her hair down from the bun and lets it fall past her shoulder. This woman is insatiable… I can’t get enough. I wrap all my fingers amongst her hair and she places her bright red lips around my now growing dick: she winks…Will I ever get enough of her mouth?!

The phone beeps and he wakes up. That was one hell of a dream. It’s a text from Carly ” … ” That’s my cue. He responds ” ‘Bout time! What took you so long?!”



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