Throat Fuck

I used to think our space was a particular time and place. Over the last few months I have realized our space is whatever and wherever we want it to be. And even though predetermined times and well thought quiet places are nice they can’t always be a reality in our lives. So I have shifted my thoughts and purposed in my mind that our place is anywhere I can closed my eyes and have you take me. Through a text, over the phone, in a dream or in a basement. Just the thought of you as I touch myself makes can make me cum. Its anywhere I can taste my sweetness on your shaft, its here, its there, its doesn’t matter. But… if my memory serves me correctly, you owe me one. And so far I am up 2-0. You promised a return favor and a double team with Roger…I’m waiting.

She wears an all too familiar collar around her neck. Well worn these days and broken in to his liking. Proof that he can and has had her anytime and anyway he likes. She stands at the foot of his bed wearing only the noose around her neck. She stares up at him; to her he is handsome, sexy even. He stares back at her then orders her to turn around. She stopped wondering what he thought of her a long time ago. It must be good or he wouldn’t keep coming back for more. He feels the heat of her skin as his cock slides across the grooves of her body. She closed her eyes and hears a familiar sound. A click of the leash that affixes to her collar. The fun is about to commence.

She feels the small cold chain fall down the center of her back. Then his hand reaches around, his palms rolling over her nipples before each hand cups a breast of its very own. Taking a nipple between his fingers he pulls with a snap and then let’s go. They bounce heavily back into position. With his worn hands he bends her forward. She instinctively rises up like a ballerina on the tips of her toes. Effectively jacking her ass up in the air for his pleasure. Her hands fall forward to catch herself and he continues to push her forward. Soon her arms go limp as he sweeps them out from under her. She falls to her chest the bed catching her fall. He smacks her ass and she reaches back to spread her self for him. He smacks her ass again and she spreads her fingers wide for his own personal view. SMACK “two hands please Miss, I want to see my Jewel and the pretty little pussy that accompanies it” She reaches back with her other hand and spreads he self apart as far as she can, her precious feathers for him. The lips of her crest breaking through her thighs, perfectly shaven and calling out to him. He wants to see more. He puts one hand on each cheek and spreads her ever further. Yessss, the inner lips of her pussy glisten, wet for him he leans in for a taste. Burying his face into her abyss from behind using his middle finger to enter her as his flicks his tongue lightly on her clit. He feels her start to quicken and he moves away. He stands and pops her chain one time. She rises off the bed and turns to look at him for his instruction once more.

With a dripping dick in hand he squeezes the tip and leaves a droplet for her to sooth her lips. She doesn’t think, she acts, and dropping to her knees she licks her lips one time then spreads the silky fluid on her bottom lips. She blots her lips together rolling them like a 20’s movies star; the pair never break eye contact. Then she closes her eyes and gently inhales his entire length between her lips. The head of his thick shaft reach the back of her throat and bounce off quietly. Gently bouncing his cock off her throat like a pencil falling on to a feather pillow. He could fuck her between the lips all day, every day if he thought about it hard enough. It’s the favorite part of their story after all.

His hands gently pull her mouth on to him deeper as she simultaneously pulls him by the thighs towards her. Drawing him in even further. They aren’t just reading same book, but they are on the same page as well. He pulls out of her assuring her pouty lips and sad eyes that before days end she will have his load in her mouth. Leading her up by her collar she lays back on to the bed. He spreads her legs wide and again buries his face between her flesh. This time he is a man on a mission. He moves quickly back and forth using all his assets. His lips, tongue and nose. “Tell me when you are going to cum” as he comes up for air. Its doesn’t take long before he hears her all too familiar words. She is instructed to rub her own clit as he fucks her hole with two fingers and pulls on the jewel of her ass plug. Soon a relaxed feeling covers her entire body and a rush of fluid coats his finger and hers. They both find their own lips for a taste. “Turn over” he tells her. Doing quickly what is asked of her, she senses the urgency in his tone. He stands at the foot of the bed and watches her back up from behind. Her knees barely reach the edge before he stops her. He unplugs her and lays it on the bed, leaving behind a large gaping hole for him to watch as it closes slowly. “I’m going to fuck your tight ass until I cum, then I will be back and I don’t want you moving a centimeter…understand?” He says sternly. “Yes Sir I understand” she replies. Before she finishes he fills her form behind with his wicked hard dick. She takes him all the way down to the base. Balls deep in her ass, she can feel his nuts smacking up against the lips of her stimulated pussy and she starts to quiver. She reaches back and lets his balls gently graze her finger tips with each pass. He reaches around, knowing he will cum sooner if he doesn’t stop her. He grabs her clit hard and sends a shock wave through her pussy. Her orgasm is quick and unannounced. Her hot hole tightens around his cock and he quickly determines this is a lost cause. Hard and fast he bombards her with his sweet anal assault. He fills her ass deep inside and slides out of her with a growl. That’s when she shows him her new trick. Like the steamy white waters of a hot geyser his cums bubbles up to the top of her hole. Masking her darkness… another drop leaves him and falls to the floor. “What a waste” she says and he stops her dead with a hard smack to her ass. She is a cum whore, but he is drawn to it. She is his cum whore and no one elses. He plugs her ass and leaves the room.

20, maybe 30 minutes pass¸ she never moves. When he returns she can smell the cleanliness of his skin. Showered and recharged he is ready to fuck her until she cums. He approaches her from behind. Running his hands up her thighs and ass, her body tenses and in an instant she feels the sweet sting of release. Her pussy starts to water, he can’t help himself so he reaches out to agitate her wet pink flesh with his fingers. He knows just how to touch her and he causes another exploding orgasm. Leaning in he hopes to lap it all up. Like a glaze covering his face, he does it like a professional. He bites her once on her ass cheek, leaving marks of teeth on her skin. Like an invisible stamp letting her know that this is his whenever he wants it and not a moment before.

He grabs the chain and snaps it, she stands and he leads her to the chair. Sitting her down on the floor he spreads her legs wide apart. Even though the fan blows cool, her pussy steams hot for him. Nobody has her like he does. “Play with yourself, let me watch you” he pleads. He hands her a light pink dildo and then sits at her feet. Spreading her legs far and wide as he watches her fuck her own slit with the dildo. Her pussy is tight and the dildo stretches her out, he gets high off the sight of her pussy stretching to accommodate the large dildo. He knows he is thicker and longer and when he fucks her pussy she will have to stretch to accommodate him too. As she pushes the faux cock in and out of her tight hole he feels himself start to drip for her. She can sense it as well. The head of his thick cock is shiny with precum. She longs to taste it. She licks her lips and stretches out the chain around her neck. Urging him to take it and snap it. Wanting him to make her suck his cock. He takes the lead and snaps it hard. She is at his feet with a quickness and she devours him. He can feel her finger tips tease his balls. She feels his cock jerk deep in her throat, he yanks her leash back and she releases him at once then she mounts him.

Inch by inch she lowers herself on to his throbbing cock, She rocks forward and the raises up, slamming down on to his cock with a smack; he hisses. Over and over she slams up and down on his cock, rocking backwards as she does. Her pussy flutters around his cock when she cums but, this time is different. The lights go dark behind her lids as she throws her head back. He grabs her and her body stills but the walls of her crevasse can’t be controlled. Lost in her own pleasure in him, he lifts her off his cock. When her eyes open and the pounding ceases she finds him standing over her limp body. His cock resting on her lips. “Have a taste” he smiles as she looks up at him. She licks him from root to tip. “Tasty!”

Using her tongues she follows the line of his hot fiery poker to its peak. Urging her on with his words and his hand she takes in just his tip. Sucking hard with her lips, he snaps her chain and she stands. Escorting her to the bed she lays on her back. Her head rests on the edge. Cock in hand he taps her lips and she opens wide. He enters her slowly and she relaxes her throat. He slowly drives deeper down her throats passage. She gasps and he pulls out. She breaths deep, a sign that she is ready to try again. He enters her and she reaches up to her own neck and gently massages her throat muscles. This allows him to go deeper than he ever has before. His balls graze her nose and he starts to move faster now and harder with each stroke. Her eyes start to water and black streaks of mascara run down her face. Her cheeks flush and hot saliva covers her face like froth over flowing from a hot cappuccino. The vein on her neck bulge and finally his own darkness takes over. He doesn’t need to see her; he only needs to feel her around his cock. Balls deep down her throat he slows his pace. He loves the way his head bounces off the soft spongy part of the back of her throat. He embraces the feel of her silky hallway and he cums so deep down her throat that she doesn’t even have to swallow. She just lets his massive load slide down the inside of her body. When he pulls out of her his head grazes her teeth and he unloads one last round, she closes her lips and shows him what he gave her before she swallows it.

She sits up as he relaxes in his chair. Wiping her face she realizes the mess is too much. Sir doesn’t like messes so she exits to the nearest basin. When she returns he is relaxed in his chair and fast asleep. She places the plug in his lap and leaves him until their next meeting.

If I told you I needed you what would you do? Would you make time or would you apologize and ignore my need. Because I need you, it’s been far too long since you have made me cum.


Hope you enjoyed the Gift.