Dirty Duo


Any man can grab a woman by her hair and throw her on the bed. He can rip off her clothes and tie her up. He can call her a whore or a slut and fuck the hell out of her, but that’s not dominance. That’s merely rough sex, possibly even violent. She may like it but it still isn’t dominance. True dominance is the ability to whisper softly into her ear and observe how she obediently and mythodically removes her clothing one piece at a time. Watching her intently as she kneels before you offering her entire self, willingly and without hesitation or reservation. She will show you her most vulnerable self without embarrassment or shame and you will know then that she truly finds her pleasure in yours.

… Carly steps into Frank’s office, suddenly regretting the offer she put on the table. She sits down on the chair directly across from him.  Maybe if she treats this like a business proposal this conversation will be easier. She puts on a good show but, she always has been intimidated by him. She looks Frank directly in the eyes and he looks back at her. Who will break the silence first? She fears what he wants because she knows more than anyone that she finds her greatest pleasure in his but, she has no idea which direction he is going to take this. He is a master negotiator, very few men can turn down his charm and surely no woman has a chance; not even the untamable Carly Dawson.

“Carly.” he says. Oh thank God he spoke first. She thinks to herself. “I’m going to let you lead off, seeing as how this was your idea” he finishes. “OK then” she says as she stands smoothing out the wrinkles in her pencil skirt, then she heads swiftly for the door. “Stop!”  Commands Frank in a low tone. The same tone he uses when he is quietly coaxing Carly, as she edges for him. She stops instantly, out of obedience or instinct; she isn’t even sure of which. “Turn around” he continues. She follows his commands looking to the white textured ceiling above. “Look at me” he is polite but his patience are wearing thin. She looks to him and with the curling of his finger she begins to move in in his direction.

Now standing at his right side, Franks chair spins in her direction and stops with the two facing each other. She stands between his legs and he runs his hands up the back of her split skirt, grabbing her ass; strategically placing his fingers so that he can spread her thick moist outer lips apart. She feels the cool air and she looks to the ceiling again, trying desperately no to fall prey to his charming game. “Look at me” he growls. She sighs and looks down to him. “What’s the problem?” he asks. “I think I may have misspoken last night” she laughs nervously. “Well that’s too bad, I was hoping to negotiate a scenario in which both parties could benefit and agree on mutual terms.” As he speaks one hand moves to the front of her body. His fingers are cold but the warmth she is emitting from what she hides deep between her thighs warms them quickly. He brings her closer and she straddles him slightly. As she sits atop him he pulls her skirt up around her waist. Her thigh-high black stockings are only connected to her body by 4 straps hooked to a lace garter-belt around her waist. “Unbutton your shirt” he whispers in her ear. She follows his directions, each one, to a tee. The moment his tongue hits her nipple her tension eases. He reaches around and releases his cock from its wretched prison. Grabbing his shaft he rubs the base of her clit, she exhales with a hiss and her head falls back. His face is up to her neck and he says, “I own this,” in a deep dark voice that makes her cream for him even the more. Teasing her tight hole with the head of his rod he whispers “Don’t mistake my interest in your little idea as a means to claim an upgrade for myself, loyalty and trust are everything to me.” With his assurance her anxiety clears and she lowers herself on to his steel. She takes his hands and places one on each breast. She leans into his ear and with a witty smiles, whispers “I dreamt I was taken by two women last night and I liked it.”

She rocks back onto his shaft and he thrusts hard and deep into her. Grabbing her ass he leaves a full set of finger prints on each cheek. His face is momentarily lost between her billowing tits. Her head falls on to his shoulder and she leaves and imprint of teeth. She reaches back trying to feel for his member as it slides in and out of her with easy resistance. He is intent on bruising her from the inside out as he continues his assault on her pussy. He looks forward to a mirror across the room and sees his cock covered in her thick creamy glue and as it runs down his balls the sensation causes him to shiver. Harder he pounds with short deep strokes. “Frank stop please I’m going to cum” she says. The embarrassment of mess-making is at an all-time high. She can normally stave off the urge but he is relentless. The ideas of another woman and Franks pounding is overwhelming; she can’t control it. He is on a mission to prove his loyalty to her after all her years of loyalty to him. He has no interest in finding another toy and he knows this is the root of her anxiety. “Frank please stop” she whispers. “Give me all your pleasure” he encourages and with that a clear silken fluid rushes from between their fractioning skins. Her full-on gripping pussy tugs him from the base to the tip of his raging head. Watching the reflection he sees the glimmering of his rod and how her pussy continues to vibrate around him. In the midst of her after-shocks he cums high into her, slowly letting his cock sway on the inside just as he likes it. He slowly releases himself from her cove, and she retires to his private bathroom. By the time he returns Frank has also changed his clothes. “Sorry Boss, but I told you to stop…” she starts before she is interrupted. “That was pure unicorn magic, don’t be sorry.” He smiles. “Now where were we?” he laughs.

Frank and Carly discuss many hard and soft limits regarding a 3rd party invite. Frank basically goes along with any requests Carly has as long as she insures the utmost discretion. She has many more rules for this misadventure, he just nods quietly along still completely taken back by her enthusiasm. The hunt for #3 begins and Carly goes home that night trying to think of the perfect candidate. No one comes to mind. Several days go by and any possible woman that comes to mind has more than one red flag,. Frank patiently waiting for an update never says a word. The following week Carly gets a call from an old school friend. The moment her number pops up on Carly’s Android, Carly knows that she is the right choice… Simone has always wanted Carly and would do anything to have a crack at her.

To be continued…