Deviant Minds (Via Whyte Peacock)

It’s Just A Business Transaction

People do business with people because they choose to, not because they have to. We can always find others doing the same thing or selling the same product. It’s the personal connection that makes a difference. I had no idea you thought of it as such an impersonal interaction. It was never some grand thing, but I thought of it as more than just a simple transaction. Makes me feel lesser some how. I don’t know what to say after hearing that. I guess the first thing is that I’d like to know why your end of the deal wasn’t upheld. Generally when there is a contract something is done in exchange for services rendered. I never signed up for it to be so one-sided. You get all the benefits and I reap no rewards. Sounds like a bad business to me.

“Is this what you want?” he asks. as he hold up a neck tie. “Yes please.” she says as she lies on the bed holding her wrist tightly together out in front of her. He takes the tie and makes many circles around her wrists before tying a slip-knot and hanging her arms above her head on the brass bed frame. He pulls a long red scarf off the knob that hangs from the closet door and covers her eyes tying it in the back of her head. He spreads her ankles and with slightly bent legs she is bound to each bottom bed post, spread eagle for him to see. She can hear him leave the room. Several minutes later he returns. One at a time he applies clamps to her nipples. They are connected by a long chain that falls deep to where her belly button sits. “Open your mouth” he tells her. Immediately her jaw separates wide. He straps on one soft red ball that rests between her teeth and is bound by a series of snaps at the base of her neck. The nipple clamps are tight and her eyes wince. Not tight enough to use her safe word. One tear falls under the scarf but he cannot see. He runs two fingers down her torso stopping at the apex of her thighs and he spreads her. He runs the tip of his nose along the length of her slit and with one flick of the tongue she jerks. Once more long lick and he says “I have some business to tend to, don’t make a sound” he is gone again. She doesn’t know how much time passes. She can hear people talking in the other room. Their voices are muffled, she does as she is told and she stays quiet and still. She is at his mercy. Soon her returns he runs his fingers from her ear lobe down her jaw to her chin and whispers “You are such a Good Girl.” Then he reaches around and removes the ball gag from her mouth. She inhales a deep breath of air through her lips. She then feels him strap on a small bullet shaped vibrator around her waist. It rests just above her clit. He pushes a button at the end of the bullet and she can almost hear the humming of the vibrator in her ears as it begins to agitate her slowly swelling mound. Her skin is soft and tender. He treats it well and takes great care. He runs his hands softly up her body and removes the clamps from her nipples. The rush of blood turns the dark pink instantly and the nipples and areola harden when the cool air of the fan is exposed to them. He takes his palms and circles them. He likes the way the beads roll on his hands. She gasps with pleasure. with one hand he takes a nipple between his thumb and middle finger and pulls up in a twisting motion. Then he lets go and watches her breast bounce and giggle back into place. Then he leans down and take the nipple between his teeth then covers it with his mouth and teases her with his tongue. She feels an orgasm coming to fruition. He stops and excuses himself once more. Delayed gratification and orgasm control is a bitch!

He returns moments later. “do you want this?” He asks as he runs the soft leather of his flogger up her leg between her thighs. “Yes Please Sir” her voice trembles with anticipation. He raises the tasselled device in the air and has it land on her body over and over. Light and soft with contrasts of hard and rough. He runs the leather over her nipples and down to her pussy as the bullet continues to hum. Her pussy is slick now as it slips around her hips move to follow it. He body wants to cum. The flogger falls to the floor. He removes the bullet from between the lips of her pussy and Tastes the moisture between her folds. His tongue is like magic on her red irritated skin. “You may cum” he says and in a matter of seconds he can feel her own pulse on his lips and she works his mouth back and forth over her mound. He taste the oozing liquid that seeps from her. With his middle finger he pushes high up into her tight pussy. It has been weeks since they have played and her lack of activity makes her even tighter than normal. His cock rages but, he must be patient. He release her legs from their straps. This time he doesn’t demand that she turn onto her front, be pleads. He needs to feel the sting on his palm that only her ass creates. She turns wrist still bound to the frame of the bed. She pulls her knees up under her torso and raises her ass in the air. Almost simultaneously his hand meets her ass hard. Leaving one outline hand print in pink on her skin. He rubs it genteelly then the other cheek. Her body lurches forward and her forearms stop her head from hitting the rails. Her pussy starts to foam he reaches down and wipes her then  tastes her on his fingers. The head of his cock enlarges slightly He back ups and from behind spreads her tasting her sweetness. Her head falls forward more causing her ass to raise even more. For several minutes he loses his face in her rift. “I want to taste you. Cum for me, won’t you please” he begs “Taste me Sir” and she giveS him what he desires. His cock drips all over the sheets, his face glistens with her glaze. He raises up on to his knees. “I need you to fuck me like only you know how” he tells her. “Yes Sir, for you anything” she tells him. Then she willing backs on to his cock. She eases onto him slowly. He really does have an overly sized cock. He is modest but she knows different. She has to let him stretch her tight soft skin. She cannot easily accommodate him. Once she sleeves him she uses the tie as leverage as she moves back and forth on his cock allowing her  hips to circle around. He watches the flesh of her ass move like a well-timed waltz. The lips of her pussy pulling his rigid cock forward, releases him with every backward movement. Her textures are unlike any other he can feel all of her, every time she takes him in. He spreads her ass cheeks far apart with his hands so that he can watch the show. He leans back and watches her work. When he leans back his cock his her g-spot and he clit bursts in orgasmic pleasure. Her pussy contracts and he can see the results on his shaft. He smacks her ass. He didn’t give her permission to cum. This only makes her contract another time. Her contractions cause a frenzy of stimuli to occur his cock swells and his eyes wince. The idea of this woman cumming at his hand makes his muscles tighten. One more hard slap and he nearly squirts uncontrollably. He holds it together. She is determined now and she begins to work his cock. She works him up and down her ass is raking across his pelvis quickly. Her pussy quakes yet again and this time he is powerless to her will. As she back on to him one last time and her pussy latches on to his staff he thrusts meeting her half way. Although he cannot see it he shoots cum hard into her chasm. He sits still allowing himself to feel her aftershocks around him, encouraging him to unload every drop. Her tight little pussy has done its job. Even though his body is weary, his mind feel renewed and refreshed. She is like a vacation from the everyday, he takes out on her what he cannot take out on the world. Every frustration and barrier is broken by her willingness to submit.

Todays exchange has come to an end. This transaction is over, within minutes he removes it from his mind and forgets what she does in the servitude of him alone. It’s only business to him. To her, he is a friend she shares a deep seeded secret with, someone who fills a need she knows now that she has. Maybe he isn’t a friend to her at all, maybe she is just another deal, a client, a prospect. Only he knows the answer.



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