Day Light Savings

Scene 13: Covenant

Submission doesn’t mean weakness; it means exploring your wants and desires. It means being strong enough to give control of yourself to someone else. There is something sexy about being submissive. You have to totally surrender to something. You have to trust and that is one of the hardest things to do in this world. Everyone needs someone who can handle their darker side and keep it secret from the rest of the world.

A thought came to me this morning on my drive in. As I pass by I see you parallel parked, in a dark garage. Your passenger side door is up against a wall. Lets try that. Not there, lets find another place, somewhere safe and discreet. When it’s still dark. This is the time of the year. When the light hits the sky later than we are used to. In just the right place no one will see. I am not going to climb in this time. I’m going to open the door and wait for you. Circle around and greet me with an embrace. Let me feel you press up against me. Yes, I feel you already; growing harder. Turn me around and lean me forward with your body. I want to feel the sting of your palm on my tender skin. I think I shall hop up and have a seat once you have gotten enough. Run your hands up my skirt and pull me to the edge. I think I will give you access now. You have shown me that you want to touch it.. to taste it. You make me believe you with your silent language. We are so close now, lean forward let me feel your hot breath on my neck.  Run your hands down the front of me paying close attention to the peaks and troughs. It’s still dark but you don’t need light to know what you are doing. You only need to feel. I’m starting to grow more wet, being in your proximity does this to me. I want to see you wet your fingers with your mouth before you reach down and slide them in, one and then two. Do you feel the resistance when you enter me. Don’t worry we just look like two people talking, your hands are hidden from the world by my garments. They don’t know that under the linen you are circling my soft fleshy wet skin causing me to swell. I can feel the friction and the heat that’s now radiating out of me. You have done this before, you are so good at it. Not too hard this time, that is it, reach as far inside of me as you can. You want to explore my depth and see if you can penetrate me to my full length. I might cum if you keep it up. Lean me back, maybe I will rest on my elbows so that I can watch you. Taste me, I taste like coconut macaroons. I want you to circle me with your tongue softly. Enjoy it for once, my folds slick with desire for you. Can you see the enjoyment in the language my body speaks to yours. Let me enjoy you, I know you can make me cum. Of course I have it in! I like the way the cold metal rests inside me. I like when you dominate both my holes. A little harder now with your fingers tell me how much you like to feel me and explore me. Tell me how hard I make you, tell me you want the rest of you inside of me. If we can find away we can make that happen too. But don’t stop what you are doing, I’m almost there. A little harder now, a little deeper, two fingers it all you need. Another taste, the warmth and wet of your mouth is what takes me over the edge of this cliff. Do you feel it on your fingers as you continue to drive them into me? Causing my pleasure to extend even longer than expected.

Lets trade, let me taste you. Let me take my time. I want to run my tongue up and down your length. I want to circle the tip before I slide you in my mouth. I like tasting the droplets you sacrifice to me, it tells me you want it as much as I do.  Do you want it fast or slow, do you want me to suck hard or soft? You only have to sit there and enjoy the view. My recent orgasm has waned and I feel myself getting moist again. I want you to take me from the behind like this but, I keep sucking. I want to see you enjoy it as I do. I like knowing you like it Sir. From this position you can force me to look up at you as I have you in my mouth. Taking you in and out. How does it feel to watch my lips around you? Intense eye contact. Your length is  too much for me to take all the way in when you are this hard. But I’m going to make you cum no matter what I have to do. It is my mission, it is what you command me to do. Let’s hop in now and close the door. I know you want to touch the steel I have inside of me. You like my ass in the air. I like hearing you as I work, makes me feel accomplished it makes me feel like you desire what I give to you. Tell me you like my mouth, tell me I make you feel good. Tell me I’m your only toy, I like being your toy. Are you almost ready to cum? I hope it’s a lot. The more you give me the more I want it. That’s it baby, I know you like it slow at the end. You want to savor it and make the feeling last. I feel your hands tighten around my neck. You’re there, don’t hold back now. Long slow strokes with my mouth from the base to the tip, that’s it. Oh it’s warm when it hits the back of my throat. I like it when its thick. It sticks to my tongue. How many times are you going to contract? I never know. God you taste good.

Tell me how good it was, give me the gratification of knowing I please you. You have all the control, and after all that is what a good girl wants; to know she is pleasing to whom she submits.



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