Dark Horse

Scene 21: Serendipity

The occurrence and development of events by chance in a beneficial way. A fortunate accident or lucky discovery. Luck that takes the form of finding value in pleasant things you didn’t know you were looking for until you found it.

(Three Years Earlier)

“No Frank I am not going tonight. You can handle these clients by yourself.” she scoffs. “You will be there Miss Dawson that is what I pay you do to.” he retorts. “No! You pay me to be your assistant and make sure everything at your business runs smoothly so that you can focus on more important things like, TAKING CARE OF YOUR CLIENTS.” she tries not to laugh at him. She doesn’t understand why it is so important for her to be there. She just wants to go home tonight. Crawl into her bath rope and do nothing. She doesn’t often feel this way but tonight she does. So she is putting her foot down. “Fine, go home then!” he sounds irritated at her. She heads for the door, feeling bad.  “Good night.” and he waves her off with his hand not making eye contact.

She gets home and hops in the shower. When she exits the shower she grabs her pink terry cloth towel and relieves her skin of the water droplets the stream south and begin to pool at her feet. Then she grabs her soft fluffy white robe and heads for the couch. As she continues her attempt to understand Franks frustration with her she finds herself more and more agitated with him. Mainly because he has made her feel bad for not working after hours last-minute for the 100th time. She decides its time to teach him a lesson. She will show up at dinner and she will make him wish she wasn’t there. They have been talking sporadically about many thing in life lately. Finding people to trust is hard for some people but they have found this mutual trust in each other.  Even though they verbally share each others tastes for adventure, It has never gone beyond that. But, tonight that will change however, neither of them know it yet.

Carly rushes to her bathroom to prepare. She lines her eyes and paints her lips. Every seductive color that draws men in. After all she is going to dinner to seduce the clients in to choosing Franks firm. She steps into the closet and finds the shortest black dress she has. It is open in the back only connected by a long gold chain at the top. The front sweeps across her shoulders, she wants to leave something to the imagination.  Her breasts are pushed up high and together. She wears black high heels that are painted hot pink at the back heel. To accompany these shoes she wears plain back seamed panty hose. Her hair is long and straight , it sweeps across her face and clings to her burgundy lips. She arrives at the hotel bar & restaurant and asks to be seated at the table. The maître d escorts her to the table and when she arrives all the men stand to greet her. She takes her seat and they all follow suit. She is seated across from Frank.  She apologizes for her tardiness. He watches every move she makes all night. She never makes eye contact with him. She entertains the gentlemen with her knowledge of the business and her extra curricular activities. Frank knew these clients would take to her that is why he wanted her to come. He is glad she did. She flirts with them but not in a way that would lead them to believe she is interested. She is charming and inviting. The men can’t take their eyes off her. She is Franks number 1 weapon. Once the evening is over. She excuses her self to the bar for one last drink before heading home. Frank makes the decision to stay and joins her after his clients retire to their room.

“Why did you come here tonight?” he asks. “You asked me to.” she says still not looking into his direction. She is still very much irritated at him. “Why won’t you look at me?” he demands. “I’m pissed off at you, that is why.”she glares at him in the face. “Well I’m pissed at you too dammit!” he exclaims. She turns to walk off, she has no desire to speak to him at this moment. “he catches her by the arm and leads her through the crown to a small dark corner. “Listen Carly, I only want a few things from you. I want you to come to work during the day and be the best you can at your job which is pretty damn good. I want you to be available for any evening meeting that I ask you to attend without hesitation and I want you to do these things without giving me any lip.” he is harsh in his tone. “I am not at your beck and call Frank. You pay me to do a job not all this extra stuff. I came tonight and did what you asked now leave me be.” She attempts to leave again. He moves in closer to block her exit. “What do you want Frank?! Just say it!” she demands. “I want to do with you what the spring does to the cherry trees Miss Dawson, I want to use my control over your body, I want you like it and I don’t know how to make that urge go away.” he whispers in her ear. She looks up at him and says “The only way to get rid of the temptation Sir, is to yield to it” She reaches up and bites his bottom lip. Tugging on it a little as she lowers her self back down. “I am too hard to please Carly, you don’t have it in you.” he says. “Excuse me then Sir for speaking out of turn.” she says apologetically and she walks away.

She pulls into her drive way at home. She cannot believe she reached up and bit Franks lip. She also can’t believe she said that to him. It must have been the liquor talking. Maybe she wanted all along for this to happen and the alcohol just gave her an excuse. She needed to apologize for being out of line. She just didn’t know how. Just then there are some lights heading down the street towards her house. A small luxury foreign car pulls up into her drive way. Frank gets out of the car and walks around to the passenger side of his vehicle. He stands there waiting for her to exit her car. She steps out onto the pavement. “I am going inside, if you want to talk you are welcome to come in.” she says. He follows her in. She kicks her shoes off when she walks in the door and heads to the kitchen to make some coffee. Franks loosens his tie and leans against the counter. “Listen Frank I’m sorry about what happened at the bar. That was out of line and it wont happen again.” she says. “well that’s too bad Carly, the whole reason I followed you here is because I was hoping it would.” he says and he walks up and runs his index finger down the spine of her back. She turns around and begins to speak but he stops her. “I have some rules we need to discuss first.” he says “Rules?” she asks timidly. “Yes two rules, #1 when we ‘Play’ you must always address me as Sir, #2 you will always do what I ask of you, always… it shows me you trust me. #3 This remains private between you and me. And if I ever feel the need I may have to add more rules.  Can you follow those rules Carly? “I have a few questions in return Frank. #1 What is it that you think you will ask me to do? #2 What is with the ‘Sir’ stuff and #3 would never tell anyone.” she says. “Well to be honest, I want to Spank you.. hard, every chance I get and all the other good bits that come with that. I have thought about it for months. The ‘Sir’ thing only just came to me this evening when you addressed me as such. Instant Hard when you addressed me as Sir.. Instant!” he explains. “What happens if I do not follow the Rules, Sir?” she  teases. “Punishment is dependent upon infraction.” He says. “I don’t think I am the kind to follow rules, I more of a rule breaker, a rebel if you will. ” she returns. ” Yes I know Carly, that is part of the draw. I want to train you and teach you control. You will break the rules and I will punish you for it. Through this you will learn. I promise you will like it,” he says.  “I will” she says with her eyes wide, just like she already believes him. “Yes, let me show you.” he says as he takes her hand. He escorts her over to the couch. She goes to sit down and he stops her. “You only sit when I tell you to?” he says almost unsure of himself. This too is his first time test-driving his skills as a part-time dominant, he presses on. “Yes Sir” she says. “Remove your dress” he asks. She reaches around to unhook the golden clasp around her shoulders and the dress falls to the floor. She is left in only he strapless bra and her back seamed panty hose. She has a look of embarrassment on her face. She looks around and tries to hide herself with her arms and hands. “Stop, Let me look at you” Frank says. ” You are lovely, and I want to enjoy looking at your loveliness.” She has never been gawked at in this way. Her hands do not move. “Remember Rule #2” he reminds her. She looks deep into his eyes and after a brief pause she drops her arms to her side and sucks her teeth. “Oh Carly my dear, you will get spanked for that.” His dick gets even harder , if that is possible, at the thought of turning her skin pink at his hand. He sits on the couch, she doesn’t move, her back is to him. He runs his palms up the back of her thighs and follows his way up to unhook her bra. It falls to the floor. He pulls her back towards him “now please lay over my lap” he requests. She rolls her eyes again, She feels ridiculous but she does as she is asked. “She lays with her pelvis just over his knees. The front half of her body stretched out over the arm rest of the couch. Her Ass is so very round in his face. It makes his hand twitch and his cock throb. With one hand he wraps his fingers around a large section of her long hair with the other he gently rubs her backside. Then he delivers his first blow. It is hard, it stings slightly, both on his hand and on her ass. Then another and another too many to count. The virgin skin of her ass cheeks are hot pink now and hot to touch. One last time and she winces. Once the punishment has been issued and the stinging subsides she can feel the moisture it caused. Her pussy is hot and swollen. Thumping to the rhythm of her heart beat. It felt good to be spanked. To have Franks hands on her like that. She has never been spanked before and she liked it. Who would have thought? Frank had never spanked before either, not like that. He took his frustrations out on the tight skin of her ass and he couldn’t wait until the next time she disobeyed him. But right now he had a need. His cock was about to break through his pants he was so hard. He had dripped so much that there was a wet spot visible to the naked eye on his pants. He reached down and felt her wetness through her stockings. “These will have to go” he says. She still makes no sound. He flips her over on the couch and in one swift motion relieves her of her undergarment. She lies in front of him naked. He buries his face in her slit. She lets out a moan that is deep. He has thought about how she might taste for weeks. As he sucks on her clit he moves one long finger in and out of her. She starts to moan louder, he knows she is close. He starts to move faster now. He wants to make her cum because once he is in her for the first time he won’t know how long he will be able to hold out. He can feel her tightness already. He was barely able to even get a finger in her. All of a sudden her clitoris  goes wild on his tongue and a small rush of liquid covers his palm. She has cum as his hand. He raises up and looks at her then takes his long finger and puts it all the way into his mouth for a taste. His cock is raging now harder than ever before. It has been several days since he has cum and he has been dreaming about cumming to Carly for longer than that. She spreads her legs for him, reaches down to touch her own moisture then moves her own fingers to her lips and tastes herself. He sticks the head of his dick up to her pussy and slowly works his way into her tight wet hole. Almost having to inch his way in. Fuck she is tighter than I thought He thinks to himself. The way her hips move, the way her thighs roll.  There is a particular feel to the inside of her. She has a texture to her that he has never been privy to before. Her length is short and her tightness is exquisite. Trifecta! Round ass and Big Tits. Why hasn’t anyone snatched her up yet? he wonders. He has to concentrate on not cumming immediately. Her body with each passing orgasms tries to push him out of her. He presses forward this only causes her pussy’s walls to squeeze him harder. He pulls out of her not able to hold out anymore. He pulls her up and tells her to open her mouth. She sits up and instinctively takes his seeping cock in her mouth and begins to suck hard as she moves up and down his phallus slowly. Paying close attention to the head of his cock. He grabs her with both hands by her head pulling her hair by the roots. He tightens his grip and she knows he is almost ready. She looks up at him and blinks urging him to cum in her mouth. He lets out a moan and spurts hot thick cum into her mouth . She swallows everything he gives her and when she removes his dick from her lips and then she licks them, letting him know how good he tastes.  He sits back. Trying to remember the last time he had cum this hard. He doesn’t think he ever has. He wants to know what else she can do. “You are good” he says. “But aren’t you hard to please Sir?” she says. If she gives him 10 minutes he will fuck her again if she keeps calling him Sir. She leans back and rubs her self in front of him. Like his own personal real life flick. Oh yes they will fuck again before the sun rises, Maybe twice.

She is lyrical, magical, and wonderful. She’s incredible, beautiful, and powerful. She is The Dark Horse.  And what is it that you want from her Sir? I know what you want… you want a few solid minutes in between the sheets with her to…



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