Dangerous Curves Ahead

(Take 2) Scene 20: Boudoir Photography


I don’t have an amazing figure or a flat stomach. I’m far from being considered a model but, I’m me. I eat food. I have curves. I have more fat than I should. I have scars because I have history. Some people love me, some like me, some hate me. I have done good. I have done bad. I love my jeans and t-shirts and I go without make up from time to time. I also like to dress for the occasion, whatever it may be. I’m random and crazy. I don’t pretend to be someone I’m not. I am who I am, I won’t change!! I make no apologies for being me, every damn inch.

Frank has been in a bad mood the last few weeks. A major client pulled out last-minute and he keeps going over the files in his mind to try to understand why. He is not the type of man who takes to losing lightly. He recollects every meeting and conversation in his mind, trying to determine where he went wrong. His frustrations are beginning to show around the office. The men stay out as much as possible until it blows over but, Carly doesn’t have that option. She wants to do something that might brighten up his day. Things sometimes things happen and there is nothing we can do about it. So she has an idea to bring him out of the funk he has been in. It’s a little unconventional, but then again so is she.

She books an appointment at a small reputable photo studio she heard about from a friend. She shows up one Saturday morning not knowing what to expect. This isn’t your normal family portrait she is taking after all. These pictures are for a certain someone. Something meant to set a friends perspective back straight again. She is greeted by a man and he begins to ask her some questions. What is she looking for? Are these for someone special? All the usual questions. She beings to tell him she has a friend who has been down in the dumps. She is just wanting to give him something to smile about. Something tasteful, she wants to leave something to the imagination but still is looking for sex and desire. He has all the information he needs. He takes her back to the dressing area. She meets a nice woman who is ready to prepare her for the camera. Carly asks not to see herself. She wants to be just as surprised by the pictures as Frank when she sees them for the first time.  She is nervous when she enters the studio. Cloaked in a large terry cloth bath robe, what is underneath it frightens her. For a bold as she is, she has her own set of insecurities and at this moment she is beginning to think this was a mistake. “OK Miss Dawson, let’s get started.” The nice man says. He places one elbow here, moves her chin there. Shot after shot. She begins to get more comfortable as the morning goes on. Finally she is finished. “Where would you like these sent Miss Dawson?” the woman asks, who did her hair. She must be the receptionist as well. She hands Carly an envelope to pre-address ..

The Donovan Group

Attn: Frank Donovan

2137 W Catamaran Blvd

New Orleans LA, 32198

She also has a small note she has placed into the envelope for Frank when he gets the package. The woman takes out a large red stamp that says Photos DO NOT BEND. “Ma’am do you have a Confidential stamp in there by chance?” Carly asks politely. “Yes Sweetie, I do” she says. And in Large letters she stamps CONFIDENTIAL across the side of the envelope. These should go out by Wednesday she is told. The rest of the week passes by and Frank is still frustrated about the deal gone bad. The mail man comes and Carly see the package in Fridays post. She knocks on Franks door and places all his personal mail on his desk. She returns to her own desk and gets to work. Frank isn’t always the most  diligent about opening his mail in a timely fashion as he has many other things on his mind. So she is not sure when he will see the pictures. Friday afternoon comes and goes, Carly wishes Frank a nice weekend and leaves for home.

It’s 9:30pm on  Friday night. Frank is still working hard at the office. Trying to figure out a way to win the client back. He decides it is time to call it quits and gets up to head home for the evening. He will come back in the morning and pick up where he left off. As he sits in his chair he grabs the stack of mail Carly put on his desk earlier in the day. He opens each letter one by one. Most are junk. At the bottom of the stack there is a large envelope. He rips the  top open and empties the contents of the of the package on his desk. Several pictures fall out face down along with a note. He picks up the note first.

Dear Frank~

To cheer you up! Not all things go to poo!

Your Loyal Assistant

Then one by one he turns the photos over and these are what he sees.

392Perfect Silhouette

He takes his phone out and begins to type something out. 9:40pm Carly gets a text. None of this is poo! And Thanks, I do feel more cheery now she reads. I’m glad they make you more cheery, lets hope it has a lasting effect. G’nite Sir. Xx is her response.  She doesn’t hear back from him the rest of the evening. Saturday 11am Carly gets a text: Play Time! Meet me at the office in 1 hour. You know how I want you. Her response Yes Sir!

It’s noon, Frank Arrives to the office. He walks into the back door. All the lights are off except his green desk lamp.  She waits by the side of his desk. Seated on her knees with her hands atop her thighs, something is different. This time she wears fancy black lace thigh-high stockings and a matching garter belt attached with ribbon. Nothing else. This Works! he thinks to himself. Her hair is pulled back in a soft messy bun. Something for him to grab on to. Her eyes are to the floor. He walks over to the secret room tucked away for no one to see. He unlocks the door and turns on the swinging lamp inside. She can see the shadow of the lamp as is swings on the floor, it is still dark. Her eyes never leave the ground. She hears him walk back to his desk, he opens the drawer. Then he walks back over to the table with the custom fitted straps. Several minutes go by as he prepares the play area. Finally he walks back over to her. Taking her hair by her messy bun he tugs and asks her to stand. The Bun has turned into his make shift joy stick to control her as he likes. He stops her at the table. He reaches down and pulls her arms up. Taking a large silver ribbon, made of satin,  and binds her hands above her head.  He turns her around to admire how her breasts fall when her hands are above her head. The shape of perfect thick flesh-colored rain drops. He leans in to taste each one. Paying close attention to her nipples as they begins to bead up between his lips. He sucks on them hard pulling them with his teeth in short bursts only to tease them with is tongue. “Don’t make a sound” he says to her. She stays silent but, inside her head there is a deep moan and her eyes fall to the back of her head. Then he turns her around and bends her over. Her Breasts presses up against the cool wooden table. She sees the pictures she had taken spread out before her. She is curious as to what he thinks of them. He takes their lube of choice and drizzles copious amounts of it at the apex of her ass. Allowing it to run  down her crack. Then he takes one of his hands and starting at the same point runs his hands down her crack all the way to her pussy. Burying his fingers between her lips as he moistens her from hole to hole. Then with his other hand he slides very gently a large steel Princess into her hot hole. Watching as it slowly stretches her as he continues to fondle her pussy with his other hand. Burying what feels to her like more than two fingers in her pussy. She cannot be sure, she sighs quietly. The sensation of the steel in her ass is overwhelming to her senses. He delivers two hard smacks to the bottom of her ass cheeks “silent Carly” he says. He continues to massage her slit up and back the length of her as his palm rests on the Princess Plug. With each movement his palm applies more pressure to the jeweled beauty. She wants to cum but he doesn’t allow it. Just as she is almost there he stops. He stands her up by the bun atop her head and instructs her to turn and kneel before him. With her hands in her lap still bound she does as she is told. She can see his cock bulging from beneath his pants. He instructs her to remove him from his pants. Looking up at him she raises her lips to the zipper of his pants and with her teeth pulls the zipper down. He helps her along by having the button already undone.  His pants fall to his feet and he steps out of them. His dick is dripping , she reaches her lips up to the tip and lets the drops caress her lips. Parting them only enough to take in what seeps from him, touching his slightly with the very tip of her tongue. He lets his cock rest there as he looks down upon her. Then he stands her up and  tells her to get on to the table. She lies on her back and he takes two more long ribbons of satin and frog ties her legs. Then takes her already bound wrists and affixes them to the latches at the top of the table. She is extremely wet, slippery even, due to the amount of lubrication he used. She likes the way it feels. She likes being messy with Frank. Her slit reminds him of skin drenched in tanning oil on a magazine cover. He approaches her now atop the table. Clutching his stiff phallus in his hand. He inches in to her over and over deeper every time. Even though she is so wet he has to force his way in. These last few years of all the training has cause her to pussy to remain super tight at all times. She raises her ass off the table with her legs, still tied, and the walls of her slit turn into a wrench that clasps tighter together with each stroke. She may not make any noise but he didn’t tell her she couldn’t cum. She can almost feel the throbbing in the head of his dick, pounding with each time he slams into her. He watches her tits move as he fucks her. He reaches down and puts his palms on them to feel how they feel as they move in circles to the rhythm he is creating. She begins to move her hips up and down in a wave-like pattern with each pass he makes into her. She begins to clench down on his manhood in sporadic patterns. Each time cumming harder than the last. Her ass grabbing onto the Princess tighter as she does. Once her cumming subsides he pulls out of her and asks her to step down off the table.  She does so, he then asks her to bend over and grab her ankles after he releases her frog ties. He sticks the head of his dick in her and lets it rest there as he slowly removes the plug from her slippery ass. The hole it creates and the way it slowly closes drives him wild. He pushes it back in only to take it out once more so that he may watch the spectacular show once more. There is a hard thud as it falls to the floor. He is almost ready to cum. Her pussy grabs the head of his dick hard once more and he pulls out of her. He turns her around and pushes her down on to her knees again. Her hands still bound resting on her lap once more, she reaches down and starts to stroke her own wetness opening her legs slightly apart. She puts her lips up to his quaking dick and he shoves it into her mouth hard. He starts to fuck her mouth deep, hard and fast. She closes her eyes and concentrates on relaxing her throat. His pace begins to get even faster now. She can feel him pounding the back of her throat and her mouth begins to water. The juices run from her mouth uncontrollably. He is still pumping into her, the only sound he hears is the sloshing of his cock in and out of her mouth. She opens her eyes to look up at him as he does this, he pumps into her only a few more times and very slowly before he unloads into her mouth, his body quivers. Pulling her hair by the roots and watching her magic happen as her tongue begins to caress his tip in circles. Causing him several more contractions. He releases his self from the restraint of her lips and asks her to return to the side of his desk with her eyes closed. He takes out his cell phone and takes a photo of her. The way he likes to see her waiting for him. His very own personal portrait that no one sees but him. As he releases her hands that are bound together she stands. Chest bare she walks over to the window that looks out to nothing. She turns around standing in the sheer fabric that drapes them she stretches her arms out. With the light in her back ground and it being still very much dark in the room they are in there is a lovely curved silhouette in front of him. He stares at the real-time portrait and when she isn’t looking he takes one more picture. This one is his favorite, a work of art; every curve and imperfection. Who would have thought that a man like him would have any interest in a woman like her.


I need a personal photographer… you know anyone who can do a little free-lance?



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