Connecticut Shade


She is like the indulgence of a sweet cigar in the humidor of your mind.

Talking about cigars requires that you sit down with a great cigar and smoke it from beginning to end.  It’s so much more than simply putting the cigar up to your mouth. To taste it you must use all of your senses…Sight, touch, smell and taste. You have to listen to it as you roll it between your fingers. This helps determine the moisture content. The cigar will tell you a story before you ever strike a match.

The first thing you have to do is inspect your Blondie.  The wrapper alone will not make or break a favorite cigar but, it plays and important role in taste because it embodies the overall personality. It gives the cigar texture and beauty. Seeing and feeling a wrapper with a nice silky oil is indicative of proper humidification. Yes Cigars and woman are the same in so many ways. Each kind having a personality of their own. Some are acidic and salty with a bite on the back end. But then there are those that are sweet and heavy, full-bodied and rich. Suck her in and let her swirl around your mouth. Appreciate her from beginning to end. Let her aroma and flavor intoxicate your senses. Am I talking about the cigar or the woman? You decide.

She leans in to sample his essence. She is waiting for him to dazzle her with some exotic scent he has purchased from the nearest retailer. Without him knowing she breaths him in. She is in a partial state of disappointment and partial state of arousal when her sense tell her he hasn’t made the purchase yet.  The disappointment you see, is because she knows how sensational he will smell, the arousal because there is something about his natural state of being that makes her wet for him. She is momentarily lost in thought when the familiar touch of his tip moistening her lips brings her back to the here and now. He crests her lips. She likes the way his chest rumbles as she takes him down to the base. Allowing his head to bounce off the back of her throat, he praises her verbally. His verbal praise is almost as good as blows to her ass. Pulling back and rolling her tongue around his tip, his hand cradles the base of her skull and she knows what is next. He rams his cock down her throat, she does her best to relax but his length and girth overwhelm her narrow passage. She has to pull back but he doesn’t allow it. She feels the displeasure in the ever tightening grip of his fingers tugging her by the roots of her hair… Or maybe it’s his pleasure she never really knows. Finally a breath, he never releases her only pulls her head back to look him in the eye, and with the instruction of one finger, she stands as he pulls her up by the wrists.

She turns around and kneels. The back of the leather sofa is cool on her nipples. He pulls her head back, by the roots, and she is forced to watch him set her ass a blaze with the sweet sting of his hand. Her cheeks are littered pink and red, her lips are swollen and wet. They bulge from the black thong she wears. He lays his middle finger along the valley of her ass and places his thumb just under the lace wrapper. Its moist to the touch, no doubt from the silk her pussy releases for him. His thumb rests just on the outside of her wet entrance, naturally she pushes back. Any part of him in her is a fantastic thing, but he lays a hand on her ass again “I run the show here” She rocks forward “Yes Sir.” He pushes her forwards and her head hangs over the back of the sofa. Her pelvis now rests high in the air. “Why are these on?” he questions. He pulls out a folding knife from his pocket and slices them at the seam. The bottom triangle falls and hangs straight down. The thin strip that conceals the jewel she wears is used as a make shift chain that ties around her new collar. It’s metallic and blue in color… a gift. It hugs her neck nicely just like the metallic blue collar of his favorite cigar. Two Blondies,  today is a good day for him.

He leans in to inspect her. Spreading her lips, he blows and she feels his cool breath on her hot humid skin, it’s exhilarating. He runs his fingers along her length then he kneels. Inhaling her aroma, she is sweet and nutty, he likes it. He tastes her, she is delicious. He uses his tongue and lips in synchrony. His head moves back and forth as he flicks her puffy nub with his tongue. He jets his middle finger in and out of her hole. She starts to go rigid and he knows she is nearing climax. He is so good at what he does, her body is vibrating and then he feels the familiar sound of her juice. The sloshing echoes in the half empty room. Her body comes down and she relaxes. She watches as he smells, then taste his finger. She is better than anything he keeps in the wooden box of treats he keeps hidden. “Where’s Roger?” he questions. She reaches over and pulls the pink rabbit from its den. He takes it from her and holds it up to her lips… “Wait! I think I will have you first.” Then he pushes his way past her slick snug hole. He enjoys the rush of knowing he stretched her out to accommodate him. Two , three plunges and he retires for a time. His cock already edging on the brink of a cataclysmic release.

“Turn around.” He says. She does everything he requests without hesitation. He pulls her forward and she spreads her legs. One hanging of the arm of the sofa and other stretched along the cushions. He has a new toy. It is already in the middle of the room. It’s a fuck machine, he must really be in need of a good show. The mechanical arm hangs in the balance of an intricate pulley system. He built it himself, its genius really and he revels in its design. The arm is long and chrome and it’s controlled remotely.  The end is a clear pink jelly cock. The metal arm extends up the cock to the start of the soft head. He pulls the bar up and its head rests between her thick meaty lips. He pushes it into her slowly. He stays close so he can watch the spectacle of her cavern spreading. She turns on the rabbit knowing his delight and holds it up to her throbbing clit. He can see the plug in her add jerk with each pulsation. He turns the machine up and takes a seat in the lounger adjacent to wear the show takes place. The midday light coming through the windows hits her gleaming pussy and his cock drips in wanton need of her flesh. He turns up the speed and the cock starts to move faster and more forcibly past her sliding door. She tries to hold Roger in place but sometimes you require the touch of real skin. She drops the energizer bunny and puts her hand up to her body. As the cock works itself in and out of her she grasps its shaft and feels it slide in and out. Still she longs for his cock to be in her, driving in and out. Her hand moves up to her clit and she rubs it hard allowing it to run through her fingers. She pops herself lightly a few times bringing a new rush up to the surface. Meanwhile in the corner he sits stroking himself patiently waiting his turn.

As he watches from across the room he can see her ascend the mountain of pleasure again. He creeps over and places his palm on her hood. He feels the machine plunge in and out of her as her pussy sleeves it tightly. Her cream starts to cover the cock more and more with each pass it makes. The sounds she lets out mesmerizes his sense of pleasure to the highest power. His cock drips as she closes her eyes she feels the machine back out of her a final time. She feels him crawl up between her thighs for one last taste. He laps her up and she never wants him to stop. She’d like to have his face between her legs more often. But he does, “ please don’t stop” she pleads. But their time is almost at an end and he must have her.  As he rises up his hard cock rests just between the lips of her mound, his head glides smoothly against her raging clit. Cock in hand he lightly taps her, teasing her into sexual insanity. She can’t wait any long, she won’t wait. She grasps him urgently and glides his shaft into her. Even after all the play her pussy is still tight. Those little pink balls have done their job. With each stroke he leans in pushing himself high up into her, rooting himself as deep as he can. He feels his thick head nearly punch through her soft spongy dome as her walls close in. He fucks her hard doing his best to punch through, but her body never gives way. He bends tasting her nipple with the tip of his tongue, her body latches on to his cock and he bites down onto the side of her large round peaks. She yelps in pleasure. He devours them with his hands and mouth as his pelvis meets hers. She moves in circles grinding down on him as hard as she can; smashing her clit against his body. His eyes cloud over and he starts to wince, he pulls out and thumbs her nub as he recedes. She inches closer to him and sees the temptation in his eyes, she likes that he finds her irresistible. She brings her knees to her chest and then closes them. Slowly she raises both feet high into the air. She parts her legs slightly and teases his vision as she runs her fingers up and down her fault line. He pushes her legs back until they touch the back of the sofa. She reaches down and releases the slippery plug from her puckered hole. She spreads her ass apart and he sees a large gaping hole. She opens and closes it. He knows one maybe two strokes in, he will lose himself to her prowess yet again. Why prolong the inevitable? He lunges in to her and her textured walls are too much. He cums high and hard into her; unloading a full release. He pulls out and her ass is still gaping, inviting him in. He can’t help himself. His own thick release peeks from between her lips and starts to cascade down into her dark gaping hole. He plunges into her rear entrance. She is hot and soft. She fucks her ass fast and hard and with ever cry she lets out he realizes he has more left to give. Harder than ever he plows onward. She frantically circles her clit  begging him to make her cum one last time. He honors her request with a call of his own. She quakes and he feels her ass tighten round him, an explosion of nerves. He slows, lost in the moment, he fires one last round of ammunition into her darkness. He recedes to a creep before backing out of her.

He needs a power nap after the activites of the day and after that a Blondie, one of each.