Color Blind

Morning Fun…Morning Run

Let me just start out by saying that having you between my legs was a fabulously new experience for me. Your hands, your face, and your cock….FANTASTIC! That, we will have to do again real soon. I felt like I didn’t know what to do with my hands though. I wanted to reach out and touch you, put my hands on your head or grab your shirt and pull you into me harder. But, I wasn’t sure if that was allowed. I tried looking you in the eye once but I felt silly. Normally I’m so bold but, in that space I naturally submit to you and I find boldness difficult. Next time pull my hands from my face with your hands or words, preferably your hands. Command me to do something with them, even if it isn’t to touch you. Force me to look you in the eye, even if you have to grab me by the jaw. Then drive in to me hard while you do. Oh yes, one last thing. I ordered a new dildo for you to try out on me… I will bring it when it arrives.

She finally gets to take a holiday all of her own. No one else around except her, the white sand beach and a fabulous hotel room. She decides to get up early one day to watch the sunrise before she takes a run on the beach. She wears all black; a tank top, yoga pants and tennis shoes. She knows her thighs will burn afterwards but she isn’t afraid of a little pain these days. The air is crisp just as the sun breaches the horizon and she knows its start time. She takes a long run all the way to the large rock wall at the end of the beach, before turning around to walk back to the hotel for a shower. About half way back she sees a man running towards her. He has a familiar gait from a distance, but she thinks nothing of it. The figure before her starts to slow as he nears her. She picks up speed and avoids eye contact with strange passer-by, careful not to attract attention to herself. Just as the bodies start to pass one another she picks up speed. The man slows to a stop then turns around. He wants to see the sway of her round rump as she jogs back to civilization.

She makes her way into the hotel and the man follows closely behind, she is picking up speed, she just wants to get to her room and shower. She doesn’t want to be followed here. His foot steps are only seconds behind. She sees the door to her room and she takes the key card out of her pocket. She starts to run when she hits the door hard and starts to jiggle the door handle open as she shakes the key waiting for the red light to turn green. Then she feels him run into her hard. “Stop Please Sir” she begs. With no one around to see the door opens and they fall in. He closes the door behind them and lifts his index finger to his lips. “Shhhhh, be a good girl and don’t struggle” he whispers. “Please don’t, not now” she says as she stands at the foot of the bed fully clothed. “I wont be taking no for an answer sweetheart” and he pushes her on to the bed. “Please I need a shower, don’t do this. I am embarrassed.” She pleads in fragility. What she doesn’t understand is he wants her dirty, he wants her filthy, and he gets hard off her scent.


Property of….

She lays there doing as he says, she doesn’t dare tell him ‘No” a third time. Her feet hang from the bed, her shoes still on. He pulls her black yoga pants down to her ankles, careful not to remove them past her tennis shoes and leaving her black lace panties on. Then he crawls up her body, running his nose up her leg stopping at her belly button. He straddles her body, hovering only centimeters above. She can feel his firmness. Then he raises her arms straight above her head and pulls her shirt up to just below her elbows. Twisting the shirt he gags her with it. Her bra is the only thing left that covers her bare skin. It’s also black and zips in the front. He unzips it and her breasts fall to each side. The cold air of the room causes the sweat soaked skin of her nipples to rise and harden. He leans in to taste the salty skin of her large, soft, natural breasts. Crawling back down her body he reaches her ankles and flips her body over. He finishes pulling her shoes and pants off, allowing then to fall to the floor. Still straddling her legs he smacks her ass hard. “Don’t ever run from me again” He says. He smacks her ass hard again “Don’t ever tell me ‘No’ when I want to have you” He spreads the cheeks of her ass apart. Pulling to the side the fabric of her cheeky panties and to his surprise he sees a small hot pink jeweled plug buried deep in her ass. His hand high in the air, he stops “you wear this when you run” instant hardness hits his body like lightning to the ground. “I feel naked without it Sir” she says. He lowers his hand and rubs her skin gently where he struck her. “You are such a pain in the ass assistant, but you are such a good girl” he says before he smacks her again, this time more softly. She hisses and her pussy starts to sweat a different kind of wetness at his touch. He pulls her panties further to the side and with one finger enters just the outer lips of her pussy. He pulls it out and rubs the moisture on the tips of his fingers, smooth and creamy. “Does running always do this to you?” he asks. “No, but you always do.” She replies.


I see the attraction.



Exposing himself he approaches her landing pad. She raises her hips slightly off the bed. He pulls her panties to the side once more and slides into her smooth creamy pussy. He reaches back and runs the tips of his fingers up her legs, silently giving her instruction. She slowly moves her legs one by one past his body careful to no let him slide out of her crease. Then he reaches forward and touches her arms. She slowly moves them down tucking them underneath her body. Soon he feels the tips of her fingers at the base of his cock moving around and around as she circles her hard swollen clit. Then he starts to move. In and out of her with long deep strokes, nice and slow. He can hear her start to moan aloud as he starts to pound into her harder. Slow hard controlled strokes as she diddles her own pussy. “There it is, that is what I want to feel” he says as he feels the contractions of her pussy when she cums. She becomes overly wet, sloshy even. He pulls out of her completely and turns her back over. Standing at the foot of the bed she stares at him. He has a magnificent cock stand that mesmerizes her. Pushing with her feet she slides back until her head hits the pillows. She lifts her head, her arms are still bound by her shirt she is helpless to gain comfort. “Help an assistant out, would ya boss?” she says with a wink. He reaches his long body forward and pulls the pillow under her neck. Then tells her to keep her hands high. “you are much too wet for my liking after you came. Shall we remedy that?” he smirks Then he kneels between her legs and spreads them as far apart as they will go before he buries his face between her sticky flesh. He sucks hard on her clit, jetting it in and out of his lips. The suction is remarkable. Her nerve filled skin grazes his teeth slightly with each pass. She warns him with her sounds of pleasure that she will soon erupt. He reaches high up into her pussy with two fingers and his cock drips on to the bed sheets. Rising up he takes his cock in his hand and lets the back side of his cock run full length between her folds. Up and down he runs his cock through her smooth wet flesh. “I’m going to cum” she says and he can feel her clit explode again with electrifying impulse. He grabs his dick then agitates her clit hard and fast. Striking her pussy with the head of his cock until her orgasm turns into a full fledged spring bubbling onto the sheets Quickly he leans in to taste the excess moisture. Turning her on her front one last time he rams into her hard and fast. Moving her ass in coordination with his hips she starts to work for him. He drives in and she moves up, he pulls back and she moves down. Creating a siphon on his cock. She has cum now it’s his turn. The faster he fucks her, the faster she moves. She can hear his lungs release his hot breath in a grunt each time his cock hits the inside of her shallow pussy. “Take it all” he tells her as he forces his hips to meet her thighs. “That’s it Sir, make me take it all. Fuck me harder” that being said he slowly pulls out of her. She sits up and scoots back pulling him into her. “Fuck my mouth until you cum Sir” she pleads as she looks up with her eyes. He straddles her again, his cock at mouth level. He grabs the head board and leans into her. Closing her eyes she strokes him in a downward pump twice with her hand cupping his balls with the other. “Look at me” he says. She opens her eyes and she licks the tip of his cock before she French kisses it with her tongue. He drives into her deep as she continues to look up at him. She relaxes her throat the best she can but he is so big that she chokes. He is unrelenting and her eyes start to water. She never blinks. Grabbing his hips she takes him all the way in. He stops his body and she moves slowly. Slow shallow strokes, he tightens his grip on the head board as his balls tighten and rise simultaneously “slow, slow, don’t make a mess” he tells her. She does just as he says. She knows what her Master enjoys and she will always give it to him how he likes. Slowly she pumps her hand up and down his shaft as her mouth gently sucks his tip. There it is, she can feel it on her lips. He explodes, his cock 5, 6, 7 hard contractions he shoots into the back of her throat. She never misses a beat. No stress, no mess. She pulls back and licks her lips saying “I taste so good on you.” One last drop comes forth. “Waste not, want not” she giggles and licks it off in one swift motion. His body shudders “you are the best assistant I have ever had” he says. He won’t be replacing her any time soon.


Stamp Of Approval Required.

I like the way you have started taking control in the situation room. Spanking me a few times has really brought the dominant side out of you. How does it make you feel? To do as you please, have full and total control over the body of another? Doing with it what you please? It’s extremely arousing when you slide over and take my belongings from me only to pull me over your knee. It makes me feels desired, and I like that. Dominating me and not taking ‘No’ for an answer. Well it’s not something I’m willing to say ‘No’ to at the present.



Cocks Eye View!

P.S. – I’m going to sit on your dick just so you know. I just about have the schematics worked out in my head. Just move the front bench forward as far as it will go. Then slide forward a bit when you are in the back. Then I will take it from there. Unless you don’t want it or you don’t think you can handle it… Sir.