Scene 17: Radioactivity 

Refers to the particles which are emitted from nuclei as a result of nuclear instability. The nucleus experiences an intense reaction between the two strongest forces of nature, it should not be surprising that there are so many nuclear isotopes which are emitted, copious amounts in fact. Creating a massive explosion, a mind bending experience. Penetrate The Exclusion Zone and find out just how radioactive it can be.


“Frank, did you need me to go with you on the trip to Phoenix?” Carly asks Monday morning. If she is going to be joining him she needs to make arrangements. “Not this time Carly I think I can handle this one on my own. I need you to stay here and hold down The Empire.” he responds. Dang! she thinks to herself. She was in the mood to travel and she was in the mood to travel with Frank. Wednesday rolls around and she was hoping she might be summoned to the play area before his departure but it looks like that isn’t going to happen, much to her disappointment. “Carly I need you to get all of the paperwork in order that I will need to close this deal in Phoenix. Please just put it into my Black Leather Organizer…you know the one.” he asks. ” Yes Sir I will have everything ready for you before you leave this evening.” Little does he know that she has a little surprise waiting for him in the form of a letter, waiting amongst his stuff. A little something for him to read on the plane. She would hate for him to get caught between two fat guys with little room and nothing to keep his mind occupied. After reading the letter he will wish she was on the trip. Waiting in the hotel room naked and wet for him when he gets back from playing with the boys all day in the hot sticky weather of… Ahem! Phoenix.

Dearest “Frank”

I am writing this because this is pay back for the last two times you disappointed me. Even though I shall give you credit for making an attempt to play once, it ended up in disappointment for what I’m sure was both of us (you would have much rather had my lips around you than your own hand, I assure you). Never the less you are now gone and I am stuck here thinking of your rock hard dripping cock. I hope that whatever kept you from me was worth missing what I had waiting for you. Maybe it was worth while, that is the case for many things in life. But the odds are not in your favor and favor is what you would have gotten from me. I shall tell you now in detail what my intentions were. Then you can decide for yourself if you want to miss your next opportunity to play.

Just behind the grey building there is a very small parking lot with two spaces tucked away for no one to see in the dark of the morning. I was there with princess in hand. Waiting to pass it to you before you bent me over your lap. You were going to place one of your overly lubricated fingers in my ass; before you placed the princess in my hot tight hole. Offering up a few smacks to the tender flesh of my ass before I turn to lay back and let you taste my sweet pussy, as you slide your fingers deep inside me. With an easily exposed breast at hand you could have leaned forward and had a mouthful. Then again they are quite large, you might have chosen to linger for a while. After you had your fill of breakfast fruits, papaya and melons. I was going to need to have a small taste my self; of the tiny droplets that seep from you. Maybe I would have tasted me on your lips as well. I wanted to suck my tasty juices off of your lips. Then I was going to lick you once from base to tip before I took you all the way down my throat a few times. Not to worry Sir! I wasn’t going to allow you to cum. I was going to let you bend me over and try to squeeze your giant cock in my slick pussy that was wet from the extraordinary tasting you offered up. It would have been a tight fit though as your cock is larger than what I am accustomed to. After a few strokes into me I’m sure you would have found your rhythm. Once you had her fitting like a glove, you could have easily caused me to orgasm; with small upward thrusts of your hips. Then you could have gone with two options: A.)You could always continue to pound your way into oblivion until you yourself were ready to erupt then ordered me to swallow every last drop of your load as you pull my mouth onto you by my long hair or…. B.) pull out slowly. Maybe even offering up another smack to The Ass Goddess.  Your cock glistening from my slit, bobbing up and down as you take the princess out of my ass and then slowly replaced it with something much longer and harder… your dick. You could have worked my tight ass, squeezing my cheeks together with your hands, SMACK!. You’d still feel the aftershocks from my orgasms. I promise they would have made my hole squeeze your dick that much tighter. I might have even pulled our friendly pet ‘the rabbit’ out of his hat and slid the little vibrating vixen deep in my pussy as you fucked my ass. Knowing that I am causing my own orgasm and watching while you fuck my ass would have you over the edge. Feeling the vibrations yourself, as I offer up my contractions to you. You would have had an eruption like none before. You were right to say that it’s best to have a woman, not a little girl, one who knows what she is doing. A woman who knows what she likes. I know what I like, and I know what I am doing. (That is why you selected me after all, to be your assistant. Isn’t it? You want the very best from those who serve you. Sir…) I like your steel cock in me, No matter what hole you are sticking it in. You can fuck my mouth, my pussy, or my ass. Pick of the litter!

I hope this letter has left you enlightened Sir. As you sit in your hotel room. Thinking on what you missed out on. Maybe next time you will take me with you. Not on your trip but to that special place, The Exclusion Zone. The Vault, a place where only the two of us go…our own Chernobyl.

Your Ever Faithful Servant,


Carly places all of the files Frank asked for in their appropriate locations. Everything is labeled accordingly. Before she leaves she hands Frank his Organizer and his Laptop. One copy of her note on a loose piece of paper stowed between the laptop ends. One copy paper-clipped to the trips Agenda. He won’t miss it…Or will he? Will he demand that she make good on the scenario at hand? After all she does like his demanding ways. Or will he find another reason to hold off a little longer? The choice is his.

Thursday morning Frank Boards the plane; a plane with two passengers.. He opens up his laptop and a piece of paper falls into his lap. He begins to read….what happens next, TBD………



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