The Laboratory

I am convinced that different people awaken different beasts inside of you. The mind is a silly thing. Mine forgets to remind me that you’re a bad idea. But, in those fleeting moments of ecstasy when the body knows no better feeling, two bodies dance to a melody of pure energy; The Chemistry created is a magic unlike any other.

“Ava how did you get into this lifestyle?” Linc asks as he sits at the bar. She continues to serve her customers as she talks to him. “Its a long story, do you really want to know the details? Is there something that is bothering you? I told you that if this wasn’t for you I respected that and we could part ways as friends. That still stands.” she tells him in a serious tone. “NO, that is not what I am trying to say, I am just curious as to how someone like you, a smart , funny, attractive woman finds her self in a lifestyle like that. I’m just trying to understand you.” he explains. She takes a deep breath then her story begins…

I was invited out one night by a good friend. She said we were going to a new club in the area. She gave me all the specifics and it seemed like a safe environment. I was naïve, I was only 22 and very impressionable. Room by room we wandered and explored, always careful to respect the rules of the venue. No touching unless invited to play, no loud noises or cell phones. I was amazed at all the men walking around in business suits, taking in the scene. Watching the beautiful women suspended in the air, it was amazing how graceful they were. It was like Aerial Ballet but, in the nude.  People being flogged and spanked. Every one was so polite. I must have looked like a real fresh piece of fruit to these people. After a trip or two around and a few good laughs, my friends and I decided to leave. Just before I hit the exit one of the bouncers stopped me. He handed me a small linen business card and on the back was a small hand written note. It was a gentleman high-profile in the way of connection. ‘Lets have dinner’ was all the note said. His name was James. The rest is history really. I was his sub for 6 years, he was kind and made sure that I was always treated with respect. He was the owner of the club.

Ava and Linc talk several more hours at the bar until her shift ended. Lately she has been staying nights over at his house. He has a thirst for the lessons she gives him. “What are your hardlimits?”  he asks “Someone has been doing home work” she laughs. “I’m serious, what are things you don’t do?” he is serious now. “Okay well, No leaving marks on my body for other to see later, and with the exception of semen, I don’t participate in blood or bodily fluid acts. No caning, fisting or genital clamps. I also have some soft limits regarding bondage.” she explains. “Good to know” he says. They continue to walk on in silence to his house. “Maybe I should just go home tonight Linc” she is worried that maybe she shared too much information with him. “No I want you to stay, I’m just thinking about why someone would want their genitals clamped off, defeats the purpose if you ask me.” He scoffs. “one of the reasons it’s a hard limit.” she says “one of the reasons, what is the other?” he asks curiously “because it hurts like hell!” she walks into his house, her head down reliving and unpleasant memory.

She heads straight towards the bathroom and her clothes fall to the floor. He follows sitting of the edge of the bed watching her as she showers. As the water and the bubbles run down her skin through the steam he can feel himself start to harden. He walks over to the black bag in the corner, he thinks he is going to surprise her with a little lesson of his own tonight. He searches through her black bag looking for something, just not knowing what.  3 seems to be the lucky number with her, so he wants to choose 3 items, trifecta! When he looks in the bag he doesn’t see anything he is used to. He sees a large red candle, two small hair pins, and string of beads. He lays them on the bed, He lights the candle for some ambiance, he hangs the beads around the candle and sets the two small hair pins on the end-table, maybe they are for her hair. She steps out of the shower and as she is towel drying, she can see him fumbling over in the corner. Precious! she thinks to herself. She decides she will play along.

Once she sees him laying on the bed she walks out of the bathroom. She crawls forward over his body as he lies on the bed. Like a lioness hunting a gazelle in the night. The light shines off her eyes making them look like green emeralds. She hovers over his hard cock that lies atop his abdomen. She straddles him, her lips cradle his staff like a warm wet blanket. He can feel his seepage on his own skin. His cock is throbbing for her already. “Tell me Sir, what are you going to do with the items on the table?” she whispers close in his ear. “I don’t know, I was kind of thinking on the fly. Looks like a lot of beauty ornaments” he says. “Let me show you Sir what these are for.” she says as she leans over to retrieve the hair pins from the bed side table. She opens them one by one and holding them up to her nipples allow them to snap closed around her sensitive skin. Each nipple bulges out from between the tiny metal clasps. She felt his cock twitch between her thighs each time the pins snap closed. Then she grabs the long strand of opalescent beads, they graduate in size as the strand lengthens. “Do you know what to do with these, Sir?” she cocks her head to the side as she asks the question. He gulps and take the beads in his hand, now he knows they are anal beads. She always like to have something stuck up her ass! She turns, ass facing him, licking her fingers she reaches back and moistens herself for their entrance. One at a time he pushes them in. A dozen or more, he starts with the smaller marble sized beads and as he pushes them into her like a quarter in a slot he watches her hole grow to take each marble that grows in size. The final marble is the size of a small egg. One the end of the marble is a string loop with a small marble at the end. It is like a door stopper against the puckered skin of her hot hole. She grabs the candle “hold out your arm” she says with a smile. He is hesitant but he lends her his arm. She takes him by the wrist and turns his arm so the underside is exposed to her. Taking the wax she drips a sizable amount up and down the length of his arm. It borderlines between warm and hot. Warm enough to enhances the senses but not hot enough to cause pain. “It’s safe, you can pour this one me anywhere you like except directly on my pussy… hardlimit.” she tells him. He nods in agreement and takes the candle from her.

She lies on the bed and awaits her instructions. Tonight she will encourage him to take control on his own. He stands looking at her, awaiting his own instructions. She just stares back at him like a fawn caught in the thicket. His hands begin to shake, he takes a deep breath and then makes his first move. “Turn over” he tries to sound stoic but his voice squeaks a bit. “yes sir” she does as she is told. Her hair is tied up so starting at the nap of her neck he drops, one by one, tiny droplets of red wax down her spine. She can feel her lips swell and her nipples harden instantly. Making his way down to the cleft between each ass cheek. Then he lays his hand on her ass hard leaving a stinging print. Bending down he bites the other cheek softly, this takes away the sting immediately. He smacks her again before he pours one long stream of melted wax down the slit between her cheeks. It lands on the small opal marble and she lets out a hiss. He smacks her again “Quiet!” and from between her lips she drips for him in silence. “Turn over and sit up against the head-board.” He tells her. Then he walks over to the black duffel bag and retrieves the black cordage. Frog tying her legs, so that he can see her spread open. The hair pins are still clamped firmly on to each nipple. He picks up the candle again. He starts with one then two droplets of hot wax on each breast. She stills, not making a sound. He looks down and the natural flush color of her lips has turned to blush. Not paying attention he lets the hot wax slip over the edge during his gaze upon her mound. Her entire breast is covered in wax. A perfect cast of her breast. He will try to lift that off later in one piece for his own amusement. Looking at her in embarrassment, she nods downward and he trails the wax down to the apex of her pussy. Then he stops. He spends time now laying droplets strategically on her skin, between her thighs, careful not to burn the delicate skin that is off-limits to the candle wax. She never makes a sound or movement other wise. She trusts him and this makes him that much harder for her. To give him that kind of control over her speaks volumes. The candle is at the end of its wick, but he is ready to try something else. He saw something in the black bag that looked intriguing. It was a long whip like tool with a flap on the end.  He holds it up and asks her what it is for. ” it’s a crop, you hit me with it.” she explains. He runs his hands up the thin shaft of the device until he reaches the soft leather flap. He then walks over to her with his raging cock hoisted and asks “what is your safe word?” she looks at him and in an honest voice says ” Its simple, my safe word is ‘STOP!’ Then he takes the crop and runs it down her abdomen stopping at her pink mound and pops her with it. He stares at her, waiting for her to say something but she doesn’t. All she can do is stare at his giant thick cock dripping for her. He pops her again and he can see her pussy start to glisten and change color. He reaches down and pulls on the small clip binding her nipple but it doesn’t release tender skin her. She can feel her self close to orgasm but she staves it off until her master gives her permission to do so. Over and over again he crops her pussy. Watching pieces of wax fly off her skin with each pelt. Her wine stained lips are calling for him. He alternates teasing her with the soft leather, her clit is bulging from between the flesh enclosing it. He leans in and inhales her. “I want to taste you when you cum Ava” He takes his four fingers and pops her pussy again then quickly works her clit with his tongue. Over and over he does this until she cannot hold back any more. She cums with full force, it covers his lips and he laps it all up before he approaches her with his cock in hand.

Still bound, she watches him approach, her pussy is still aching to be fucked. He rips off the small nipple binding and a rush of sensation floods her nipple.  She feels her pussy pulse one time. He pulls on it and watches it go from white to pink, in the blink of an eye. Leaning in to suck on her breasts his cock rubs up against her clit spreading her lips apart.  Without permission she cums all over him again. Her body is in an over stimulated state. As he sucks on her tit that isn’t covered in red hardened wax he now purposefully runs the thick head of his cock along the outer ridge of her pussy, smashing against her clit repeatedly. Over and over she orgasms hard and then without mention he rams his rock hard cock up in to her. She is slippery and he can still feel the beads insides her. They massage the shaft of his cock like hot stones at a day spa. They fill her up and make her so tight that the slipperiness of her pussy doesn’t detract from the friction he needs. He pulls his cock out of her completely over and over just to watch  her coat him with more of her thick release each time he rams her to the hilt. He can feel a rush of blood flood to his brain and he knows he is almost ready to cum. Thrusting up into her one last time he sits there and rocks his cock back n forth a few times. Then he pulls out and quickly mounts her torso. She opens her mouth and she takes his cock in. Thrusting into her mouth fucking her over and over. Watching her lips struggle to keep him inside, seeing her choke on his dick every time her hits the back of her throat, he gets off. “Swallow all of it” he says as he lets his dick ride steadily deep in her mouth. Once he is finished unloading in her mouth he retreats. Her pussy aches for one last orgasm. Something was missing. “Please Sir allow me to cum once more” he pops her hard on her darkened lips before he buries two fingers between them and starts to rub on her numb viciously. “The Beads Sir, Pull them out slowly.” Leaning in with his tongue between her lips artfully making love to her pussy as he pushes up into her slit with two fingers. He takes his other and one by one at the pinnacle of orgasm he plucks each stone marble out one by one. She squirts cum into his mouth and like her; he refuses to make a mess. Taking in every last bit of liquid she gifts him.

He raises up and sees that the wax  casting of her breast with the clip still attached to her nipple has cracked. He laughs to himself. He is sure this wont be the last time they play with wax. Especially if she carries the crop around in that bag. He releases her of her leg bindings and the last clamp that holds her nipple. All the items fall to the floor. She is tired. She rolls over and falls fast asleep. He looks around one last time before dozing off. He sees bits of wax all over the bed and floor. The crop at the foot of the bed and the anal beads on the floor next to his shoes. How cute, she snores a little when she is tired. He falls fast asleep.

Everyone needs a laboratory, amazing things come from experimentation. Chemistry, is you touching my mind and setting my body on fire.



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