Dirty Talk

“Talk to me,” she whispers. “The dirty stuff, if I can’t have you then I want you to Fuck me with your voice.” Her name is Ava Rose, she is a bartender at a tiki bar near the ocean. She is going to school, working towards her masters in Art History with a minor in Museum studies. She aspires to be a museum Curator. She loves beautiful things and knows how to take care of them. She gives herself away by the topics that interest her and the novelty shows she watches on tv. A girl should be two things, Classy and Fabulous, she is both and then some.

He likes his girls Nerdy, Curvy, & Dirty. A gentleman in public and a master in the bedroom. “You and I will always be unfinished business” he tells her. His name is Linc. He is a Head Hunter by trade. He is good at his job and he looks good doing it. He is successful and has a rich clientele base. He has many hobbies and indulges in them when he has spare time. He has traveled abroad but prefers being at home base these days. A simple man who sees the beauty in things others cannot.

She is the kind of girl who likes to stretch out naked between the sheets, eating chocolates, reading books and fucking on rainy afternoons. She met him one day when he was having lunch with a beautiful lady friend. He walked up to the bar to order drinks. As she makes his drinks they begin to talk, he can see from the way she enunciates her words that she is more than a bartender. If it doesn’t work out with his lady friend maybe he wouldn’t mind getting to know the bartender a little better. She finds him mildly attractive at first glance. She would like to see him in a suit and tie. She glances quickly at the outline that is bulging from beneath his pants. Quickly tracing it with her eyes. She turns to the cash register. But is was too late, he caught her red-handed. Yes if it doesn’t work out with his lady friend he will be back to explore this woman more.

As the afternoon wears on he makes his way back up to the bar a few more times. Lingering each time longer than the last. Wanting to know more about the woman behind the counter top. She too learns things of interest. From first glance she would have never guessed he was as intelligent as he was. She pictured him being some kind of investment banker living up the playboy lifestyle. He wasn’t. He had an education and before he became a Headhunter he was a broker. The more she talked to him the more attractive he became. “I like how you make this drink, what is in it?” he asks. “that is my special blend, if I told you, Id have to… well you get the picture” she laughs. “I’d like the recipe, so that I can entertain my guests with this concoction some time.” he tells her. Just then his companion joins them. “I came to see what was talking so long Linc?” she has a high-pitched voice. She is your standard run of the mill trophy girl. They are a dime a dozen. “Ava and I were just discussing the ingredients of this tasty drink I keep getting you refills on.” he tells her. As he speaks his eye drift towards the bartender. He would much rather spend the rest of the afternoon with her. “Well we should get going Linc, we have been here all day and I’m  bored with this.” she stares directly at Ava and turns on a heel to walk off, back towards the open veranda. “Will you be here next week?” he asks Ava “I am here every Friday thru Sunday.” she says with a smile. She has heard this question a million times. She would prefer not to be a bartender but she makes enough money those 3 days to pay her bills while she finishes school. It doesn’t hurt that she wears low-cut shirts and lets her natural large breasts bring in the tips. She rings up his tab for the after noon and hands him the receipt. “It was nice chatting with you Linc, next time you are out this way stop by and I will make you my famous cocktail” she says with a smile. Little does she know he has every intention of being back here next Friday thru Sunday.  “Will do and it was great to meet you, good luck with your studies” he tries to sound informal and polite. But deep down he watches her lips as she talks and he wonders how those lips would feel  around his cock. He turns to walk away. He glances down to put the receipt in his wallet and he can see a small note written on the back. I taste good too, you will want that recipe aswell 529-1006. He smiles and folds up this piece of paper gold and continues on to his lady friend.

That evening he pulls out his receipt. Staring at the number on the back . He flips it over and realizes he never tipped the enchanting woman behind the bar. He sends her a text I totally forgot to tip you, I was distracted this afternoon and I apologize. Let me make it up to you.. Linc. Send… he waits but he gets no reply. She gets home around 2 in the morning. She worked a double shift as she does most Saturdays. She reaches into her purse to retrieve her phone. She doesn’t have to be at work until 11 in the morning but she wants to set her alarm. Her small 1 bedroom apartment lacks a proper alarm clock amongst other things. She has missed a few text messages but she is tired she will check them all tomorrow. She turns over and falls asleep. BEEP BEEP BEEP it’s 9:30 in the morning. She wakes up and hops in the shower. Grabs a banana and a muffin then she is out the door. One the way back to the beach side bar she visits those missed texts. One from her brother, one from her best friend and one from… Linc. She starts to type out a message. Just as she makes it into the parking lot at the hotel where the bar is located she begins to hit the send button. Making her way to the bar, she seems him. He is there waiting for her. The only person there. “We are not open until 11 Sir, and don’t you think it is a little early for my special cocktail.” she laughs. “You never responded to my text last night. I came to give you your tip” he says. He has a folded up bill in his hand. “You didn’t have to do that. Your conversation was enough tip Linc.” she is shy now. “I insist” he says so she reaches out her hand and when he lays the bill in her palm and electric charge surges through them both. “Fuck it!” he says and he pulls her into him and kisses her hard on the lips she can feel her nipples begin to harden. The humidity begins to increase between her thighs. He too can feel himself growing. He presses up against her instinctively, he wants her to know she turns him on. Breathless she says “I have to work right now can I text you later” he stares down at her bright green eyes and asks her what time she gets off. “I get off at 8 on Sundays” she tell him. “I want to take you out” he says. ” You hardly know me, I will text you later this evening” she tells him. He doesn’t want to push so he relents. He nods in agreement and kisses her one last time before he turns to leave. He wants to taste her lips one last time. He turns to walk away when he is far of in the distance she bends over to pick up the folded money that fell to the ground. She opens is…$100. His balance at the end of the shift was $48.50.. He must really like my special cocktail.

8:30p  She texts him. Small talk nothing major. At the end of the conversation he asks her to dinner. She says  yes. Thursday evening they meet up at a small tavern and have a few drinks before they grab a bite to eat. She lives near the beach and he has a house around the corner that he just purchased. When it is time to leave he volunteers to walk her home, embarrassed about her small apartment knowing he is a man of ample means she declines. He says she has two choices he can either walk her home to ensure her safety or she can join him for a night-cap at his house. She fidgets and then looks up at him and says “your place is fine.”  After a short stroll down the boulevard they arrive to a large home with a gated entry. Once they get inside he asks her what she would like to drink. She says water is fine. He grabs two bottles of water out of the refrigerator and then takes her hand and seats her on the couch. He sets the two bottles of water on a small table just in front of the couch and takes a seat next to her. He starts to ask her a question but he doesn’t even get the first word out. She leans forward and kisses him.

She has been out of commission for way too long and this man is the epitome of sex. He is intelligent, witty, and nice on the eyes too. Before she knows it she is in his lap, shirtless. He wants to fuck her right here and right now on this couch. He reaches around and releases her of her bra. He slings it across the room. He buries his face between her swollen peaks. She pulls his shirt off and it lands only inches from the place her undergarments landed.  He picks her up and lays her on the couch. He removes her Jeans and high heeled booties. She is laying in front of him wearing nothing but panties. She is somewhat embarrassed she looks nothing like the posh woman he brought to the bar last week. He undoes the button on he jeans and the head of his hard cock shows itself atop his boxer briefs. But it is too late. Her embarrassment has already set in and she is off the couch attempting to retrieve her clothing. He stands to stop he,r asking her what the issue is. “I am not what you want Linc, and I don’t think I could bear my own self loathing in the morning if I knew that I was used as the object of a one night stand.”  she says. “who said anything about one night, Ava. I think I’d like to explore you for many nights to come and days too.” he says. She makes her way over to the kitchen to retrieve her purse. He stops her and picks her up, wrapping her legs around his waist. Walking her to the nearest bedroom. She can’t resist any longer. He lays her on the bed and starting at her ankles licks his way up her body. He stops between the apex of her thighs. Losing himself between her fleshy folds. He can feel her slit bead up between his lips. He slides one fingers up into her pussy and massages her from the inside out. “I’m going to cum” she says he continues on until he can feel the warm silky liquid ooze from between the lips of her swollen red pussy. He rises, licking his lips. “I don’t believe I have ever had the pleasure of that experience before Ava, you do taste mighty fine.” He continues lick her up her body stopping to pay close attention to her tits. Her nipples are erect and hard. He sucks on each one pulling on them with his teeth. She reaches down and begins to stroke his cock up and down moving her hands in a circular motion as she strokes up. She sits up and leaning in takes just the head of his cock into her mouth licking his tip, using her tongue to tease the entrance at the tip of his obelisk. Sucking on just the head of his cock, each time she pulls back  her teeth lightly run along the ridge of his head and he jerks. She can taste him as he begins to seep, he tastes even better than she has been dreaming about all week. Unexpectedly she takes him all him letting his head hit her at the back of her throat. He moans, he is so large that no woman has ever been able to take him all the way in before. She releases him and climbs up onto the bed. She looks back at him and says “Spank Me” his eyes widen. He would have never thought that this  woman, this quiet shy studious woman would be such a freak in the sack.. He likes it. He moves forward and smacks her ass. Looking at him she says “Harder” he smacks her again ” That isn’t even going to leave a mark” she whispers to him. SMACK! her ass turns pink and his cock throbs. He had no idea he would get so turned on by spanking a woman like this. He sees her reach down and run her hands from the back of her pussy to the front. She takes the same hand and touches his lips. She is soaked with moisture. “That is why I like to be spanked” she tells him. “Now please fuck me…hard” she reaches back and ties her hair up into a messy bun. She crawls up to the corner of the large bed and wraps her forearms around the tall bed post. He follows her up the bed. With cock in hand he guides himself toward her wet hole. The head of his cock smashes up against her thick swollen clit and she jerks. She reaches down and guides him in, running her hands up her clit on the way back to the bed post. He pulls almost all the way out and then rams his steel cock into her. “Yes, that’s right” she says, he puts his hands on her ass and starts to pull her onto him as he thrusts and she then leans forward and begins to ride him in a modified reverse positon. Her ass looks fabulous mounted on his dick. He can feel the inside of her pussy start to contract around him with each time she slides down him. Like vice grips around him. He reaches up and cups one of her breast, rolling her nipple between his thumb and forefinger. “Yes I’m cumming” she says and he can feel a rush of liquid releases itself around him. “Fuck!” he says and she knows this is her cue. She turns and takes him into her mouth. Sucking him furiously. “I’m going to cum” he says and he pulls her head back, she looks him straight in the eye and slowly continues sucking the head of his cock as she pumps his shaft with her hands. She wants to swallow his cum. He erupts hard and thick hot liquid spurts into her mouth. His hips jerk, every time he contracts he blows more cum down her throat and she sucks a little more. She is making sure that she has taken every last drop. Once she is satisfied that he is dry she raises off of him and he falls back on to the bed. He hadn’t realized that the force of his cumming caused his whole body to raise up. It was like a bodygasm. He shot cum so hard his eyes hurt from squinting so hard. “what else can you do?” he asks her, breathlessly. “If I told you I’d have to… well you get the point.” she laughs. They talk until the sun is about to rise, and they fuck more in between his hips forward into her. He wants to hit her bottom so she can feel it. She is tight, he won’t be able to keep this up long. He moves one hand over the back of her ass. Spreading her slightly he slides the tip of his thumb into her ass from behind as he pumps into her pussy over and over. Her pussy grips on to him even tighter. She braces herself with one arm against the bed for leverage then straightens slightly. He leans back onto his heels conversation. She has to get ready for class so she dresses and they say good-bye at the door.  “When can I see you again?” he asks her “you know where I work. ” she says and she reaches down stroking his cock one last time. She begins to feel it harden and she grasps it. “See ya later” she says and she releases him to turn and walk away.

Having a Dirty Mind makes ordinary conversation so much more interesting. Maybe I don’t have a dirty mind, maybe I just have a sexy imagination. At the end of the day. The hardest thing to do is not talk to someone you are used to talking to everyday.



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