Black Magic

Color of Instinct

Time to get back to basics B. Let me know when you are done screwing off, because I need you to make me cum. Kiss me until I sigh, spank me until I sting, finger me until I’m soaked, lick me until I shudder, and fuck me until I scream. Above all, make me call you Sir, then tell me I’m a good girl because that is what really gets me off.

Linc has been out on business and Ava has been studying for mid-terms. There hasn’t been any time for play. But his ventures are over and her test taking is complete. Its time for the lesson to pick up where they left off. “I’m going out to run a few errands. The access code to the gate is 0125. See you soon” he texts her as he pulls out of the drive. She walks up the steps with duffel bag in hand. She heads straight to the bedroom. She pulls out one pair of black lace crotch-less panties. 1 pair of shiny black pasties, a spool of black paracord, a black silicone butt plug with a shimmering faux diamond on the end and a flogger. He walks in the front door and sitting at one of the high bar stools at his counter is Ava. Her hair is pulled back into a bouffant ponytail she wear only the panties and the pasties. He attempts to show no emotion but he is pretty sure he has failed that test. “Good Evening Sir, Can I help you put away your groceries” she asks. “NO Thanks you, I need you to just stand there so I can take in the sight.” as he Walks around the counter he see the paracord, and the flogger. “What no plug tonight” he laughs. Maybe she has gotten enough of the plug in her ass, he thinks to himself. She stands and turns her back to him. Bends forward slightly and there it is. “Ahh I should have known better.” he says. “Do you not like it Sir. I can remove it if you wish.” and she starts to pull it out of her ass right in front of him. “NO NO NO, please leave it, I insist.” She frowns and then turns to make her way back to the stool. Leaving the bags on the counter and still full he walks over to her. He picks up the flogger on the way and says “What is this for?” he asks with worry in his eye. “You are going to hit me with it…after you tie me up with the cordage”  His jaw drops, this woman is a freak of the highest order. His dick is hard instantly!

She walks over the white couch an kneels on the cushions. She sticks her ass in his direction and holds up the Black Diamond plug and says time for some plug play. He walks over and takes it from her. Taps her on the ass then spreads her cheeks and licks her once. The he eases it in carefully.  He rather enjoys watching her hole expand. Its hot and he can feel the heat on his finger tips every time he puts it in and takes it out. In and out he pulls on it until her ass begins to give way easier. He is becoming more efficient at it and it is becoming more pleasurable to her.  Watching what it does to her body, not just her hole but the rest as well. She starts to drip. Her lips glisten and start to swell. He takes his middle and index finger and  pries his was between her two thick lips, creating a pathway to find her clit. There it is, he can feel her pulse starting to quicken with his fingers. With his other hand he grabs the plug by its stem and pulls slightly applying presser to the underside of her hole. He can feel her ass grab it, not wanting to let go. He can feel his cock start to rise. Black is beginning to be his new favorite color!

Black Diamond

Black Diamonds

“Turn around Ava”  he says. “Yes sir, if that makes you happy.” she responds and she turns around quickly. Standing in front of him. He reaches out and touches the simple stickers that cling to her skin. He takes his hand and squeezes her large breast and even through the coverings of her nipples he can see her flesh harden into a small bead. He is going to enjoy ripping those off later. He grabs his cock and says ” Make me hard.” She lowers her self until she is eye to eye with her desire. She takes him in her and starts to stroke him . Rolling her wrist around as she move up and down his cock shaft. Using her thumb and index finger to tease the head of his cock with each pass she makes. ” Do you like this Sir?” she asks. “I’d like it better if you wearing me on your lips right now. Her lips are full and enhances them with  a deep red color. She reaches out with them and kisses the tip of his phallus. Parting her lips slightly as she does. Teases him with the idea of his entrance between them. She sticks her tongue out and licks him on the under side of his cock. The warmth of her tongue sends a shiver down his spine. “Are you teasing me?” he asks her. “Yes Sir I am” she says.  He grabs her by the wrist and pulls her up. Then he reaches down grabbing the paracord and unraveling it.  After he binds her arms around her back in the sections, Her wrists, forearms, and  her elbows, he has her kneel again in front of her. “Now stop teasing me and suck” he tells her as Brushes her beautiful hair off to the side.  She takes him into her mouth, relaxing her throat to take his length and girth all the way down. her lips creating a force of suction up the entire length of his shaft until she nearly releases him at the head. He tongue swirls around before she goes back down to the depths. Her mouth is like none other. She can taste him and she feels the hardness of a man on the edge of eruption. She takes one of his balls in her mouth and sucks lightly, she can feel his skin tighten and pull up. Flicking them as they ascend. She moves back to his cock and starts to pump him with her mouth quickly. His hips instantly begin to move back and forth. His cock is dripping now like a rabid dog. He grabs her by her pony tail and starts to move with force into her mouth. She closes her eyes and lets him fuck her hard, her arms behind her and kneeling at his feel she looks up at him. He can see this woman submit to him and he falls over the cliff. One last hard thrust between her pursed red lips and it is done. An orgasm of the highest order. He nuts deep down her throat. He stops and like a perfectly tuned instrument she starts to pump her mouth onto him so he can enjoy every contraction  his body offers him. Once he is empty, he has her stand and he removes her bindings. She lies on the couch and doesn’t move. The Rules are play are still engaged. She will wait silently until the authority of her pussy summons her.

Linc walks back into the kitchen to put away the groceries before the lettuce wilts. He doesn’t know what to say. He isn’t sure of the rules, for now he plays along. After he has finished he walks back over to her. Kneeling before her as she lies on the sofa. She rolls over to her back and he runs his hands from her neck down the center of her chest between her breasts. Her skin is soft and smooth against his well-worn hands. He runs his hands over her black lace thong panties. There is a split in the string granting him access to her lovely parts. She is still wet with need and now that the rage of his cock has been staved, he can please her the way she needs to be pleased. The lips of her pussy protrude through the opening between the fabric. Dark pink like she has been kissed by a woman wearing the same shade on her lips. But it is him that causes her to rise to that deep red color. He paints the thick lips of her slit with his finger tips and her back arches. He makes her way up the couch to sit afoot. Spreading her legs she easily grants him permission to enter her erogenous zone. He reaches up and gently pulls the thick black stickers off her breast. He likes the natural color of her areolas and how they deepen in color when they tighten under his teeth. She hisses when his lips touch the tender skin of her breast. As he sucks on them he slides two fingers between her thighs. Searching for that magic button. He feels it, its hard like a jelly bean aching to be touched. There it is, he has found it. It is hard under his thumb as his palm rest at the top of her mound. He wants to taste the rest of her. The saltines of her skin calls to him. He licks her from her neck down in one long stroke until he reaches the irresistible flesh between her legs. His lips kiss the lips of her mound like he is kissing the luscious lips she wears her red lips stick on. He isn’t sure which set taste better. He sucks on her clit stopping occasionally to blow cool air onto her skin. Before he sinks his warm tongue between her lips again. Her hips jerks and her mound swells. He reaches up and pulls on one of her nipple letting his snap back into place. She raises her hips up to his face and moves her hips in conjunction with his mouth. “Tell me Ava that you are cumming” he takes a momentary breath. He wants to hear her say it, he wants to hear her tell him that he is pleasing her. She grinds on his face just enough to cause even more friction and she knows what is coming. “I’m going to cum on your face Linc” His lips feel it, a surge of nerves pounding from between her red swollen lips he touches her breast and he can feel the warmth ooze from between them. She tastes like something he has never has before. Her eyes open, he is staring at her from below deck.. and she says “I need you inside me.”

He is ready. He as been tasting her sweetness and inhaling her scent far too long. He cock is raging again. Hard like ice.  He approaches her as she lies on the couch. As he leans in to taste her beady nipple again he enters her with just the head of his cock. Teetering back and forth several time before he fills her with his cock in one swift motion. Her body isn’t used to his size yet, it doesn’t help that they haven’t had sex in so long. She is tight. Between her natural tightness and the black diamond, he has to push his way through the narrow opening. He lets out a moan and he can feel her clamp around the shaft of his cock as his head hits her high up on the inside. Long smooth strokes as he thrust his way up and into her. Slamming his pelvis up against her clit. His long thick cock is stretching her and filling her from the inside is almost enough. She spreads her legs as far as they will go allowing his whole body to vibrate against the center of her bodily universe, exposing her entire pussy to his skin. He grabs her breast by his teeth and pulls. Her back lifts off the couch and she moans a loud inaudible sound. Her nails dig into his skin and her pussy grabs him and doesn’t let go. All he can do is grind up against his nub. She cums with extreme force and he can feel her seeping from between their skin. Finally she releases him and he continues his quest for her satisfaction. His pace is steady and hard he could come so easy. “It’s time Sir.” He stops and lifts off of her. “I don’t understand” he says with a shiny rigid cock in his hand. She takes his hand and moves it towards her ass. “Take it out and replace it with something bigger” she is wanton for him to fill her ass. He reaches down and slides the burning hot plug from her ass and it falls to the floor with a thud. She takes her finger and moistens them heavily before she reaches back and applies the very moisture to her back entrance. He grabs his dick and stick the head up to her steamy hole. She is hot, like a sauna. The minute the head of his cock enters her he hears a sigh. He inches in a little more and he can feel her start to run her fingers up and down her pussy. She touches him balls and they tighten before the ease back down a little. He inches in a little further, he is almost there. He has almost lost himself in her abyss. One last push and he has filled her up with his huge cock. Then she turns her head and say ” Cum in my ass Sir”  She is so tight he doesn’t think he can move but he finds the courage to pull out of her until his head is almost peeking from behind the curtain. They his plunges back in to her ass. Over and over this happens. Beads of his sweat fall on her ass and slide down her crack as he works up ass in and out. Her hips circle around with each pass he makes into her. She takes the four fingers of her hand and pats the lips of her pussy in the midst of her fingers circling her own folds. ” That’s it Sir, make me cum with you cock in my ass” He is going to cum if she keep talking like that. He closes his eyes and trying block her out. But, she keep talking ” I’m cumming  Sir, I’m cumming don’t stop” he reaches down to feel what she experiences. His fingers show the full weight of her force. Silk like fluid squirts from her, she has no control. Once she regains composure, she starts again. Her voice beckoning him to cum in her ass. “I want you to cum in my ass Sir” he smack her hard on the ass and the pushes bother her ass cheeks together as he pumps into her. “Fuck, I’m going to cum”  he says She back up to him and grinds down once more and he shoots up hard into her, he doesn’t know how many time, but his whole body feel a shock and his arms go numb. She slows and comes to a stop. His cock is still hard. She eases off of him and reaches down to pick up the plug from the floor. She hands it to him and tells him to put it back where it belongs. She bends over and he slides it back in to her creating a stopper. If he has anything left in him he would have shot cum once more. She stands and he grabs her breast once more before she exits to the back of the house. When she returns she is wearing yoga pants and a tank top. “So what do you want to do the rest of the day…Movie?” she asks. “I need a nap” he says.”You need to eat and build up some stamina.”  she tells him. “I used to have to go like that for hours” she laughs. He still has a lot to learn. A little more plug play and he might just become a proficient.

700 South sounds like a fun place. I’d like to explore the grounds, while you explore mine. I’m sure it was a missed opportunity I will never get back. But I can dream right…LOL I know, I know BH!






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