Day Drunk

Pretty in Pink

The truth is, I don’t want to be flogged or whipped, nevertheless the notion of being cropped under a gentle hand is intriguing to me. It’s more the idea of surrendering my body to your will that turns me on. I don’t want to be bound to the 4 corners of a post bed. The only thing I want gagging my mouth is your cock. I don’t like the idea of pain as a release, I do like the idea of you taking me to a heightened state of awareness and maximizing my pleasure. That is the release I am looking to experience. I do however, want to be taken by you, hard and fast. I want you to make me hurt with your force. I want you to bruise my mound. I want you to make my lips chafe. I want to feel the sting of your hand as it connects with my back side. I want you to force me down when you bend me over and bind me with your verbal rope and cable ties. I want to wear the princess and allow you to feel its weight as you enter me. I want to taste my silken like juices on you before you ask me to swallow your load. I want you to lick me from my ankles to my ear lobes. I want you to taste the orgasm you cause, I want to suck it off your bottom lip and taste it off your tongue. I want a lot of things, imagination is its own form of courage I suppose.

She closes her eyes as she lays in the middle of the bed. She can hear the shower running from the other room. The steam from the hot water is escaping from underneath the door. She makes an attempt to ready herself for him. But in truth she likes the way he readies her. She can feel that too familiar current that ripples through her sensitive flesh the moment she dares to think about the way he feels. She starts to feel the wetness between her thighs and the blood begin to bead up. She is aware of the shirt she wears. Each time she moves its worn cotton grazes her breast and her nipples peak. She decides to just take it off, she has no issues sleeping in just panties. She wonders if he will have any interest in crawling between the sheets with her this evening or if he will just retreat to the study allowing her to rest peacefully. She hopes he chooses the sheets. The steam has stopped and she can hear the faint sounds of him drying his skin. He opens the door and illuminates the room with the lights from with-in. Her pussy twitches and swells even further at the sight of him. Her mind is begging him to touch her, she wonders if he hears her mind talking to his.

There she is, laying in bed. The light from the bathroom looks lovely on her bare skin as she lays in the dark. The way she lies on her front with one leg pulled up to her waist makes her round ass even rounder. I can see that her large breasts are smothered between her body and the cool sheets begging to escape. It’d be better if she were completely naked, then he could see the glistening of her lips. With a towel wrapped around his waist he wanders over to the bed. Running one finger up her body and tracing a single line from the bottom of her foot to the hair-line of her neck. She opens her eyes and she can see he wants her. “Take me, tonight this is yours” she tells him. She rolls on to her back and spreads her legs to him. His towel falls to the floor. Lifting her rear off the bed she removes her silken lace garment, the only thing protecting her from him. She drops it atop the wet towel. She likes lying between him and the sheets, and he knows it.

He moves to the foot of the bed and crawls up between her legs. She smells sweet. Spreading her lips with his fingers, his mouth cups her slit as he sucks on her swollen clit. Reaching down he places both his hands under her ass cheeks and spreads her from beneath. She reaches down and as he jets in and out of her opening with his tongue she circles herself. He stops and watches her, encouraging her to cause her own release for him to taste. She pats herself lightly and begins to enters her own flesh with her fingers as he continues to knead her ass. With her other hand she glides effortlessly back and forth between her breasts. Twisting and pulling each nipple. Circular motions with her palms over her peaked flesh. Rock hard nipples that have turned from soft and a light shade of buff pink to smaller course areolas with a darker shade of ashen rose. He enters her folds with two fingers as she rubs and pats her clit in a pattern all her own. Finally she pulls up on her hood and he can see the pulse in the dimly lit room. When he pulls his fingers from her she seeps onto the sheets. He tastes her, then sits up and reaches forward glazing her lips with her own moisture.

She starts to sit up when he begins to creep up her body. Taking her by the wrists he pins her down. She dutifully stills and allows his will to be done on her. Resting on her chest the tip of his cock sits atop her lips. Instinctively she reaches out with her tongue. Her full lips close in around the head of his phallus as her tongue stimulates him from opening to crest. The suction her lips create just on the head of his penis causes the rest of him to harden instantly. Pushing forward into her mouth, she relaxes and lets him take over control. Ushering his way in and out as he pleases. Long slow deep strokes until he can feel himself hit the back of her soft throat. She likes the way he moves in and out of her mouth. Pumping into her as she siphons him. Still holding her hands atop her head he uses her arms as leverage when he begins to stroke in and out of her with more purpose. He can hear her moans and each time he pushes further into her he can feel her body jerk and her throat bounce him back out of her again, only to repeat the process.

He pulls out of her and descends down her body until his long staff is knocking at the door of her entrance. She reaches down instinctively and spreads herself with her fingers. Giving him all the access he needs. Grabbing her under her knees he flips her on her side. With one leg atop his shoulder and the other curled up to her breast she is wide open and at his disposal. She reaches into the bedside table and pulls out a thick pink glass plug. It’s cold to touch. She hands it to him after she licks it from base to tip all the way around. Taking it from her he leans back and watches intently as he slides it into her. He can feel the coolness of the plug and the heat of her body on his finger tips all at once. His dick twerks and is suddenly like a stone obelisk. She turns the upper part of her body flat leaving her hips turned slightly to the west. Her pussy is now the same dark shade of red as roses on the mantel. She is swollen with want and desire to have him between her thick lips. He spanks her ass hard, leaving one quick print on her where her ass meets the back of her thigh. Then guiding his head between her fleshy fold he easily finds her opening, tightened by the plug that pushes forward. He is a cave dweller by nature and likes to be inside her hot wet lair. He bounces the head of his cock off her clit and rubbing her up and down with the underside of his cock causes her hips to jerk. Repeating the same method once more she cums, leaving her pussy wet to the naked eye and glistening in the dark. Quickly he sinks himself into her so that he can feel the aftershocks of her quickening. Momentarily forgetting the plug, now warmed by her body, he pushes past it. She is tight and closing in quickly. Pounding into her, her breast rock and sway like the oceans. He reaches forward and places his hand between them on her chest. She grabs a breast in one hand and reaches down with the other. She can feel the sweat on his palm. With each pass into her his hand slides forward between her breasts. His pelvis driving into her, reaching down she takes her middle finger and circles her self quickly patting her self harder and quicker, now her pussy starts to rise again to the occasion. She is almost there. Her hips jerk twice and he can feel the vice as it clamps down around him. The plug stretching her, he reaches up to one of her breasts and grabs it tight as it rocks to and fro, leaving finger prints on her white tender skin. She cant hold back any further, with both her holes filled and her breasts controlled by her Master, she cums. As she continues to alternate the rubbing and patting of her own flesh with 4 fingers she wets him. Her cum flushes forward between the walls of her pussy and his cock. “Let me taste it on you” she says and he pulls out of her. She turns around and puts her feet flat up to the wall and her mouth up to his cock. She cleans him from base to tip and as his hips fall back, her legs spread. He reaches forward to tease her pussy again with his fingers and she take his cock into her mouth. Pumping in to her harder with each stroke and fucking her pussy with his hand, she let’s go of all her senses. He smacks her hard over and over on her slick flesh and he can see her droplets splatter on the wall. Ramming into her mouth she uses her hands to grab him by the base. Her finger tips glide across his sack. One last thrust and he hits her, deep, down in her throat. His body stills and his eyes roll. She can feel the first shot and slowly she moves up and down his length until he has released it all to her. His body is numb and her legs shake. He pulls out of her, still hard. His tip passes back through her lips. He stands momentarily and she sees a small droplet bubble forth. He starts to removed it and she stops him “Let me Sir” ever so softly she touches the bubble and nothing more with the tip of her tongue. Taking the droplet she wets her lips with it. She rolls away and moves her head back up to the pillow.

Lying on her front with one leg up to her waist. Her round ass looks even rounder this way. The only difference is she is not wearing panties he can see her warm thick folds pushing and peeking its way past her ass. He reaches up once more and spreads her to see. The clear pink glass plug still in, now hot to touch. He removes it and drops it on to the floor. Her ass gaping open for him. She reaches around and says ” Wont you take my ass tonight and make it yours too” He crawls up beside her, his cock harder than ever and he slides into her ass, fucking her repeatedly. She raises up and she rides his cock in reverse until they both cum again. Passing out until the alarm sounds. That was one hell of a good nights sleep.










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