Ask For It

For The Ladies

I was inspired, unbeknownst to her, by a story I heard about a close friend. One who craves the particular kind of attention that I have become so used to writing. So this is for her and all the other women out there who are too shy or scared to speak up. Those who think they have to live in the confines of what they think a woman should be in the bed room. Well I got news for you ladies, even the most educated chivalrous of men want something more. They want a woman with Clever Charm from 8-5, a woman with a Motherly Touch from 5-10, and a Dirty Little Freak from 10-Midnight. So after you put those babies to bed, suck his cock and swallow every once in a while. After dinner, show him the plug you had hiding in your backdoor as you cooked his meal. Better yet, let him know in secret that it is there while you are cooking dinner. Let him think about it while he eats. Let him stick his cock in your ass from time to time. Ask him to dominate you and submit to him. Break away from the herd, become and outlier. You can thank me for it after he crops your ass until it’s red.

She is the cast in which perfect women are created, the epitome of the perfect employee. She is the woman every man is proud to put on display, but more than anything she wants what he doesn’t give her, the cane. Maybe he doesn’t know you want it like that, have you told him? Maybe he wants to welt you as much as you want to be welted. I bet after he fills your pussy with his cock if you asked him to light your ass up with his hand, he would. He will start out nice and easy thinking you are just playing. But if you keep encouraging him he will do it harder. He likes it, give him the release he needs. All men are dominant deep down. It’s in their nature. Call out to him, beg him to fuck your pussy as hard as he can. He will do it…until his thighs burn. His hand will be on fire but he will spank your little tight ass until he bruises. Feel him as he drives into you. You know what he feels like before he is ready to cum. Tell him you want him to cum in your mouth. Let him grab you by the head and stuff his dick into your mouth until he explodes. Let him gag you with it, and enjoy it as he does. It won’t be long until he has you tied up to the bed posts letting the beaded strands of the flogger snap the skin of your delicate mound. He likes how red and swollen it gets. When he sinks himself inside your swollen mound, he looses himself in its delight. He won’t hurt you, he couldn’t bear it. If he is scared, teach him slowly.

After everything is settled for the night, go into your dressing closet and find the sexiest thing you own. Doesn’t really matter anyway, he won’t be looking at what you’re wearing. Make yourself feel pretty, put on some mascara, let your hair down from that ratty pony-tail, you will feel better about yourself if you do. If you feel sexy, you will be sexy. Walk into the living room and turn the dial down real low on the lights. Turn the TV off and take him by the hand, lead him to the Play Room. Lay him back and help him get out of those pesky pants he is wearing. Climb up his body, licking his cock with your tongue on the way up. I promise you he will already be hard. Wet yourself with your own fingers and sit atop his rigid phallus. Let him feel your sweat without entering you. Let the pulsation in his cock radiate all over his body. Dance on his lap, let him rest with his hands on your ass as you slide your lips along his cock. Then lean in close taking his bottom lip between your teeth, ask him to smack your ass. Then ask him to do it harder. Hiss in his ear every time his worn palm stings your soft skin. Your pussy will seep if you embrace it. Ask him to run his fingers along your rear-entrance. Don’t wince, he won’t do it if you wince. Throw your head back and enjoy it. Your pussy will quake if you just embrace it. Whisper in his ear how you want to ride his cock in reverse while he spanks your ass until it turns hot pink. Tell him that you want to hear him say when he is going to cum because you want to swallow his thick creamy load.  Then turn around and make good on your word. Start by backing your ass up and hover over his face a little. Let him tickle you with his tongue if he chooses. He will like that you are secure enough to sit on his face. Lean forward and let him spread you with his hands while your take his cock into your mouth. Then continue down until you reach the throne you are about to take. Hold his cock straight up and lower your slick self down onto him. Let him watch your ass bounce up and down on his pelvis. Let him watch the cheeks of your ass clap for his viewing pleasure. Then reach up and take off that cami you have on. Don’t be shy, he wants to see every part of your beautiful body, stretch marks and all. You have a little extra cushion? He doesn’t care, all he sees is this bold woman who likes herself, who isn’t ashamed of who she is. A confident woman who knows what she wants. Reach up pinch and roll your own nipples, let him see you do it. Run your hands down your body and circle your own clit while your ass bounces up and down on him. He will see every thing you are doing. Then… Beg him to Smack your ass again, tell him to reach up and pull your hair. It won’t be long before he is at his peak. Then dismount and squat with your legs apart at the foot of the bed. His cock will be leaking like a hot volcano on the edge of eruption. Make no move to use your hands, just let his cock court your mouth. Let him grab you by the ears, running his hands into your hair and let him pull you on to him. Finger your own pussy while he does it. Let him know you like the way he fucks your mouth. Let him gag you, let him choke you, don’t worry about the saliva that runs from your lips. Let your spit fall to the ground, he wants to see your face shiny and wet with his juice. He likes it messy on occasion. Cum a little yourself while you’re at it. Make a little noise, let him know you like making him feel good. Then beg him to let you swallow what he has to give you. What he has pent-up inside from a hard day at work. Beg him to cum in your mouth then swallow it all, don’t make a mess. Make him think his cum is like gold in your mouth and you need every last drop to survive. Then believe it. Sucking a mans cock and letting him rule over your little round lips can be quiet erotic if you open yourself up to it. He will be looking you right in the eye so when you are all done and you release his cock from your lips, reach up and taste your own cum that sticks to your fingers. Let him know that sucking his cock off, made you cum and that you like the way you both taste as it swirls around in your mouth. He will be like M & M’s in the palm of your hand.

Then walk over to the nightstand table and remove that princess plug you purchased on Amazon in secret. Ask him to stick it in your tight little hole. Put it in his hand and let him feel it for the first time. Walk over to the closet and take the long slender cane from behind the door. Reach up and open that hat box, pull out the rope you have been hiding for months, and set it on the bed. Climb up and ask him to make you cum again. I promise, this time he won’t fall fast asleep. He will tie your little virgin submissive ass up to the bed, He will work that plug, in and out of your tight ass until you loosen up. You will feel good while he does it too. He wants to watch your pussy swell with excitement. He gets hard all over again as he watches your hot ass open and close at his will. Relax and it will gap open for him. Magic shit happens when he watches that for the first time. After he plugs your little ass good he will pick up the cane and leave streaks on your ass that match the red crayons still sitting on the kitchen counter. Then after he has brought you to the edge of your threshold he will fuck you and you will cum like you have never cum before. Let him do it, let him take you. Find your womanhood in his dominion over your body. Trust, that is all he wants. Trust, to know you will not judge him for this pleasure. In return he will make you cum like no one else. The first time he lays his hand on your bare ass your pussy will pulse harder than it has before, sending a shock straight to his dick. Go, Do It! Lose yourself in his pleasure and in return he will dominate you the way you have always wanted.

There…the door is open, be brave! Sometimes it takes a little dominance to be submissive.



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