Almost Lovers

Scene 28 : Exiled to Pandataria

Sometimes I think of the sun and the moon as lovers, who rarely meet, always chase, and almost always miss one another. But, once in a while they do catch up and stand face to face, and the world stares in awe at their eclipse. Why is it that we want people we can’t have? The next time you think of me like that, say my name when you cum. It’ll get you off even harder. But don’t tell me anymore, I don’t want to know. I lied.. yes I do!!

Are you really reading me right now? Why? You have sworn me off, yet again. Go back to reading your Literotica. If you do that maybe you wont think of me. That is why you are here after all, because you are thinking of me. Is it hard not to think of me? How much effort do you have to put into that task? I know you still want it. Because I do too. Even though I talk to you everyday about ordinary things, behind those words I want to say dirty things to you. I want you to say dirty things to me in return. Give me some kind of hint about how hard I make you. A clue as to how bad you want to ….. and make it plain. Late at night as you lay in a hotel bed, trying to sleep but can’t. Driving down the local freeway headed to your next stop. Standing in the middle of a cold room filled with people and machines, hiding behind the lead with a dick hard enough to cut diamond. Know that I am also here sitting in a car, at a desk, in a bed wet for you. Dripping at the thought of you inside me. Any part of you, your fingers, your tongue, your cock. Playing with the object of your sexual desire. You never even got to play with it. Feel it inside of me, put it inside of me. Don’t you want to play with it? I think I shall pack it far away into a closet. There is no use in keeping it out anymore if there is no one to share it with.

I guess it might be time to start a new story line. One based loosely on characters similar to Frank and Carly. But it wont be the same. Lust and desire will always be there. I need some names. When ever I think of writing I can only think of Frank fucking Carly. Laying his hands on her ass then shoving his cock inside her until she cums. I think of how much Carly likes to suck his dick. She wants to suck his dick hard until he cums in her mouth so she can swallow his load. I think of him with his hands in her hair as her face is in his lap, moving slowly up and down. Her ass is in the air and his hand striking her backside, she gets wet instantly. The way he tastes of her breast. The way his fingers feel as they slide deep inside her. I need to think of two new characters. A comical pirate and his wench stuck in ship wreck cove. They can fuck when ever and how ever they want, there is no one else around. Or maybe a Dirty politician and his Campaign manager, I know an Entrepreneur and his loyal assistant. Maybe I should lose the crops and floggers. Maybe I should go straight up vanilla. Is that your taste? I am sorry I cannot be vanilla. It just isn’t my style. I like it rough, hard, fast and deep sometimes. I wanna have the kind of sex where windows are broken and holes are put in walls. I want to feel your hard cock as you stretch out my pussy when you enter me. I want you to feel me squeezing you as I cum. I want you to taste my pussy when I cum. I want to cum all over your face. I want to see it on you then I want to taste it on your skin. I want you to finger me until I cum then I want to lick your fingers before you put your cock inside me. Are you hard now, if you weren’t already? You want it too. I know you do, I just want to hear you say it from time to time. Stop using words like ‘Erection’ I want to hear you say ‘My cock is aching for your mouth right now.’ Be nasty it will make you feel better. I don’t judge you for that naughty part of your mind. I like when epic shit slips out of your mouth and falls in my direction. My mouth waters when you tell me that you are hard for me. Makes me want to lick your dick even more.

Stop reading me if you dare. I am almost tempted to stop writing. I did this for your benefit anyway. I gave you an outlet, something in writing so that you didn’t have to feel bad about talking to me, thinking about me. But then I found out how much I liked it. I turn myself on writing this smut. Day dreaming about fucking you all day. I go home at night and I cum so hard you wouldn’t believe it. I make my own hands glisten. I taste myself on my fingers. I taste good on me too. I’m sweet and salty all at the same time. I am like the best desert you have never had. I picture you fucking me so hard that I cannot walk the next day. Sometimes as I stand alone in my shower my nipples ache and I think of you sucking on them until I orgasm. I can feel the lips of my pussy heat up and swell when your name crosses my lips. I want to leave claw marks on your back because you have made me cum so hard I have no choice. I want you to pull my head back by my hair while I ride you back and forth like a wave. Thrust up into me, I want to bounce up and down on  your staff. Yes that is it I want you to shoot cum in the air and high as you can , like a rocket hurling itself into the atmosphere.

Have you cum yet?  Are you stroking yourself? It’s 8:30, What are you doing? Reach out… it’s 8:30 where I am at too and like you… I have been marooned, dry docked, and feeling wanton.



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