Rabbit Hole: Population 2


Tell me.. Do the tumbler girls turn you on? I find myself in conflict. See… I look nothing like them. They are thin and fit. They have tiny little perky boobs, some have large fake perky boobs. I don’t have any of those qualifications. But in my experience this is what you seek visually? My large natural breasts are certainly not perky and I am definitely not even Fit-ish. So what is it? Maybe I’ just a willing mouth. Maybe it’s my dirty mouth or my even dirtier mind. Admittedly you can read literotica if you choose. Maybe it’s the dirty apricots, although you can see those anywhere too. I have nothing particularly special to view..Puss is puss. So tell me something. Stoke my mind the way my tongue strokes your cock… tell me something.


She sits atop him in the Queening Position moving her hips forward and back. Allowing his nose and tongue to brush past her clit, through the passage of her lips with pleasurable ease. His arms are wrapped around her thighs, his hands rest on the cheeks of her ass; spreading her at the seam. The hard stuff is great but the slow ease of bringing each other to the edge is well…a whole other level of fantastic. She looks down to see his cock is only semi hard. She feels an unruly urge to alleviate him of that problem. She leans forward and takes him in. She likes having to work for his pleasure; it’s a turn on in many ways. To her admission; knowing he has a Diamond hard cock for her is a turn on too. I guess it just depends on the day. With each stroke of his tongue she swells and with her soft suction to his glans he starts to grow. He begins to enter her with his middle finger. He feels a light pulsating sensation on his lips as she gives him the first of today’s orgasms.


He turns her over and as she lays staring up at him looking down upon her as he sits between her thighs she smiles and lifts her knees to her chest. He holds up a funny little tool that looks like a jelly plug and a pair or anal beads mated and had a baby. “Time to put on a show” he says as he pours oil on to her tight swollen mound. Allowing it to run past her soft lips to her great abyss. He starts by entering her with the tip of the jelly plug. Each ball atop the next ascending in size from a marble to a golf ball. A perfectly formed row of pearls. One…two…five beads in all. By the time her reaches the 3rd ball his other hand has moved up to her raging clit. He encases her bean between his two fingers softly squeezing as he runs his track up and down the length of her slit. She reaches back to laterally spread her cheeks apart for him too gaze. She releases and one bead is gifted back to him, then another, He slowly pushes the back into her until all disappear…”Do it again” he pleads. She relaxes and in what seems like slow motion she pushes 1…2…3…4 of the beads out of her purse. One last time he pushes them back in to her and she lets her legs relax, allowing the beads to rest easy inside of her. He is dripping already and they have just begun. She sees it plain as day “Let me taste you” she says.


He stands at the foot of the bed. She turns and allows her head to hang slightly from the edge. He is beautiful as she stares up at his inked body, cock in hand waiting to take her mouth and make it his. She closes her eyes and parts her lips slightly. His tip begins to push between her lips; she takes him in half way down his shaft. He pulls back and the head of his cock begins to thicken as he reaches the crest of her lips. She sucks and applies slight pressure, he moves forward again slowly. He expects to feel his head bounce off the back of her soft spongy throat but it doesn’t. He slides balls deep down her passage. He looks down and sees her relaxed lips and throat straining to accommodate his thick long shaft. She starts to gasps and he begins to pull out. She lifts her hands to the back of his thighs and encourages him to move forward again. He puts his hands on her breasts, his finger tips cling to her rib cage and he slides forward nice and slow. She relaxes and he begins to move faster. She feels him lengthen and thicken once more. His body slows and she feels his warmth slide down the center of her chest as his cock pulsates frantically between her lips. He pulls his shiny cock out of her golden mouth and lies beside her composing himself and calculating his next move.


She rolls over onto her side. He sees peeking through her shadows a small glimmer of color that hits the light just right. He isn’t sure how it got there but he loves that she made it happen so seamlessly. Minutes pass and he begins to harden for her all over again. He grabs her by the wrist and pulls her to the garden tub. He fills his half way up with warm clear water before he bends her over the edge and removes the jewel from her orifice. He asks for her trust and control and she gives it to him without hesitation. Grabbing the oil he uses his feet to spread her legs. She only uses her arms to brace herself with the ledge. The he grabs her by the nape of her neck and lowers her down. Her body rests on the ledge with her legs spread wide…her ass in the air. “Training Time” he says gleefully.


She feels the warm oil slide down her sensitive crack, past her hole. It drips off the lips of her shiny pussy and falls to the tile below. Slowly he rims the entrance to her ass with his thumb. He moves slow and begins to bury it in, up to his first knuckle. Once he feels her relax he removes it only to slide it back in all the way down to the base. She can feel his hand resting on her ass as he moves his thumb in and out of her. Somehow it’s relaxing to her. He removes it and replaces it with not one but two of his fingers. He uses his other hand to enter her pussy from below. He finger fucks her soft and deep as he stretches her ass. Her pussy vibrates once more and when he removes his fingers from her beautiful pussy he sees the cream she has left for him. She looks back expecting him to have her clean his fingers but to her surprise he lifts this fingers up to his own lips. She thinks she just came again. He plays in the back yard of her body pulling his fingers in and out checking the progress of stretching her hole frequently. Once he is satisfied with the results he pulls out and he can begin to see the start of a gaping hole forming. She reaches down and circles her own clit and as her pussy begins to pulsate; the hole slowly closes. “I didn’t give you permission to do that” he says. Then he stands up and climbs his tall frame in to the warm water, she follows under his instruction.


She begins to lower her self on to his raging cock. Just as the head of his cock starts to crest her pussy, teasing her senses. He stops her. “I’ll fuck your cunt before the days end but right now I want to cum deep in your ass. Only her eyes move up to meet his. Once again trust is all he sees. She inches forward and closes her eyes. She slowly squats over him lowering her soft darkness on to him. His head falls back as hers falls forward. She makes a sound of pleasurable release and as she rocks back and forth he starts to thumb her clit. She lifts her hands to her greasy breast. He watches the water bead off them and slide down. Her palms run over her stimulated nipples. “No hands” he says and she quickly puts her hands behind her back locking them together at the wrists. He starts at her neck and runs both he hands down to her tits, rolling his palms over her thick erect areolas. The torture is sweet and as the rocking of her hips stops, her ass starts to bounce; quick short strokes off him. She grinds her clit on to his abdomen below, pounding out set of her own orgasms. Their foreheads meet and she slams down onto his cock. Sheathing it fully every time she bounces up and down onto him his balls bounce up from her force. Over and over she fucks him this way, freeing her self from any inhibition she had. His hands grab tightly onto her thighs and she knows he is close. Her pace slows to a gentle bounce, the sway she adds sends him reeling and he hurls cum high into her universe. With his face buried in her chest he empties himself into her. She rises slowly and bends over the edge of the tub. He rises to his knees and she shows him what he desires: her ass gaping wide open, largely due to the girth of his cock. A gift only for him to see and just as one thick wad of cum begins to creep out of her charm hole he crowns the princess with the jeweled plug. He sits back in the warm water. She won’t leave until they are both clean from their adventure.


Hours later he awakens to find his lover’s thick body resting next to him. She is awakened to find his hand creeping up the sensitive part of her hips. They jerk with an electric like shock. He presses up against her and she feels his hard cock on her back. “There is nothing like morning wood in the middle of the afternoon B” she whispers. She gave him everything he wanted this morning, now it is his turn to give his pet, his toy, his loyal endeavor the pleasure she deserves. He stands and pulls her by the ankles to the edge of the best. Her ass hangs off just slightly. Hiding at the frame are two pieces of long black ribbon. He ties her ankles off securing them to the rails below. He lowers himself to his knees and spreads her soft lips gently apart. He inspects each fold, each crease, and each valley. Her pussy is pretty. One of the prettier ones he has been privileged to see. He leans in to inhale her essence. Her scent is a mixture of coconut and blackberry vanilla. No doubt a scrub concoction she whipped up in the kitchen. He runs his hands up her smooth legs from ankles to thighs. Her body shivers at his touch and he tastes her with just the tip of his tongue. She breaths deep, her breathing causes him to fall full-faced into her warm wet cavern.


He sucks her and prods her with his tongue. He does her the same service of not using any hands. She reaches down to spread her lips apart slightly for him. His entire mouth encompasses her clit and he sucks soft and slow using his tongue to circle her sweet folds. His mouth makes sucking noises that tickle her ears and turn her brain on. He softly slides two fingers into her as he sucks. She softly strums her nipples with her thumbs and asks his permission to cum. He raises he head only long enough to say “of course my dear” then he returns to his pursuit. Soon he feels and explosion of nerve endings on his lips and tongue. When she releases his fingers they are covered in her sweet juice. Once again he tastes what she leaves on his fingers. Her clit ticks once more and she feels a warm rush falls from her lips to the floor below. Her ass hangs off the bed still and he sees an opportunity. He reaches into her black back of goodies. He retrieves a small silicone plug. Its black and the end is a clear diamond. The diamond doubles as a button and as he slides it into her back door he presses the button. A soft vibration begins to tickle her insides. He releases her from her satin bindings and licks her from navel to nipple. He can feel her vibrating from her core as he lies atop her. He licks flicks and sucks each nipple to a state of over stimulation. “Please Sir” she begs. “Please Sir what?” he asks. Then her lips part and she quietly speaks him name “______ please take me.


The idea of his actual name on her lips sends a lightning bolt straight to the tip of his spear. He releases sticky clear sap onto her stomach. He always liked his name, but he likes it even better coming off her lips like that. He can’t wait any longer. He isn’t sure who tortures who. But he has to have her. Her absolute desire for him showers his senses. He finds himself between her thighs. He looks up to find her drawing his sap up with the tip of her index finger, only to lift it to her lips for a taste. “You are going to make me cum if you keep that kind of behavior up” he says. She smiles as she feels the head of his cock run up and down her wet fissure. “I can’t help myself, you just taste so good” she whispers. He falls into her, swift and deep. He feels her shallow cupola and he has to close his eyes or else he will cum. Her pussy is tight and the suction it creates around his phallus would be unimaginable to average human comprehension. But then again, nothing about him is average and neither is she.


He pulls back and hears a wet pop as he backs out of her. “Wait wait, don’t stop” she gasps. “Shhh” he hushes her and pops her side boob with his hand. He pulls her nipple gently and let’s go. He likes to watch it bounce back into place. Then he crawls up her body and mounts her torso. His cock rest between her tits and he smashes them together in an attempt to suffocate his own dick with them, the perfect threesome. Her soft natural pillowy breasts incase him and he runs his cock between them. She looks down with mouth open and tongue out begging to have a taste. She grasps his shaft as he falls forward for more leverage. Just before he reaches his breaking point she lets him go “I don’t know who is really in control, me or you.” He says breathlessly. “Take a break” she says as she hands him Roger. He takes it and sits between her legs with his cock at high noon. He feels the resistance of her tightness as he pushes the pink toy into her. The rabbit-like ears smash up against her swollen nub. He sees her deep red color, swollen and begging for him. She touches his hand taking the toy from him. He finds himself on his knees and he spreads her legs wide. His cock can smell out her pussys opening and needs no help guiding its own way to her slits tight opening. She holds the head of the vibrator up to her clit waiting for his entry. She looks him in the eye and lays Roger next to them on the bed, never turning it off. He impales her, almost forgetting about the vibrating diamond plug. “Make me cum?” she asks. “You don’t even have to ask” he gladly responds. Hard and fast he comes into her over and over. She starts to scream out in pleasure, he never stops. They start to sweat, his thighs start to burn and his balls begin to rise. “Cum once more for me” he says knowing he is close to his own emission. He softly bounces his cock deep into her letting her revel in his length and girth. Like a good girl she latches on to him and flutters once more at his requests. He pushes up holding it together long enough for her to vibrate one finale time, a gush of fluid slides out of her from between their skin. He cums hard and high into her. His skin prickles; a full body orgasm takes him over. He stills recovering from the force of his release allowing his body a minute to recover. When he pulls out of her still quaking cave their mixture flows to the sheets below.


I will be waiting intently….I’m still waiting.