Tell Her

B…is for Beautiful.

When eating pussy, don’t be a pussy. Take it to the extreme. Let her ride your face; stick your tongue in her hole. Lick every ounce of wetness she seeps for you. Taste it like it will be the last time you ever will. Nibble, kiss, slurp, and suck and finally when you come up
for breath, let her see the wonderful glistening of your face. Then she will know that you gave it every effort. Because, after all she isn’t a dick, when she sucks your dick. She takes it to the extreme; she takes you to another level of pleasure. She lets you fuck her face
as hard or soft as you like. She licks around your head and make you wet. She gives you her gag reflex. She lets the tip of your hard cock bounce off the back of her throat; she jerks you off and sucks on your balls. She makes you feel like you are the best loli she has ever had.
She lick, kisses, slurps and swallows when you bust a nut in her mouth, She sucks your cock even when she gets nothing in return. You see her face at it ugliest. Full of cock, cheeks red, eyes streaming tears all for your pleasure. So when it’s your turn, take more than 30
seconds to taste her. She fancies the way your tongue dances on her sweet tangy lips. Tell her that her pussy makes your cock drip and all you want is to lose your cock inside her. Makes her cum.

He stands in complete nakedness as he takes the last of his Kraken in Coke. Carly takes a mental picture of him; he is beautiful to look at in all his majesty. She leans back on the bed with her legs spread and he can see a slight glimpse of the moisture pooling between her legs.
She sucks the last of the distilled juniper berries and juice off the ice in her glass. They both needed a drink to calm their nerves. Now that the tonic has had a chance to take effect they are ready to fuck. She slides down and rests her head on the pillow. He loves eating pussy and he is going to finally get his chance to do it the right way. He reaches out and feels her warmth with the tips of his cool
fingers. It sends a chill down his spine and warmth up his already raging boner. As his face meets his destiny he inhales and a large sticky drop hits the sheets below. He wraps his arms around her hips and pulls her forward then buries his face between her folds. Her body
relaxes and in no time she knows she on the verge of giving him an appetizer to taste. He jets his tongue in and out of her dripping hole as he uses his thumb to circle her clit and a long middle finger to reach high up into her. She is tight but wet and he can’t wait to sink himself into her. He pulls back and takes a gander at the beauty before him and her pussy is a beauty. Using his hand he pops her a few times to make the blood rise even more to the surface then he sucks quickly on her clit causing a sucking slurping noise simultaneously.
Her legs fall to each side and her release is eminent. A small pool of moisture flows from her tight hole and he laps it up because after all a good Sir goes out of his way to make sure his favorite toy is
pleased beyond measure in the bedroom.

She sits up on the edge of the bed as he stands before her. His cock is eye level. He took one look at her and he knew she was a good girl who knew exactly when to be bad. So as he stands stroking his cock before her she moves forwards and paints her lips with the tip of his seeping member. She licks her lips, he gives her a devilish look and she simply says. “I’m sorry but I need to taste you.” He wraps his hands around her head, gathering her hair between his fist and the moment his staff enters her mouth and she takes him down to the base she feels the tips of his fingers dig in to her skull. She reaches down and spreads her legs; she slips a finger into her own pussy as he has his way with her mouth. He wants to reach further down her slender
upstairs canal. So he stands her up and spins her around. Bends her over and lends a good hard smack to her lovely round ass. He sees something new. It’s pretty and pink and his has his name written all over it. “Your ass makes my cock drip pretty girl” Then he removes her plug, nice and slow watching it pull its way backwards out of the dark
hole in which it’s buried. He spreads her cheeks apart and watches the door slowly close before him. Then he walks over to the Dresser and grabs the newest tool in his arsenal. It’s a plug. It has a bullet shaped head and a curved neck. The end is not a fancy little jewel but a
small oval shaped handle that fits his finger to a tee. Like it was welded just for him he slides his index finger in the groove. He drips copious amounts of oil along the top of her crest and allows it to
come to body temperature as it runs down the crack of her ass making
its way to her sweet starfish. He takes a thumb and rims her making sure she is good and wet. Then he slowly stretches her, sliding the weighty new stainless steal into her cavity. He doesn’t stop until the backs of his knuckles touch the thick meaty center of her ass cheeks.
He pushes and pulls in delight. For those who are unaccomplished in the arts, they would think he is beating her. But in reality he is bringing her to the edge of a cliff. Once he is satisfied that her ass has been good and hammered he runs the head of his cock up and down her crease teasing her hot dark hole. She reaches back and guides him in. Giving
him the permission he wants. Like he needs it, she told him there would be no “NO’s” in this space. Once he finds his way in she is almost positive she hears him let out a growl low enough that only
dogs could hear. He drives into her ass slow and deep, pulling back each time far enough to see his frenulum crest her hole before he pushes back in. She circles her raging clit and he reaches up to take one of her delicious tits in hand, he pinches her harden areola and lets his fingers pull from the base of the color to the tip of her nipple. She screams out as her pussy vibrates. He feels her tighten ass-hole clutch around his cock. He pushes as high as he can up into her, simultaneous release. “FUCK!” he groans as he cums harder than ever before. He exits her ass with a pop, stands there for a moment spreading her, and a thick wad of his seed exits as her ass stays high in the air. He slides her princess back into its rightful place. A perfect crown jewel for the woman who had made his kinks come to life.

“Don’t move, please B” He says as he makes his way to the shower. She can hear the water on the porcelain, and she knows the fucking is no where near done for the day. When he exits with a towel around his waist, he smacks her ass and allows her to go clean up. She does so
and makes her way back to him. He sits on the bed checking emails, the phone never stops but this is his down time and he knows she needs this as much as he does. So he hits the silence and as he finishes off a large bottle of water as they chat on the topical and she pours them one last drink.

They lay at the opposites ends of the bed as they recharge and finish their drinks of choice. “Take off everything except your black ruffed panties please my dear” he asks of her, but she really knows this isn’t a request. She does as she asked and climbs back on to the bed
she wraps a clean cool sheet around her silhouette as she bends her legs and spreads them slightly so that he can take a look at her pussy. He has an all too familiar vibrator in his hand. Very life like and has many speeds. He wets her pussy with his fingers. Once she is wet to his liking her slides the life like dildo into her pussy. The aroma that wafts in his direction makes his cock begins to rise and sweat. He fucks her hard and fast with the hand held cock, taking her
to the precipice but never allowing her to fall over, edging at its finest. He pulls her up and sits back. She sucks his cock with her ass facing him. She is able
to take him in deeper this way and he thoroughly enjoys every minute his cock is in her mouth along with the view. She massages his balls and licking them and sucking them softly. Letting them leave her mouth with a small pop as she strokes his shaft and thumbs his tip in
circles. Then she mounts him, backwards. Bending forward she guides
his cock in to her slick pussy, helping him to push through her tight folds. His hands are on her heart-shaped ass and they never move. She moves up and down just taking his head in, but that isn’t what he desires. He pulls her back and wraps his arms around her taking both her tits in his hands. She can’t help but to take him all the way down to the base. They both groan as she rocks back and forth and he pushes upwards into her. He runs his palms around her nipples and she cries out his name in ecstasy. His real name, the name everyone else calls him by.  He pushes higher up into her at the sound of his name coming off her lips. She rubs her clit as he pounds into her rotating hips.
“I’m going to cum” she says and he reaches up and pulls her hair back. She can feel his breath on her neck and she falls forward. Seated reverse doggie style by happenstance. The jewel in his face; circling around as she moves her hips in a clock-wise motion. Her pussy circles
his cocks head. He rises up to his knees never exiting her and slams into her hard and high, she looks back at him and says “ Fuck me like you do in your fantasies” He pulls back and fucks as hard and as fast as he can. By the time he is done with her pussy her ass is read from the pounding she just took. The feel of his balls slamming up against
her pussy’s lips, the way her nipples graze the sheets, her pussy cums over and over leaving a slightly sticky mess on the bed below. He stands stroking his cock with one hand. Hitachi Wand in the other. She slides back, head off the edge of the bed. He leans into her and she
takes him down the long gullet. He rubs her wet pussy and smacks it a little. He knows how much she likes that, and he has every intention of giving her another orgasm before they part for the evening. He holds the wand up to her pussy, all along she never stops letting him fuck her mouth. She takes him all the way down her throat. Her hands are on her mounds, pinching and pulling her peaks. He knows she is almost there when her thighs tighten and then her legs fall to the sides in a relaxed fashion. He is unrelenting and she lets a pool of
moisture stream out of her hole. He reaches around her thighs and pulls quickly on the pink jeweled plug and he feels his own release at the tip of his geyser. And right on time in perfect fashion she grabs his thighs and pulls him that much more into her throat and as she cums so does he. She can feel the way his balls draw up and the base of his cock pulsates on her lips and nose. It is so sexy the way he gets off on what she gives him. He pulls out weak and empty, sated even. He falls next to her on the bed and tells her she is quiet possibly the best he has ever had. The compliment is more than enough to satisfy her senses.

“Time to go back to work Carly.” Frank says as he dresses. “Yes Sir.” She stands and begins to dress as well,  collecting all their trinkets. Just before he walks out the door he says two words “Loyalty
and Trust” she simply looks back to him and says “Always Sir” he winks and says “Good Girl.”

A good laugh, a partner in crime, epic conversations, a friendship, honesty and unquestionable loyalty. They are stuck with each other.



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