Breakfast Club

Wake Up Call

   I had a dream last night after your little antics. Of course I’m sure it didn’t help, me sleeping with the little Princess buried inside of my ass.  Anyway… Back to the dream. It started off with you licking my pussy, in one long slow motion from the entrance of pussy upwards. Parting me with your nose and ending with you sucking my clit and pulling it lightly with your teeth. You did this several times before you finally released my clit, and it now swollen and burning with desire, snapped back into place. Then you grabbed Roger and slowly fucked me with it. Rooting him deep inside of me. Long deep strokes until I left traces of pleasure all over him for you to see.                 Then you sat back asking me to mount you. I was braless of course and was wearing my general morning attire. I turnned around and took your cock in my mouth, one long deep throated stroke. My lips leaving your cock with a suctioned pop from my lips. You held your cock upright as I slid down your shaft. You wrapped one arm around my waist hard and put your hand on my ass. With your other you freed my tits from my shirt before you spread my ass to apply pressure you the Princess.           Then I clocked in. Riding your cock. I took a few long strokes but you never quiet let the head of your cock leave the lips of my pussy. Realizing how it feels having you deep inside me, I gave you what you wanted. Short mind bending strokes. I buried my forehead in your shoudler and I could feel your wicked hard cock start to expand. You are rather thick. I’m was close. I whisper begging you to hold on a little longer. Then you thrusted up into me and my face went numb. My pussy flutterd and became thick and creamy. You lost control and in the aftershocks of my mind blowing orgasm and you came. So hard that your cock and my pussy were grapling against each other to see who would give up first. With no clear winner you filled me with your load and I released you. Pulling up with a squeeze I took that final drop off of you. My mouth was jealous and I couldn’t help but leave you with one farewell taste. I do taste so good on your cock. Leaving you to have a good day, we part. Then my alarm went off.                                                        There are no consequences to this act. Only you and I carrying it out to fruition. Let them graple it out to the bitter end. I promise I won’t leave a mess behind.



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