Mulberry Rose


Why didn’t you tell me you spoke two languages? Not many people know the language you speak, the language my body speaks. I have met my moderation quota for the month. So summon me to class professor and lets talk linguistics.

Des Moines, 2:30 am. The meeting went well and they have early flights to catch in the morning. She is flying back to Houston and he is headed back to Donovan Group HQ. She needs to have him one more time before the trip is over. The alarm doesn’t sound for another 2 hours. She rolls over looking out the window of the hotel. Wondering the best way to wake him. He lays soundless. The lines on his face are much more relaxed than she is used to seeing. She wonders what he is dreaming, doesn’t matter anyway. She crawls out of bed with a tip toe to the bathroom. She is still sticky from the evening before. He really fucked her good when they got back to the room. Forcing her to keep quiet so she wouldn’t disturb the neighbors to the East or West of them. Quietly she takes a shower, washing her hair. Her body is sore and she still has streaks on the front of her thighs and the sides of her body. He must have been really mad that he wasn’t able to close the deal this weekend. He took it out on her, and she liked it.

As the bubbles from the Shampoo cascade down her body she starts to relax at last. She wonder if he has enough in him for one more round. She doesn’t think he has it in him to handle her particular kind of skill once more, but she will push him to his limit to find out. “I always produce” he boasts. She’s going to make him work for it this time. She isn’t going to give him the satisfaction of her pleasure so easy this round. Let’s see if he can, shall we?

She steps out of the shower and towel dries her body and her hair. Her skin is still damp but her body is warm. Walking over to the edge of the bed she crawls up between his legs. She can smell the scent of sex from the night before on his skin. His sweat and hers mixed together. Bound by a mixture of their bodies glue. He starts to toss between the sheets and slowly her hands work their way up his thighs. Taking him in her hands she starts to work his flaccid member. She licks him once and the warmth of her lips and tongue cause him to stir a little more. She tastes herself on his skin, sweet and salty all at the same time. He thinks he is dreaming. In and out, in and out she jets his sex in and out of her mouth, twisting and pulling, urging and working him with her hands until he starts to rise. His eyes open and all he sees is blackness. Where is he, Oh yes Hotel, Des Moines. “What are you doing?” he asks and for once in her life she sees him smirk. “Sunday Morning special” she replies with a mouth full of his hard cock. “Don’t you think we should be sleeping? We have a plane to catch in 2 hours.” He says sleepily. “ Just enough time for us to put our tanks on full, if you ask me Sir.” He lowers his hands into her hair as she continues to work now in silence. In his relaxed state he lets out a moan of sexual pleasure. “ Do you like that Sir?” she asks as she comes up to take a breath. He replies with no words only sounds. He likes the noise of her sucking his cock. Her saliva on his cock her lips sucking and smacking against his skin. It is like the best song he has ever heard. He is hard and wide awake. “Are you up for the challenge Sir, for one more ride before we part ways?” she laughs at him.

He is getting old these days, and she is only just in her prime. “I always have enough in me for one more ride Sweetheart.” He hisses as he sit up and moves forward. She raises her hand to stop him. “This time I think you will be the one who gets tied up.” She laughs again. “That wont ever happen Miss Dawson, I promise you that” he says as he spins her around and she lands on the bed. Her head bounces off the pillow twice. He reaches over to turn on the lamp, that attaches to the wall. He wants to see her when they fuck. Makes the whole experience that much more enjoyable. Taking her nipple between his teeth he sucks and pulls until the snap back into place. She never makes a sounds. He does it again with the other breast. Nothing… He wonders to him self what the issue is. He looks at her with a questioning eye and she already knows what he is thinking. “You are going to have to work for this one Master. Prove you can Produce like you say you can..” Then she leans her head back and closes her eyes. “A challenge Miss Dawson, this is out of character for you, but, two can play this game.” with this he dives down into the depths. Landing between her legs. Spreading them wide. Her pussy is a lovely pale shade but not what he likes to see. He starts to lick her and suck her violently. Spreading her with his fingers, giving himself access to the skin that will soon rise to the harden flesh that he like to roll between his fingers and suck between his teeth. She never makes a sound. Her body never moves. She lays still. In her mind, her body is a surge of energy. But this early morning is a battle of the will. The ‘Can You’s’ vs. the ‘Yes I Can’s’ He can taste her start to seep and feel her swell between his teeth but nothing, not a sound. She is driving him mad with the silence. “Turn over” he instructs and just like a Good Girl she turns. He lifts her and pulls her by her hips. Her body bounces off the hotel room bed. He smacks her ass and watches the way her body vibrates beneath his palm. Not a peep is released from between her lips. He smacks her again and she doesn’t move. She looks back and baits him more. “Is that all you‘ve got?” she scoffs at him. Licking his middle finger he enters her pussy from behind. Ramming his finger in and out of her hard and fast he can see the moisture she is producing on his fingers. His fist hits her hard on her outer lips and they start to swell and turn a shade or burgundy. Still she is quiet.

Oh she is playing a good game, he thinks to himself. But he will make them both cum again before the trip is done. He is a determined man. Her resistance to him has only made him harder for her. If his fingers can’t get the job done his cock surely will. Steadying his self he enters her hard from the back. So hard that he nearly looses his balance and her body stops him from falling forward. Hard and fast her starts to pound into her. Harder than he has ever fucked anyone before. Her ass starts to redden, this will surely leave a bruise but she still never makes a sound. He starts to pump into her so hard that he lets out a grunt with each pass. But he has stamina, he will fuck her until she submits to him. Looking back she challenges him again. ”Make it hurt” she whispers and he smacks her ass pulling her hard back on to him. Using both arms to exert full force on her pussy. “Now we are getting somewhere” she says and he continues his brutality on her body. “ That’s it Sir, Damage me, Fuck me harder. Take it and make it yours” she orders him. The sweat starts to drip from his brow and falls down his nose landing on her back. “sweating already Sir, I thought you had endurance” her voice has a sadistic laugh to it. Taking his thumb he sticks it just inside the hot tight hole of her ass. “That’s it Sir, now you’ve got your rhythm.” Hard and quick he obliterates her pussy from behind. He is out of breath now, he falls to his back a wanton man. He likes to hear that she is satisfied. She turns and says “Let me make you cum Sir as hard as you just made me cum.”

She straddles him. Reaching down she touches her dripping slit. She pulls a strand of her own pearls that cling to her finger tips. Showing him her satisfaction in his skill. Then she raises it up to his lips and asks him to taste her nectar. He sucks her fingers dry. Then she turns with her back to him and slowly lowers her ass down onto his rigid cock. Her ass is hot and tight. She has to take his big dick in nice and slow. Up and down she moves, He reaches up and pulls her hair. Pulling her back on to him. Thrusting his cock into her ass. She reaches down and rubs her pussy fast and hard. Using her fingers she pats her clit hard and she releases cum from her slit. It runs down and he can feel it make her ass even more slick than it already it. His cock is shiny with her cum. Up and down she bounces on him circling her own pussy. He watches her tits rise and fall in the mirror ahead of them. They fuck for what seems like hours before the switch positions again. His cock never leaving her ass, he finally pulls out of her to reposition himself as he fucks her from the back again. Dipping his cock into her pussy once and returning to her ass. Then again. Going from one hole to the other. Slick to hot. Her pussy starts to rise once more. “You are running the show here little girl, make yourself cum again for me” He pulls out of her and Rubs her pussy from the back as she circles her clit. SMACK! Right on her lips over and over. They are bright red. Fucking her ass with two of his fingers and her pussy with the other hand until she sprays cum all over the sheets. This time she calls out his name as she cums. When her pussy releases his fingers. He falls into her drenched pussy once more and fucks her until she is raw. She calls his name again and again. Hard and slow he pumps his cock into her pussy. She begs him to cum telling him she needs it. She wont be satisfied until he cums again. “Please fuck my mouth Sir, Please” she begs. She pulls away and falls to the floor at the foot of the bed. Hard and fast she fucks his cock with her mouth. Stroking his dick up and down with her hand in circular motions. “Cum for me, Cum in my mouth” she begs him between sucks and gasps for air. He rams his cock into her mouth so hard she begins to choke, his cock is too long and too hard as he rams into her. He forces her to reach down and take her breast into her hands. He grabs her by the roots of her hair and pounds into her with all his force. “That’s it” she gasps. Her neck stretched long he can seen the veins showing her mouth in the perfect shape of and oval. Her lips red and her cheeks flush. Her brow beading with sweat and her eyes water as she gasps for air. Then he stops, and she slowly moves her neck and head in a methodical wave. She feels him release his heat down her dry sore throat. Her face is shiny with saliva and cum.

She needs another shower. He is sweaty and has just fucked hair. She limps over to the bathroom and he hears her turn on the shower. Steam starts to fill the hotel room. He hears a faint humming as the water hit’s the tile floors. He knows she hums after she has been fucked good and hard. The shower stops and she enters the room in only a towel. She lays down to rest a little longer before the alarm sounds. “You sure do know how to show a lady a good time” she laughs. “I always produce” he says in a sinister tone. He smacks her wet clean ass one last time and the light goes out.

Their tanks are on full.






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