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10,000 Hour Rule


Craftsman – There are several ways to perform almost any act – an efficient, workable, artistic way and a careless, indifferent, sloppy way. Care and artistry are worth the trouble. They can be a satisfaction to the practitioner and a joy to all beholders. Craftsmanship names an enduring, basic human impulse, the desire to do a job and do it well. How well do I do you?

She enters the playroom and immediately notices a change. There is a new chair at the center of play. Softly padded with a large kneeling stand at the end, also well padded. Powered with electricity, she sees a foot pedal on the floor below, she knows not what it does. She sees no straps, no cuffs, and no rope. Over in the corner there is a lone leather recliner. It swivels and rocks back and forth. Adjacent to the chair is the window. The shutters are open wide, looking out into a fernned wooded area. It reminds her of the rain forest especially on dreary days like this. Sitting in the window seal are a few items, most recognizable except for one. Standing in the melancholy light of the open shutters she touches the soft fluffy trinket, modified for his taste in they playroom. He opens the door and she quickly sets it down, she turns, dropping to her knees. Her eyes down to the floor. He is going to spank her for that she just knows it.

‘Please Miss, stand.’ He commands. Doing as she is told she stands, not making eye contact. She is nervous she only wants to please him. ‘Turn around please Rose’ his voice is smooth like glass, he gives nothing away. She turns and taking her by the hips, like highly skilled Venetian Waltz he leads her to the window. Moving from left to right he points, using her finger, at each item asking her to name them and their purpose to him. ‘Scarf, to heighten my pleasure by taking away my sense of sight’ SMACK! His hand lands on her ass. ‘My sense of sight SIR’ she says aloud. ‘Good girl, we are having trouble remembering the rules today.’ he hums in her ear. His hot breath and low tones on her neck make her pussy sweat. He points at the next item. ‘A Purple Princess Plug, for your viewing pleasure Sirrr’ she says sarcastically. SMACK! ‘Don’t tease me sweetheart’ he threatens. His eyes stare deviously at her in the reflection of the window as the rain drops cascade. He points to the next item, ‘A Flogger, Sir, for my pleasure and your release’ she whispers and giggles coyly. SMACK! ‘Are you laughing at me? You are not playing by the rules at all today baby’ he bites her shoulder, turns her around and places her fingers in his mouth one at a time before his kisses the tips of each. Pressing her close, his hand lands on her ass one last time before he turns her around again. ‘What was that for Sir’ she asks with doe-like eyes. ‘Thats for good measure, back to the items please Miss.’ He points to the last item, its small and soft, Chartreuse in color and has a wonderfully crafted hoop like hook. Only a highly skilled craftsman could make something so small and perfect. ‘What is it?’ He asks. ‘I…I.. I dont know Sir.’ She says reaching out to touch it with her finger tips. Catching her hand he leads her over to the chair in the center of the room and instructs her to lean forward.

Stepping up onto the padded platform one knee at a time she climbs atop her pedestal. ‘Please lay down and stretch your arms forward’ he asks. Doing as she is told her breast press firmly against the cool padded leather and her nipples peak, she wonders whats next. This is nothing out of the ordinary, until he puts his foot on the pedal and the chair beigns to tilt vertically. Her head begins to fall as her pretty peacock feathers start to rise and spread for him. He sees moist shades of light and dark pink as her legs part. The warm colors contrast next to the fair skin of her cheeks and his phallus starts to rise. Nearly perpendicular to the floor she breaths deep, he runs his warm rough hands up her back. Thats her favorite part, he has the hands of a craftsman she likes the way his hands feel as they graze her skin. Her chest, her back, her ass.. it doesn’t matter, she just wants him to touch her. She swells and the humidity between her thighs increases. Taking his hands he spreads her, taking in the sight before him. He leans in and she hisses at the feel of his hot breath against her swollen lips. She feels a feather like warm touch from his tongue on her tender flesh, his hands never let go of her ass. Tasting her sweet pussy from the back is exhilarating and his cock weeps. Taking the scarf, he instructs her to close her legs, he wraps it high up around her thighs just beneath the crest of her ass, tying a large bow in the back as if she were a beautifully wrapped gift. She can feel her swollen wet flesh trying to burst from between her thighs, but it’s no use he has her bound tightly. Taking the flogger he runs the leather tassels up her back and down the backs of her ass and thighs. He pops her with it twice quickly and deliberately. Her eyes wince and she thinks she is going to cum. The stress rolls off his skin with each lash he gives her. Over and over the tassels connect with her alabaster skin and each time her ass and legs tense they press up against her clit causing it to vibrate to the edge of release. Each time he pulls her back from the cliffs edge, torture at its finest. The red lashes across her ass and thighs are varied shades of pink matching the vibrant shades of her sweet pussy.

He stops, dropping the flogger at his feet. Walking to the window he picks up the plug and the small feathered trinket. He slides the loop over the head of the plug and the trinket hugs the neck of the plug. Touching it with his fingers he appreciates the softness of the trinket against the metal of the plug. The contrast in feel is tantalizing. He wonders if she will feel the same. He approaches her sky-high ass and runs his fingers up and down her tight hot opening. As he prepares her ass he can see her wet pussy suffocating between her thighs. Her rich swollen lips playing peek-a-boo with his eyes. ‘Reach back with your hands and spread yourself for me please Rose’ he asks kindly. She knows this is not a requests but a order, she complies without complaint. With head down and ass up she reaches back and spreads her pink streaked cheeks with her pale hands. Showing her wet glory hole to her Sir she asks if she is doing it to his liking. He answers her with a small pat on her rear and slightly bites her ass cheek one time as a sign of pleasure. Then he wets the plug with his own tongue and slowly slides it in her hot hole. She feels the cold titanium as it touches the scorching skin of her rear-entrance. She giggles, it feels different. Softer somehow, it tickles. He situates the soft feather like fur so that it grazes the sensitive outer lips of her pussy. She likes the way it feels and she instinctively moves her hips in a soft up and down wave so the feathers tickle her sensitive skin. Working the plug in and out of her as she moves is overwhelming. Breathless he hears her words. ‘Please Sir may I cum’  He enters her pussy with two fingers, as he applies pressure with the palm of his other hand to the shiny purple jewel he likes so much. Using his fingers in a sweeping-like motion he grants her permission to cum. ‘Thank you’ she exhales and her lovely pussy quakes for him. Sending a current from his fingers straight to his cock. He pulls his fingers out of her and they glisten with a creamy silk. He wants her, he needs what she willingly offers to him. Her body, her mind, and her time.

He stands and steps on to the platform, wielding his weapon. Holding his cock near the entrance of her tight pussy he stands momentarily. His cock can sense her, like a hound tracking a scent. It has a mind of its own and seems to reach out further than ever before, desireing to be enveloped by her easy charm. He is wrapped so tight, like braid on a reel. ‘Relax and let me please you, thats all I want to do Sir.’ Thats part of her release, she finds her pleasure in his pleasure of her. He slowly pushes past the door of her saloon. She is thick and warm, slick and tight. He feels the soft trinket brush the skin at the base of his cock, it feels nice, with every pass he makes. The steel tries to resist, like a bouncer at a nightclub, but it has no authority over him or his obelisk. He impales her with long, deep, hard, slow strokes. Her legs still bound tight her hands still offering her treasure to him. He pushes in and out of her enjoying the rise and fall of her hips and the feather as it tickles his skin. He feels her start to close in, she is almost there. He takes the head of his cock and teases the soft swollen button hiding amongst her wet flesh. Stroking and thumping it. Reaching down he finally opens the package and her legs break free. They spread and offer his cock more access to her folds. With her arms she raises up slowly, she is light-headed but her body knows no limit with him. She rides the edge of the chair as she spreads wide, open to him. He violates her pussy, over and over. She cums again and again but she wants more. She wants him to take her ass and make it his for the day. Stretching back, she can barely reach with the tips of her fingers. Removing the plug it falls to the carpet with the good-luck charm still attached and blowing in the breeze of the ceiling fan. She spreads her pink cheeks for him again. Her rosebud stares him down. Its pink and gapes open for him. Each time her pussy contracts he can see the rosebud close and open again. He watches her wet her entrance with her fingers. Rubbing and teasing her own ass the same way he does. He watches long enough to let her cum one last time at her own hand. As he watches her ass open and close with her climax over and over he makes his move. His head knocking at her backdoor finally she invites him in. He stands still as she pushes back onto him. His body tenses, then full body relaxation overcomes him. He stands limp, everything except his wicked hard cock. She lets her body move back and forth and her pelvis rocks up and down. Like a slow grind, squeezing and pulling, to the most exotic song sounding from the sitar.

She speaks but, he hears no words. His blood rises and his cock extends and thickens one last time as her pink streaked cheeks pound up against his hips with a force like that of waves on a rocky island shoreline. His eyes close and everything stops. He unloads in her hot hole. Slow and soft she moves up and down his rigid length as he leaves white finger prints on her pinkened skin. Slowly the light increases and sound crescendos. He is helpless and unable to move. With one last movement she squeezes and pulls her body off him. He staggers back and sits on the chair. He closes his eyes to replenish the energy she took from him. She, also tired, retreats to a spare room to rest her eyes. She falls asleep and only dreams of his pleasure, the pleasure he finds in her release. When she awakens he stands above her looking down, recoiled… in need of her relaxation once more.

A craftsman puts in the hours required to hone her skills. I’m a born craftsman with a ready-made talent for pleasing you Sir. You wonder how I’m so good at what I do to you? Well, imagine how good I’d be if I put in all those 10,000 hours.

-B (Did you bite me?? That was extremely erotic)


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