Real Men Wear Pink

Scene 3:   I haven’t seen you wear it for a while!

He walks in the office, seemingly frustrated from the night before. He was a man in need… “Miss Dawson” he addresses her with a cold nod. He only calls her Ms. Dawson when he is frustrated. She doesn’t make eye contact with him. She keeps her nose down to her work, and with a kind smile she replies ” Good Morning Mr. Donovan. ” He doesn’t like slackers in his office. There are 5 men that work for him, all of them are very good at making him lots of money. That is why they were hired. They all have a certain look about them, you must have that in his line of work. They still have much to learn but, he will guide them to greatness and fortune. She is the only woman who works for him, she makes sure they know where they are all suppose to be and she gets them there on time. She always cordially asks them if there is anything else she can do to assist them, but they always respectfully decline. The last person who spoke to her in a tone that was out of line was fired! They know she is off-limits. Mr. Donovan is a competitive man, they do not know what transpires between Frank and Miss Dawson, but they know that she isn’t there to assist them, only him. Frank Donovan is not a man to be trifled with.

Carly Dawson is the Assistant to Frank Donovan CEO, of The Donovan Group. Frank asked Miss Dawson to come  work for him 3 years ago, he had seen her in action at his most respected clients office. When the opportunity came up, he approached her with a job offer. She accepted without hesitation. This would be the opportunity of a life time for her. She already knew so much about the industry for such a young woman in her mid 30’s, but he could take her to the next level. She didn’t know at the time, just what that meant. She was an asset to him with all of her skills and knowledge in the field. She was the hardest worker he had. Thick skinned, taking crap from no one but respectful at the same time. Always a lady knowing when to bite her tongue. She was worth every dime he paid her and then some. If she would have demanded twice the salary, she would have gotten it.

Noon comes around and Frank Donovan is still in a terrible mood. She sends him an email even though she is in the adjoining much smaller office next to his. She always keeps the door open so they can speak freely and be heard. Today she fears speaking aloud:

Mr. Donovan-

I’m stepping out for lunch Sir, may I get you anything while I am out?

Carly Dawson,

Assistant to Frank Donovan CEO, The Donovan Group

DING, the email has reached his inbox

“CARLY! I need you” , Frank calls out. In seconds she is in the doorway ” Yes Sir?” he only calls  her Carly when he is in need. A need that she can fill. She quietly walks over to his side and says ” Frank, what can I do?” Today she is not the sub but the woman who serves him loyally. He rises from his seat and walks over to the corner chair made of leather. Still standing at his large ornate cherry colored executive desk she begins to tidy up the mess that is there. As she does this she begins to undo the buttons on her nicely pressed shirt exposing her breast to the sunbeams shining through the glass panes in his office. She turns around and sees him in a dark corner staring at her in amazement with his extremely hard dick in his hands. She opens the top left hand drawer of his desk and removes the lock box out of drawer. Only she has the key. She wears it on a bracelet she purchased and turned it into a charm. He thinks this is sexy! She removes from the box two items, Item #1 a  dildo that has a bulbous head and #2 a clear glass butt plug with a wide base. As he sits in the dark corner of his office staring at her under dome lighting that lights his desk only, she slides the glass plug into her mouth and pulls it out slowly. He is focused on her lips as she removes it. Carly then puts one heel up on his king sized leather executive chair, bends over slightly exposing her self to him, she isn’t wearing any panties, she never does and he likes that. She slides it in. As she removes her hand from the plug she slides her manicured fingers up the length of her wet pussy . He immediately gets a surging sensation on the head of his dick. He starts to stroke himself, she turns around and lifts herself up on to the edge of his desk, spreading her legs far apart. She leans back on one hand and puts one leg onto his still open desk drawer. With her other hand she begins to tease her self with her fingers. Agitating her clit causing it to swell and redden.

He watches her intently as she bites her bottom lip, she is almost at the point of orgasm. She knows just how to touch herself to cause this to happen. In an instant the muscles in her legs tense and her eyes see in double. He can see the desire she has for him in her eyes but he isn’t giving her anything yet. He nods in the direction of the dildo lying on his desk. She grabs it and slowly inches it in to her pussy, a pussy that is still contracting from her orgasm. It feels good to have it fill her up. With her ass still clinching the glass plug that has become less cold, due to her extreme heat, she begins to move the chrome dildo in and out of herself, base to tip. Frank begins to stroke himself again, he likes watching her please herself.  Before the lunch hour is over he will have to take what is his. She begins to fuck her pussy harder and faster with the dildo now, this causes her to moan aloud. Frank knows that it wont be long, he stands up. She begins to slow her pace causing her pending orgasm to subside. He walks over to her and removes the dildo from her excessively wet pussy. He lays her flat on his desk and places his hands on the inside of her thighs and spreads her legs further apart. Her glass plug clangs against the glass that tops the desk, a familiar sound to them. He leans in and he can smell the sweetness of her pussy. He begins to tease her with his tongue. Her pussy swells even more. He slides two fingers into her as he tastes her. She taste so fucking good he thinks to himself. This causes his penis to reach its maximum length and hardness. His rock hard cock is now dripping all over the desk. She reaches down to grasp his cock and when she does it causes him to suck on her clit more fervently and in a split second it happens, she cums. He begins to taste the sweet cum dripping out of her pussy , lapping it up as she continues to cum in his mouth. Now she is ready for him.

He stands up right and pulls her by her legs towards him. As he does this her breast burst out from beneath her shirt, he leans down and begins to suck on one of her nipples rolling it around with his tongue. She cries out in delight. She then reaches down and guides his dick into her pussy. He begins to fuck her hard, both arms under her knees he begins to pull her onto him as he thrusts forward hard and fast. The inside of her thighs start to turn pink from the friction, she doesn’t want him to stop. As he slams into her, pounding against her glass plug she cums again this time all around his extremely hard cock. She takes one hand off his chest and begins to use her fingers on her swollen clit. Frank is overwhelmed with excitement. She tells him that she wants him to cum. He pulls out of her and she slides down off the desk gracefully and grasps his cock with her mouth, he intertwines his fingers in her hair as he fucks her mouth hard, thrusting into her mouth over and over again finally …he cums. She swallows all of what he releases. She does not want to leave a mess on his designer suit. He pulls her head back by her hair and says ” Back to Work Miss Dawson!” She stands and turns to leave. With a dashing smiles she turns to him and says, “Only when you wear that pink shirt.” She bends over to pick up the file that has fallen to the floor during their shenanigans. He gasps silently Oh My, he sees it glistening, her glass plug in its rightful place; her Ass. She exits his office and returns to her desk. She will wear it the rest of the day hoping that she is summoned into the office again before the day’s end.

He thinks to himself  “She is Worth Every Damn Dime!”



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