‘Play’ Novice

Scene 1:  You Know Who You Are

She stands in the bathroom door way of the hotel room. Wearing only a black corset and garter belt, accessorized by only thigh high fish net stockings and high heels. She doesn’t need to wear anything else for him because his needs are of a singular nature. As she raises her head, she sees him lying on the oversized bed. He senses her staring at him, they speak no words. He summons her to the bed and she’s acquiesce to his request, willingly. She tries not to stare as she sits next to him, he is a beautiful man. Not the kind of beauty you see in magazines, but the kind that is hidden from the world. Their eyes meet as she leans over his torso, still no words are spoken. He leans forward and says only her name. She instantly feels his hot breath just under her ear on her neck. What happens next is instantaneous.

Immediately her soft pale breasts swell and her nipples are now exquisitely aware of her corset binding them. With a tenderness in his voice, he commands her to mount him. She willingly does as she is told. As she begins to slide down his length for the first time he lets out a moan full of pleasure. In one swift movement he removes the garment that binds her. His eyes widen as he has never been able to fully appreciate her natural breasts. Creamy white with light pink areolas and what seem to be small nipples on breasts so large. He takes one in his mouth and she hisses with ecstasy. As she slowly and methodically takes all of him in he appreciates her body, just as she is. An imperfect woman, who seems to fill a deep dark need has. Slowly she leans back resting on her hands exposing both her breast to him as she rocks back and forth causing her clitoris to rub against his hardness. In an instant his hands are on her ass, deep underneath so that his fingers are nearly touching the outter lips of her pussy. This sends her over the edge and she orgasms all around him. He is almost at the brink of a full release when the orgasmic spasms of her tight wet pussy begin to let loose of him. He releases her.

She stands and looks at him dutifully wanting to please him. He softly lays her down. With his lips he starts at her neck and begins to lick and bite her down her torso until he reaches his final destination. He can smell himself on her skin, the scent is too much for him. He longs to have her in his mouth. In an instant he begins to taste her. Sucking her clitoris causing her to orgasm again. He slides one, then two fingers inside her. Even after all this she is still so tight. This drives him wild with excitement. She is so wet for him and he knows it. She begs him with the touch of her fingers through his thick dark hair. Asking him to make her cum again. He obliges. He gets pleasure out of making her cum repeatedly. The taste of her moistness in his mouth is too much. He must be inside of her.

In one quick movement she is on all fours. ‘What is this?’ He questions to himself. In all his excitement how did he miss it. She knows what he likes and he likes that. With one hand on her hip he takes the other hand and tenderly caresses her ass cheek then; SMACK! She cries out in pleasure. ‘That my dear was punishment.’ She asks ‘Sir, what she have I done to deserve said punishment?’ He responds with ‘that crown jewel you have been hiding.’ In a split second he is in side of her. Stretching her, filling her tight pussy. With her face down and ass up, he fucks her hard. Long hard strokes so that he can feel the weight of that jeweled plug she sports for his viewing pleasure. She reaches down and starts to rub her clitoris. He feels her fingers as she massages her own pussy. He thrust harder now pulling her on to him repeatedly. She reaches up and grasps her own nipple between her fingers and squeezes. The sensations that she feels with each thrust are unmistakable. She is cumming, contracting around his hard dick, milking it in rippling waves. Begging him not to stop. He feels the cold metal against his skin with each thrust. He can no longer hold it in. She takes him as her prisoner now and with every contraction she has, he meets her with his own. He cums over and over until he has nothing left. Both bodies sweaty and satisfied they collapse.

They give each other gratifying looks as they make their way out of the hotel lobby. Not knowing if they will meet again, they hug each other as old trustworthy friends do. Friends who have just shared a cup of coffee in a cafe. Carly and Frank part ways. By the time she reaches her car there is a text message waiting for her. It simply reads ‘X’. She knows then this is only the beginning.

– B


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