All In a Day’s Work

Scene 2: Give Yourself Some Credit!

Her day starts off like any other. The early morning routine she wakes at 4 am. As she drives to work she starts thinking about the conversation from the night before. There was something sinister in the tone of his text telling her she is needed on a business trip. She doesn’t know how to read him at times. She likes it that way. He is mysterious, a total enigma to her. That is part of the attraction. As she sits in her car, stuck by a train, she stares off into the distance of the dark morning. If you look deep into her eyes you can see the story as it plays out in her mind. A story that has happened so many times before, a story that will happen all over again tonight : She books her flight from her phone and heads to the airport as the train pulls away into the distance.

He is out-of-town handling business, he is a successful man. To her, he is like the guy next door. She knows he would rather be out on the water. He has too much wine at dinner, he sits at a table full of men in a smoky gentlemen’s club where he conducts his business. He eats steak and talks way too much. He looks at the time on his phone. He knows it is the witching hour and that she will be waiting on him. He attempts to hurry through the order of business but he can’t get through it fast enough. As all the other men talk of business and women waitresses he stares at the velvet red walls around and the thought of her comes into his mind.

There it is, finally, a text from him. …, she knows what he is looking for. He doesn’t even have to speak a word. She immediately undresses and crawls into an unfamiliar bed. When he calls he orders her to get undressed, as if he didn’t know she already would be. He just wants to hear her say, “I’m already naked, Sir.” He gets extremely turned on when she addresses him this way. His response to her is “GOOD GIRL!” and he hangs up.

Within seconds she is wet with anticipation. She hurries to collect all the items he requested in an email he sent that morning regarding their business trip. Her hot pink vibrator and her Jeweled Princess Plug. They are arranged at the foot of the bed. Then she is back on the bed waiting for him to arrive. She sits back wearing nothing but a pair of black suede high heels that unzip in the back. With her legs bent and spread wide apart, she begins to roll one of her nipples around in between her fingers. Minutes later the door knob clicks, it is him.

He walks over to a chair that has been strategically placed by the large hotel window, it goes from the floor to the ceiling, so its patrons can look over the city and enjoy the view from above. He is not interested in the view that stretches out miles over the brightly lit city. He turns and sits in the chair and loosens his tie. She eases herself off the bed and strides towards him, the shoes she wears makes her legs look longer than they really are. She reaches him and gets on her knees. As she unzips his pants his semi erection bursts forth. She grasps him in her hand and places him in her mouth. She begins her work for the night.

As she slides up and down his erection with her mouth moving her tongue around the tip of his penis and guiding her hand up and down his shaft simultaneously he grows ever larger and harder.  He stands her up and guides her to the bed. She already anticipates his next move and she bends over slightly. He picks up her titanium princess plug and places it in his mouth. He removes it licks her once and slowly pushes it in to her ass. She doesn’t make a sound. He walks back over to the chair to gaze at his hand work momentarily, she remains bent over the bed, before he summons her over to him. He requests that she bends over in front of him so he can get a closer look. He takes his finger and begins to tease her clit. She is so wet for him. She always is. He enters her with his finger and pulls it out then takes a taste. She tastes divine. She is still bent over with her legs apart and he finally gives her what she wants. He begins to taste her from behind. His technique is so very good. The way he sucks on her clit the pressure is just right, how he uses his tongue to tease her. She cums without permission. He likes it but he cannot let her know that. He sits back and places both hands on her ass cheeks caressing them and in the blink of an eye, she is punished for her disobedience. Her skin turns slightly pink, he is turned on by the sight.

Seconds later she is upright he pulls her down on to his dick her legs spread apart. She cannot see his face. He runs one hand through her hair pulling it with slight tension , as he sits behind her, and with the other hand he grabs onto her breast. She begins to ride him with deep straddling strokes. Her pussy is red now, engorged with heat. He feels so good inside her. He begins to thrust up into her. He gives her permission to cum again, he likes how her pussy feels around his dick as she does so. She orgasms again; its uncontrollable. She hears him whisper “I want to cum in your ass.” She stands up and he bends her over. Slowly removing the titanium plug from her ass, teasing her with it. Finally it falls to the floor. He grasps his rock hard cock and holds it upright. She knows he is serious. She is apprehensive but she does as she is told.

She slowly eases onto his dick. More relaxed now she can feel her ass begin to stretch. She should have had a drink before he arrived ,she thinks to herself. Once the head of his dick is all the way in her ass he sighs with pure pleasure. They have never taken it to this level before. He has wanted it but, she wasn’t ready. Now she is. Until now he has only tested her limits. She has proven to him that is she is a loyal assistant, wanting only to please him. She eases down until she takes his full length in her ass. After a few strokes she is much more relaxed and she raises her knees to her chest as she spreads her legs as far as they will go. Using her arms as leverage on the chair she begins to ride him with her ass. As she looks across the room she sees a mirror, she can see herself. She wonders what he sees in her but, her inner seductress has takes over and comes to full fruition. With her pussy red and swollen she begins to cause herself to orgasm with her own fingers. She is so fixed on wanting to please him she doesn’t notice that he has grabbed the vibrator and set in on the night stand next to them. He grabs it and with one reach around movement slides into her hot pussy. He turns it on and in an instant she is overwhelmed. She cums so hard she cannot hold it in. There is no denying what has happened. He can feel it all around him. He whispers to her that she is forgiven and continues to Ass Fuck her while he uses the vibrator to fuck her pussy. She cums all over him, a hot sticky mess covers his dick, the smoothness it creates, knowing that he has done this to her causes his erection to rage on even harder. He begins to moan aloud she knows he is almost there. There is a intensity that resonates in his voice with every exhale. She begs him to cum in her ass and with that said, he does. Once she gives him permission to do so, it’s a hard intense act, his legs tighten and his fingers tighten around her thighs.  He knows that she feels his warmth on the inside of her ass this makes his contract once more. They sit there momentarily taking in what just transpired between them. She raises up off of him and when she does he moans. She likes it, it makes her feel like a woman. She has served him well. He is the boss, she is the loyal assistant. He trusts that she will never betray him, and she won’t. Who is the Dom and who is the sub, neither of them knows. At the end of the day they both want to please each other and to them that is all that all that matters. She stands to put on her robe and return to her own room. He asks her where she is off to, she replies “I have work to do Sir, I need to prepare your agenda for tomorrows meetings then get you checked in at the airport so that you don’t miss your flight back home.”

He stands and holds out his hand, looks over at the bed in front of him and with a sinister smile and longing eyes he says “Round two..?”



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