168 Days Sober

A.A. Meetings

You’re like a drug, easy to become addicted to. That is probably why you are so good at what you do. It’s like holding a glass of Bourbon up to my lips and inhaling you in deep into my lungs. You dip your fingers into it and paint it on my lips as it clings to a cold piece of ice. You pull your fingers away just as my tongue touches their tips. I can taste the faint traces of you but it is never quiet enough to satisfy my palate. I want to drink you in, taking the largest sip I can muster and enjoy the feeling it creates. You, my friend, are easy to become addicted to.

She waits for him in a corner office. It’s still dark and she looks out on the lights driving past. It’s a cold room, locked off from society. Only they have the key to where they are going. He walks in and runs his worn hands around her waist and up underneath her breast. “Why is your shirt still on?” he whispers in her ear. She giggles and raises her arms as high as they can reach. He removes her shirt above her head and tosses it in the corner. She lays her body flat across the desk. Stretching her arms as far forward as they will go. Her breasts pressed firmly against the furniture. The desk like ice, her nipples ache from the cold they are hard like the beads you catch during Mardi Gras. She knows that soon enough the warmth of his lips will take it all away. She wears only a pair of violet panties, made of silken lace. A long ice-cold chain runs down her back from the collar she wears around her neck, with hair swept to the side in a long loose braid. As he presses his pelvis firmly against her rear he pulls on the chain. Looking back at him with eyes that beg, she whispers “Please punish me Sir” and his hands meets the skin of her full round curves with little resistance.

She feels the bite of the collar around her neck as he pulls and the sting of his hand with every welt he leaves on her skin. Over and over he lays into her ass, like it is his to do with as he pleases. She cries out, but with each sound he knows she wants more. “Have you had enough, little girl?” he asks with gritted teeth. As much as she likes to be spanked he likes to do the spanking. “Yes Sir” she says and he pulls her up by her lead. She turns to face him, staring up to see what he desires of her next. Lifting her up onto the desk he pushes her back. Knees bent her feet are on the edge of the desk. Facing her, with their faces only centimeters away he enters her dark moist arena. Her thick moisture like the silk road that draws even the most honest of men to her black market trade. In and out he moves his fingers, feeling the aftershocks of his wicked trade. He begins to release himself from her tight wet web but her body instinctively follows. Wanting more of him inside of her, any part she can get. Does he have his own form of addiction? He hides it so well.

“Stop” he tells her. Instantly she becomes motionless. His voice stops her in her tracks. He watched as she reached out with her freshly painted toes. Touching him she can feel his hardness. Unzipping his pants he releases himself from his cage. The animal has been released and is sniffing out its prey. Her body still motionless, her legs still bent and spread wide. The chain of her collar hangs between her tear drop shaped breasts. Still wearing her panties he reaches down and she lift instinctively. In one fluid motion they too are retired to the corner. The cool air hits her swollen skin and her pussy creams with a burn only he can quench. Spreading her even further as her cheeks hang slightly off the desks edge he lowers himself on to his knees. Like speaking a foreign language his tongue and his lips relentlessly force her to cum. He tastes her, and her juice tastes fine. Once he has brought her to the brink, he will now push her over the edge. He stands with cock in hand. Taking the head of his thick staff he smacks her thrice on her soft swollen clit with it. Reaching up he pulls on her beaded thick nipple. Up and down he runs his cock along the groove of her wet pussy. Like a faucet she pulses one hard time and a rush of fluid covers him and slides down the frame of the desk. Leaving streaks as it ascends. He buries himself deep into her, in one hard movement, her pussy still reeling from her orgasm. He feels her pyroclastic flow. Pushing his way through the narrow faults that slide back and forth. Like the rumble of the earth when it quakes she boils over repeatedly. He stops and she becomes motionless once more.

His body is hot, she wants to please him. She starts to move. Using the desk as a driving force under her feet. Her hips begin to slide back and forth up and down his shaft as he stands motionless. He reaches out both hands on her breast. Her nipples between his thumbs and index fingers, he kneads her billows as they rock in circular patterns. She rides his cock from a forward facing position as his mind spirals. Harder now than before as she causes her own eruption. His thick shaft frictioning against her beaded flesh. One last time her pussy grabs him and suctions him deeper without warning. He concentrates on making her cum, she needs it. She let’s go and shows him a part of her self that only he can appreciate. She closes in around him and he can no longer hold his own against her beckoning powers. He pulls out of her quickly turning her but her leads. She not lays flat on her back with her head hanging off the edge of the desk. She wraps her arms around his hips. She takes him into her mouth and she can taste her self on his skin. She can smell her scent cover him. Leaning into the desk he thrust into her mouth hard. With each outward pulling of his cock she applies suction and releases as he re-enters her lips. He lets his cock bounce off the back of her throat as she siphons him without ceasing. He rams into her mouth with his hands on her chest using her able body as a drive force. She feels the head of his cock swell and he ascends, how long can she hold on without him choking her with his mass. It’s a battle of wills. Over and over he pummels into her mouth. Looking down he only sees her long neck and her head as it hangs, upside down, allowing him to enter her effortlessly. He watches as he moves in and out of her. He likes the way her lips look as they are wrapped around his blazing rod. She wins, he releases a strand that flows down her throat. As he continues to stroke she begins to gag. He doesn’t stop until he releases his final pearl into her mouth. His body just short of buckling to his knees, her body weak with satisfaction. She lies stilled by her bodies weakness and he leans back against the wall catching his breath. Addicts.

I will see you at the next meeting.



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