Eye Contact



She is merely a Logophile, nothing more. A clever girl who can take any word and turn it into something sexual and deviant. She pretends to be sexy and he indulges her. He on the other hand is a Master of all things. No means of measure can describe his limitless vitality. He is the highest personality she has ever known. He is a well-spring of pleasure. I wish I could describe him but, he’s indescribable, he’s incomprehensible; he’s irresistible! There are days she can’t get him out of her mind. The competition can’t stand him, but they know they can’t stop him. He is unprecedented and unparalleled; and no matter how many times she says ‘no’; he always knows how to turn it into a ‘yes’. Because out of all the words she uses…. ‘Yes’ is his favorite.



It’s true, she can’t look him in the eye when they are having intimate conversations about life.  Because she knows he can see right through her. To the world she is bold and full of zest. A true diplomat always saying and doing the right things. She is a hummingbird full of magic and moxie, flapping her wings 200 times per minute; 1000 heart beats racing simultaneously. But when it comes to him, oh yes; when it comes to him, she is a bumbling fool tripping over her own words. She goes in well-practiced with a list of all the things she wants to say. But then he looks at her and flashes that devilish grin; she melts like a single mint candy in his hand. Honestly… she wouldn’t have it any other way. One day he will force her to look him in the eye and they will both cum harder than ever before.


The shower is running as she stands in front of the mirror looking at herself. The fog in the bathroom is thick like her thighs and breast. She sees a figure coming up behind her out of the fog. He is tall and has dark hair. He takes off his glasses and sets them aside. She can feel him touch her ass with his steel.  He runs his hands down her back to the tops of her cheeks and with both index fingers he traces the shape of a heart on her. Then he pulls her back on to him with just two fingers nestled in the grooves of her hips. That is her favorite place to be touched. She gasps and closed her eyes. He comes up behind her ear and tells her to look at him. She turns her chin and attempts to bury it in her shoulder. Sliding his hand up, from the crack of her ass to the roots of her hair, he grabs her by the chin and turns her head to the mirror.  “Don’t move” he says. He smacks her hard on her back-end. Her body moves forward slightly from the pang of his hand on her ass. She wasn’t expecting it because her eyes were closed. “Don’t close your eyes, or there will be more where that came from” he says softly. Her pussy drips, sure that it’s him who cause her moisture and not the steam that fills the room.


Her round melon-like tits are swaying as he teases her clit with his staff. He reaches up to grab one. Not really pulling the nipple but kneading and rolling the entire mass with his worn hands. His hands on her soft excitable skin shoots a bolt of electricity down to her clit. Out of reaction her eyes close and her head falls chin-first down to her breasts. He grabs her by the pony-tail and yanks back hard “look at me.” She reaches back and glides her hand up and down his shaft before she enters her tight little dark hole with one long finger. Her eyes never stray from his. He doesn’t have to look at her to know what she is doing. He slides his cock into her warm tight ass. She raises both hands to the mirror in front of them leaving streaks down the glass. The steam refills the streaks in no time. Her hair now wet with steam slides out of the loosened tail and plasters onto her back. He buries his face in her wet locks and wipes the steam off the mirror. Bringing his hand back he brushes her nipple and he can feel her orgasm ensue.  He pounds harder into her, still staring her down. He slows unleashing a round of white pearls into her cavern, leaving a set of teeth marks on her shoulder in the process. Stepping back he notices her closing gape… ”Beautiful!” is all he can seem to mutter as he pops her ass once more.


He steps into the shower and heads to the room after he is clean, she follows suit. The minute she walks out she can see he is nearly ready for more as his cock is at half-mast. She crawls between his legs taking him into her mouth. He smells like masculine soap, something she isn’t used to. It’s strange to her, but she likes it. He rises up onto his knees as she continues working him into a frenzy. As she is bent over with her ass in the air she can feel his hands tangle in her hair as he starts to thrust into her mouth. Face fucking is one of his favorite hobbies and she like giving him what he likes. He holds her by the hair so her head doesn’t move and he goes to town, pounding his flesh into her face. All she can do it concentrate. Remnants of what was mascara before her shower start to slide down her face. Streams of saliva flow from her lips and he makes her gag on his shaft like the spear fisherman his he. He releases her, fully intending to repay the favor. He is certain no one has ever fucked him as good as she does.


Starting at the bottom he licks her from her ankles to her ear lobes. On his way back down he stops to admire her stunning breasts. They are absolutely huge and he has a fondness for them that is hard to match. He tells her how much he likes sucking on them and then backs his words up with actions. In his mouth her nipples harden into little beads and the soft pink areolas tighten and wrinkle into a slightly darker color. She think she might have an orgasm just from the way he flicks his tongue on her beaded skin.  Just as she is there he stops and travels south. It’s like her body is braille and he knows how to read it better than any other fingers in the world. Soon he finds himself running his nose between the soft moist lips of her sweet pussy. He licks her from one hole to the next and her body tingles. As he sucks on her clit he slides one fingers into her trying to feel her from the inside out. Slowly sliding his finger in and out of her he finds a rhythm as he devours her simultaneously. As she lies in rapture he laps up her sacrifice to him with pleasure. Letting his own goodness drip to the sheets below (truly a waste in her opinion.)


She is fully ready to be bent over and taken from behind but Sir is always full of surprises. He crawls up between her legs with the intent of giving her a good old fashion dicking and she has every pleasure of looking him dead in the eyes as he does. He smacks her clit a little with his thick cock before he slides it up and down her crack. Her eyes never leave his. He punctures her slow and hard spreading her legs at the knees, as far as they will go, so he can thumb her clit. His eyes daring her to look away, he leans forward and pounds into her harder and deeper. Their frames collide and his body pounds against her clit with each thrust. He pulls her knees up to her chest doing pelvic push-ups wrecking her chassis with long hard strokes. His eyes never leave hers. She wraps her legs around him and their slippery skins slide with each pass he makes. The sweat from his forehead drips down to hers as they stare each other down. She lifts up onto her elbows as he slams into her. Her head falls back and he leans in to take her nipple into his mouth and her whole body goes numb. Her tightness grasps him and he slows. She lifts her head and they cum as they stare each other down. Neither of them loses the battle tonight, but it’s unclear who will win the war.


And like a slumbering hummingbird who has slowed her heart to a mere 70 beats per minute she is a brilliant flash of color; in arrested motion. ‘Wake me up when September Ends.’





Tickle Stick


Catching your crustacean is certainly a ticklish business. Tickling is what separates the men from the boys. No matter your weapon of choice, if you haven’t mastered the art of tickling, you might as well hang up your boat keys. You must display courage, patience and dexterity.  It looks easy until you try it. So many come unprepared, a true lover of the sweet meat will only find themselves staring at the black hole for a split second before closing in on his prey.  Giving it a gentle tap on the tail is usually enough to gain access to the creature. If not, a few firm taps from behind should convince your prey that you mean business. But here is where the tickling becomes a real art form; she could bolt if the ass taps are not to her liking but a skilled tickler will direct his quirky toys movements into just the right position to satisfy her every need. Are you a skilled tickler? Do have what it takes or should you hang up your boat keys?


He wakes up first thing in the morning with an aching, flipping open his little black book, wondering who he can call for a quick and nasty release.  Hmmm Nina… She has hair so black it can’t be real. She’s a little odd but great in bed. What more could you ask for? Then there is Ally, she has a tendency to repeat herself but she usually lets him fuck her twice; and he likes that. Then you think about Gwen. She has the biggest tits you’ve ever seen on a real girl and she enjoys it when you slide your dick between them. Sometimes her imagination runs wild but it generally makes for a great time. Besides, who cares… she has huge boobs and an aww inspiring rumpus. He calls her up. “Meet me to the South, down by the seaside. We can watch the storm clouds roll in and find some mischief to get into.” She tells him. He doesn’t have to think twice about it. He grabs his keys and his coat and he’s out the door.


He pulls up; the clouds in the foreground are thick and dark. He can see the haze over the ocean and the lights of the sky popping in the distance. She is sitting on a totem at the end of a private walk way. He walks up behind her and rubs his wood against her back. She laugh hardily. “You don’t waste any time do you Sir” He walks her out to the end of a long pier. At least a ¼ mile from the edge of dry land. She oversees the property while her boss is out of town, which is often. There is one lone bench that sits on the left side of the pier. He sits and when he does he releases himself to her and the elements. She kneels before him and takes him into her mouth. He is savory against the saltiness of the wind. The rain drops start to fall and her white tunic covering her white and gold swim suit becomes see-thru. He pulls her up and bends her over the bench. He grabs her bathing suit bottom and unhooks the gold clip that keeps it together. He tosses it into the ocean. “You don’t need these” he says, and she giggles. “They will wash up eventually” she says with a devilish grin. She stands slightly and puts one foot up on bench. He squats down to take a good look at her from the back. He smacks both of her ass cheeks, at the same time leaving matching hands prints, before he spreads her. He sees a cloudy foam start to seep from her crack. A little taste never hurt anyone he thinks to himself before running his tongue between her folds. He sweeps one long finger along her crevasse, it is smooth and slick. She is so wet for him that he can hardly contain his excitement for her. He stands and rubs the head of his throbbing cock between her fleshy folds, tickling her clit. Her groan is more like a rumble and she backs her ass up instinctively in his direction. He impales her tight pussy. He doesn’t know why he doesn’t fuck her more often, she is eager to please and has a mind of her own, which he appreciates. Hard and fast he fucks her as he grabs her by the hair and pulls back so he can look her in the eye. He reaches around with one hand and lets her bathing suit top fly. It too will wash up on the sand in a day or two. Her white wet shirt clings to her skin as the rain starts to pour down their bodies. Her already taut nipples harden even more in the cold rainy wind. Hard like ice he finds one easily and pulls letting it snap back. Her tits are the stuff his dreams are made of, so are all the rest of her bits and bobs. He cums at the thought of her, filling her up. She turns and laughs. “Come with me, you can finish what you started” she says. He follows, not sure where they are going but, to curious not to find out.


They reach the edge of the pier and she a takes sharp left turn. Something shiny catches her eye in the flashing of the clouds. She bends down to pick it up and it is a Ruble. “What are you doing?” He asks. “I have always wanted one of these” she says. “What the hell is it?” he is curious. More curious about her curious nature than he is about the item in question. “It’s a Russian Ruble… its foreign currency” she says as her eyes gleam with excitement. “I’m a collector, you see.” She finishes the sentence as she inspects the coin for imperfections. Thinking back she mentioned it once before, but he never committed it to memory. Last time it was something about pesos. He promised her pesos on a trip he was talking over two years ago, but he never came through. I will get her those pesos, he thinks to himself, and if I ever goes to Moscow he will pick her up some Rubles too. “What an excellent birthday present! Poseidon does exist!” she exclaims mostly joking but partly believing. She clutches the coin and keeps moving to the boat house just over the sand dunes filled with sea oats. She ducks inside and removes her tunic. She grabs a towel and heads for the shower. She turns to Kyle, “Come on” she winks. Slowly he follows her shedding his clothing as he goes. By the time he reaches the steamy bathroom she is already beneath the hot running water. He watches her figure as she washes her hair. The oversized shower head quickly washes the suds down her skin. He approaches the frosted glass and cautiously steps in. She turns and kneels. Her hands are lathered and she grasps him. Gently pulling and stroking his cock as she washes his member. She stands to circle him letting her sudsy hands run over his body. The water washing them away almost instantly. He is hard and at attention. He is seeping in the shower and he can feel it. He wonders if she can too as she runs her wet thumb over the opening of his impeccably clean staff. She whispers… “That isn’t water I feel on the tips of my fingers” She kneels and licks the head of his cock. Her mouth is even warmer than the water cascading down to the tiles. He wants to invade her in any way possible and quickly.


She stands and grabs the shower head from its resting place. She switches it to a light pulsating sensation. She holds it up to his balls and lets the water work as she continues to stroke his shaft. “Can you make me cum with this?” she asks. He nods and takes it from her, rotating the shower head to a higher speed. She lays on the bench in the spacious shower and spreads her legs. He runs one hand along her tits down to her pussy. She has shortly trimmed hair in the shape of a small rectangle just at the pinnacle of her mound. Her clit is swollen he sits between her legs and tastes her. She is delicious. He leans back and puts the pounding water up to her clit and enters her tightly puckered pussy with one finger. She jerks with pleasure. “That’s it, that’s my sweet spot” she sings. Slowly in and out of her he moves his fingers as he shakes the nozzle. Letting the nozzle fall he reaches up to grab her luscious tits as he fingers her tight hole. Hard and fast is his game now and he can feel it closing in on his fingers; but he doesn’t stop. He pulls her nipple and her fluids splash to the floor. Her body quivers and leaks like a sieve. He moves in closer to her and agitates her clit with his cock, tickling her all over again, and she sprays. She sits up and rolls over. Still straddling the bench she backs up onto him. He smacks her ass not too hard, but just the way she likes as she moves in reverse. His cock is sky high and she has no trouble finding her way. She engulfs him. Her pussy is soft and piping hot, it feels good on his dick. He watches her ass bounce in circles in front of him. She reaches back after licking her fingers and wets her steamy ass. She puts one finger, just up to the tip, inside her hot box. Then sliding it out she rims her own hole. He continues to apply pressure to her dome as she gives him a show to watch. Rubbing her sucker fish, teasing it she is now ready for him to own it. She releases her pussy from his cock and begs cunningly. “Own my ass, make me cum again.” He is more than willing to acquiesce to her request.


“I want to feel you first.” He whispers. She gathers the nozzle back into her grasps as he places his long middle finger deep into her dark abyss. Circling her hole, teasing and tickling her as he exits. Her ass is so hot and tight he can’t stand it any longer. Her thighs are thick and her ass is round. He isn’t waiting any longer. He wants her, every inch. He pulls her back on to him and she lowers her ass on to his cock. It’s a tight fit but he likes it that way. He can feel the water pounding her clit, and it runs down his ball-sack, as it makes her ass squeeze even more every time her pussy quivers. She relaxes and moves her ass up and down slowly on his thick mass, stretching it. Her hanging tits swing in the steamy warm air. She drops the nozzle and grasps on to the sides of the bench only moving her ass up and down on his long shaft. He starts to meet her half way reaching up into her. Grabbing her tits from behind, she loses herself and sprays the bench down with her silky clear cum. “Don’t stop” she begs. He has no intention of it. He pounds her ass hard as she cries out for more of him. He tries but he can’t hold out anymore. He fills her ass will cum and it feels good. His balls are empty down to the last drop. He lifts her up by her thick ass and inspects his work. A thick heavy drop of his cum slowly drops out of her like the sap from a maple tree. He might have met his match.


All good things to those who wait…and I’m a good thing.




Shadow Walker

The Shadow Walker has many eclectic interests, has done many things in life, worn many hats, traveled many different paths, and understands the needs and motivation of those on both sides of the street. He tries to use a lifetime to accumulate knowledge and wisdom in all manner of his walk. He is known by many, but only few know him. He strives to keep his real identity under the radar. He is a person who oozes charm and authority all at the same time, taking command of every room without you even knowing he has. That is just how good he is. He is mythical, he is magical, he is a novelty.

…Simone and Carly met just after graduation. Simone is beautiful, unpredictable and always up for whatever. She graduated with a degree in the arts, she owns a West Indian trade store full of incense and trinkets. She is a belly dancer and holds classes 3 nights a week from the back of her store. (Carly has taken a class or two, it’s probably where she gets all of her sensational sex moves from.) She is tall, with olive skin tones, alluring eyes and dark hair. She is lovely mix of Polynesian and Iranian, which makes her accent very distinct. She enjoys both men and women, but she prefers women and she especially prefers Carly… always has.

Carly answers the call “Hey Simone.” “Carly my lovely, I have missed you” Simone says. After a bit of catching up and the usual pleasantries¸ she offers Simone the chance she has always wanted. Simone wants Carly and sees her as prize. Simones grace and beauty mask her desire perfectly, but Carly knows what hides behind those eyes. Simone doesn’t even have to think about the offer, she accepts straight away with every notion of making Carly her pet before the end of this adventure.

A few weeks pass… The two lovely women completely different in every way arrive in separate cars at a swanky hotel bar. Carly is wearing a short black Cap sleeved dress with a plunging neck line. She has on peep toes stilettos with a tiny pink bow in the back. The only jewelry she wears is a bracelet on her right wrist that holds a key, a key that won’t be opening anything tonight. Simone is wearing a deep turquoise tightly fitted dress with long lace sleeves. Her dark skin stands out through the blue-green lace. Both ladies have long hair, Simones is worn perfectly straight, pulled back tight on both sides leaving it slightly raised on top. Carlys is highlighted blonde and although she can wear her hair any way she chooses… tonight she decides to go with long soft ringlets. The top is pulled back with two black pins. If Frank has any clue he will know just what to do with them. The women are stunning. They sit at the bar and have a few drinks watching unfamiliar faces come in one by one. Simone rests her hand on Carlys back and brushes the skin on her arm from time to time. She moves closer each time Carly speaks, intently watching the way her lips move when she annunciates certain words. She puts her hand on Carlys thigh and swiftly Carly finds herself downing her drink. She sits a moment and tells her friend she is going to need something a little stiffer to loosen up. “Anything for you Miss Dawson.” Frank is suddenly at Carlys side. “Bartender Kracken and Coke for the lady… you did say STIFF? Right Miss Dawson?” Franks winks at her then smiles.
When the bartender returns with the dark rum filled drink she hands it straight to Frank. “Sir, the lady will have Gin with a splash of Lime, Hendricks if you have it, Bombay Sapphire if you don’t.” Frank leaves touching the back of Carlys neck with his fingers. Simone was a bit jealous of the fact that Frank knew Carlys favorite drink and she didn’t. Frank retires to corner to watch the ladies and finish his drink before the festivities begin.

As Carlys drink kicks in she begins to loosen up. Franks watches as the ladies are laughing about something then before he realizes it he sees Simone go in for some tongue action. Carly doesn’t pull back. She closes her eyes and he can see their tongues touching. Simone stands and makes her way to the front desk of the hotel. Carly grabs her purse and nods in Franks direction to follow. His cock is rock hard but he doesn’t care who sees. The two women walk ahead of Frank by 15 feet. Simone has her hands on Carlys ass. She looks back at Franks and blows him a kiss then turns back to Carly. The elevator opens and the trio walk in. The minute the doors close, Simone hits the lock button. She backs Carly up onto Frank. Carly can feel his steel against her back. His hands instantly go to her tits and Simones go to her waist. Simone looks at Frank and says “So beautiful and soft… aren’t they?” Carly can feel Franks breathe on the back of her ear and Simone kisses her. It is deep and wet. Frank can hear their wet lips dance, he can smell Carlys perfume. It is a little different tonight, he also smells… incense? Strange but nice all at the same time. Simone backs off and hits the unlock button and the elevator moves to the 4th floor. Carly giggles and says “Elevators eh??” The doors open and the ladies walk out first. Frank stands behind to see who has a better ass. Simone is tall and lean with a slender figure. Carly is much more curvaceous; her ass is definitely better so are her tits. But he likes both figures just the same.

The doors open and they make their way to the room. Frank retires to a chair and loosens his tie. He removes it and undoes the top button on his neatly pressed pink shirt. Carly hasn’t seen him in pink in months. He takes a front row seat. He is careful to respect all the boundaries that Carly asked of him. Carly moves in Franks direction and Simone grabs her hand. She looks at her and winks. Simone lets her go and Carly kneels before Frank. She unzips his pants and frees him. He is dripping. She rubs the sticky droplets on her lips and licks his head once before taking him all the way down to the base. She is wet instantly. Then she stands and says “Unzip me Sir.” She kneels again this time with her back to him. He unzips the back of her dress and when she stands her dress stays on the floor. She wears only a Bra, her shoes never come off. She walks over to Simone. Simone lifts her arms and Carly reaches down and pulls her dress straight up and throws it to Franks feet, landing just atop her dress. Simone wears only a lace thong. She has no need for a bra as she has small breasts. Simone turns around and pops Carlys Bra saying “oh yea those big gorgeous girls need all the love they can get.” She unhooks it and throws it to Frank he inhales its scent; now that smells like Carly. As he breaths in he watches Simone take his tits into her mouth and enjoy them. He stands, and the women walk to him, Simone around back and Carly around front. Simone reaches around and unbuckles his belt, Carly reached down and undoes the hook on the trousers before she removes her favorite pink shirt. Carly kneels at his feet and Simone joins her. Looking at both women he offers his dripping cock to Carly. She grasps him and smears his drippings all over her lips. Then she looks to Simone offering those lips to her for a taste testing. Simone sucks his essence off Carly’s bottom lip. Carly continues to stroke Frank paying extra attention to the crown of his royal cock. Simone pulls on one of Carlys nipples before moving to milking Franks heavy balls. Carlys takes him deep down her throat, until her chin meets Simones hand. “That is quiet the talent you have Carly my dear.” Simone whispers. His cock leaves Carlys lips with a pop. “Would you like a sample?” Carly offers politely. Frank looks down at Carly and looking back up at him she smiles, nodding shyly before saying “it’s mine” she licks his tip once more before sliding over slightly. Simone follows suit. And with Carly holding his rigid cock at the base Simone rolls her tongue around his thick tip as Carly strokes his shaft. Then Carly removes her hand and Simone takes him down as far as she can, but it isn’t enough. Carly is the reigning Duchess. Carly moves in closer and both ladies lick his cock up and down taking turns taking him in. Then Simone stands pulling Carly with her, leaving Frank where he stands.

Frank takes a seat letting the urge subside momentarily. Simone turns looking at him as she addresses Carly “you are right my dear Carly… he is delicious. Now let me compare you both and see who tastes better.” Frank sitting in a dark corner with a fiery hot poker feels a stream bubble over and ooze down his shaft. Simone lays Carly at the foot of the bed with her ass cheeks just hanging off the sides. She kneels to the ground spreading Carlys legs as she goes. . Frank can see Carlys toes curl. One hand on each of the inside of Carlys thighs and Simone uses the tips of her long tan fingers to spread Carlys sweet pinked up lips. She enters her with one long finger then pulls it out for a taste; licking the tip of it, as if she doesn’t want to miss a drop. She dives in tasting her with well-practiced ease, sucking her clit in a rhythmic pattern. Then with two fingers she enters her. Frank interrupts her and she stands. “I do believe I prefer her sweet lips over you” Simone says to Frank playfully. “Let me show you the ropes… you can have her back in a minute” he says in return. Wiping her bottom lip with his thumb then tasting Carlys juices. She steps a side and Frank kneels between Carlys thighs. Simone returns to the bed at Carlys head and takes one of her peaked nipples between her lips. He is sure Simone wasn’t lying when she said she preferred Carly. The woman does taste exquisite. Carly moves back instinctively as she watches their exchange of power. Simone runs her hands down Carlys body until her fingers reach her wet pussy then she spreads Carly’s lips for Franks viewing pleasure. Simones tits hang in Carlys face and she licks one of her nipples. Frank tastes; sucking and pulling on
Carlys clit until she teeters on the edge. Giving Simone silent direction she slides back and he pushes Carly back by her thighs. He is between her legs on the bed and she lies open for him like a flower during sunset. He rubs the head of his cock up and down her groove. He shakes it hard on her swollen clit. “Cum for me just like you did the other day” he asks. Simone pulls both Carlys nipple as she licks her ear lobe.  “Cum on Carly, give me what belongs to me.” He whispers.

Carly relaxes and her eyes close. She needs Frank to take her pussy. He enters her with just the tip of two fingers and shakes. His palm rests against her clit applying simultaneous pressure. “I’m going to cum Sir” she stutters. She gives him a full release and when he removes his hands from her pussy he can see her pyroclastic flow. He stuffs her with his pounding cock, balls deeps. Her pussy vibrates and he removes himself. Her droplets fly landing in patterns of disarray. Frank is on a steep cliff so, he backs off. Leaning in to taste Carlys tits for himself, Simone reaches out in an attempt to grasp his shiny cock. He moves back, and shakes his head. He finds himself back in the chair. Carly rolls over and backs Simone up against the wall. With her legs spread and Carly between them Carly returns the favors by pinching her nipples between her thumbs and index fingers. Letting them snap back. “Can you make me cum the way he made you cum?” Simone asks Carly. Franks perks up to hear the answer. “I don’t know but I can try” Carly says. Simone leans back with legs spread far apart. Carly leans in with her ass high in the air. Frank can see Carly has been Njoying herself all along. How could he have missed that? He questions himself. He comes up behind and grabs her by the handle. He pulls and pushes the handle and it’s his pace that determines Carly’s pace on Simones pussy. Carly tastes her fat clit. Carly’s clit isn’t near that size. When she sucks on it, it pulls nicely between her lips. Frank is enjoying Carlys play ground as he watches her work her magic on Simone. He is tired of waiting though. He stuffs his diamond hard cock in Carlys pussy and lets it sit there. She is like a warm wet cock glove. He lets his ship dock in her cove as he twists and pulls on the plug. Carly now enters Simones pussy with one curled finger. She slides it in and out slowly and Simones breathing starts to quicken. Frank pulls out of Carly and she hisses, he goes to retrieve a bottle of oil from a bag. When he returns he hears Simone talking to Carly. “Maybe if I try his cock my dearest…” Carly kisses her in midsentence. Then staring at her blankly she stuffs 4 fingers into Simones pussy and says “I’m Sorry Sugar but his pleasure is mine” “I don’t blame you my love, he is a fabulous creature to behold” She kisses Carly hard and that is when Carly feels Frank slide the NJOY out and slowly inch his way into her tight little starfish. Carly has now worked all her fingers into Simone wet elastic pussy. Frank fills Carlys ass with his mast. Once her ass is accustomed to his girth he starts to take long swift strokes in and out of her wet shiny ass. With each pounding her ass takes, Carlys fist goes deeper into Simones pussy. She backs off to just two fingers. She can feel her Raspberry like G-Spot filled nicely. She shakes her hand and Simone releases a teaspoon full of foam on to Carlys palm. Frank grabs the base of his cock and shakes the tip just at Carlys rear door. A stream of cum jets out of her pussy Frank can’t hold on much longer.

Simone rises up and moves to Carly’s side. She places one hand on each cheek and spread ‘em. Carly reaches down and circles her clit. Simone shakes her ass cheeks fast and Frank pulls out of her. Simones finger tips rim Carlys hot hole and she gapes wide open for Frank. Frank enters her again and pulls out. Carly orgasms again and her hole tries to close but Simone won’t allow it, her fingers hook Carlys rim as Frank watches. Then Simone smacks Carlys ass before reaching down to her pussy and fingering her one good time before Frank moves in for the kill shot. Then Simone grabs his shaft and leads him into Carlys closing ass one last time. As deep as his cock can go he fills her. Carlys chest falls to the bed. Frank releases hard, high into Carlys abyss. One, two, three wads of cum fly. His eyes squint hard and the room goes black for a few seconds. He slows allowing his rounds to empty completely. Once the sensitivity subsides he pulls his still hard cock out of her and moves back to the chair to regain his strength. His creamy white cums bubbles out of Carlys ass and Simone rubs it around her tight hole.

Carly lays there for a moment before she goes to shower. Simone and Frank redress as she collects her belongings. Carly comes out of the shower and Frank enters letting the girls say their good byes. He is out in a flash, Carly and Simone both have their bags and are walking out the door. “Thanks for a good time my dearest. It was nice to have made your acquaintance Frank” Simone says. Frank nods “you are welcome anytime that Carly sends an invite” he laughs. Knowing this surely is a one-time venture. The girls open the door to leave and Frank Grabs Carly’s arm. “You aren’t going anywhere.” He says as he closes the door behind Simone with a Jolly Roger and set of cuffs in hand. “Carly laughs, what do you have in mind you filthy pirate?” Franks takes her bag and drops it on the floor “AARGH!”

Her walk is like a shot of whisky. Neat, strong, and full of purpose; and so many underestimate her punch. The perks of being a wall flower.




Dirty Duo


Any man can grab a woman by her hair and throw her on the bed. He can rip off her clothes and tie her up. He can call her a whore or a slut and fuck the hell out of her, but that’s not dominance. That’s merely rough sex, possibly even violent. She may like it but it still isn’t dominance. True dominance is the ability to whisper softly into her ear and observe how she obediently and mythodically removes her clothing one piece at a time. Watching her intently as she kneels before you offering her entire self, willingly and without hesitation or reservation. She will show you her most vulnerable self without embarrassment or shame and you will know then that she truly finds her pleasure in yours.

… Carly steps into Frank’s office, suddenly regretting the offer she put on the table. She sits down on the chair directly across from him.  Maybe if she treats this like a business proposal this conversation will be easier. She puts on a good show but, she always has been intimidated by him. She looks Frank directly in the eyes and he looks back at her. Who will break the silence first? She fears what he wants because she knows more than anyone that she finds her greatest pleasure in his but, she has no idea which direction he is going to take this. He is a master negotiator, very few men can turn down his charm and surely no woman has a chance; not even the untamable Carly Dawson.

“Carly.” he says. Oh thank God he spoke first. She thinks to herself. “I’m going to let you lead off, seeing as how this was your idea” he finishes. “OK then” she says as she stands smoothing out the wrinkles in her pencil skirt, then she heads swiftly for the door. “Stop!”  Commands Frank in a low tone. The same tone he uses when he is quietly coaxing Carly, as she edges for him. She stops instantly, out of obedience or instinct; she isn’t even sure of which. “Turn around” he continues. She follows his commands looking to the white textured ceiling above. “Look at me” he is polite but his patience are wearing thin. She looks to him and with the curling of his finger she begins to move in in his direction.

Now standing at his right side, Franks chair spins in her direction and stops with the two facing each other. She stands between his legs and he runs his hands up the back of her split skirt, grabbing her ass; strategically placing his fingers so that he can spread her thick moist outer lips apart. She feels the cool air and she looks to the ceiling again, trying desperately not to fall prey to his charming game. “Look at me” he growls. She sighs and looks down to him. “What’s the problem?” he asks. “I think I may have misspoken last night” she laughs nervously. “Well that’s too bad, I was hoping to negotiate a scenario in which both parties could benefit and agree on mutual terms.” As he speaks one hand moves to the front of her body. His fingers are cold but the warmth she is emitting from what she hides deep between her thighs warms them quickly. He brings her closer and she straddles him slightly. As she hovers atop him he pulls her skirt up around her waist. Her thigh-high black stockings are only connected to her body by 4 straps hooked to a lace garter-belt around her waist. “Unbutton your shirt” he whispers in her ear. She follows his directions, each one, to a tee. The moment his tongue hits her nipple her tension eases. He reaches around and releases his cock from its wretched prison. Grabbing his shaft he rubs the base of her clit, she exhales with a hiss and her head falls back. His face is up to her neck and he says, “I own this!” in a deep dark voice that makes her cream for him even the more. Teasing her tight hole with the head of his rod he whispers “Don’t mistake my interest in your little idea as a means to claim an upgrade for myself, loyalty and trust are everything to me.” With his assurance her anxiety clears and she lowers herself on to his steel. She takes his hands and places one on each breast. She leans into his ear and with a witty smile, whispers “I dreamt I was taken by two women last night and I liked it.”

She rocks back onto his shaft and he thrusts hard and deep into her. Grabbing her ass he leaves a full set of finger prints on each cheek. His face is momentarily lost between her billowing tits. Her head falls on to his shoulder and she leaves and imprint of teeth. She reaches back trying to feel for his member as it slides in and out of her with easy resistance. He is intent on bruising her from the inside out as he continues his assault on her pussy. He looks forward to a mirror across the room and sees his cock covered in her thick creamy glue and as it runs down his balls the sensation causes him to shiver. Harder he pounds with short deep strokes. “Frank stop please I’m going to cum” she says. The embarrassment of mess-making is at an all-time high. She can normally stave off the urge but he is relentless. The ideas of another woman and Franks pounding is overwhelming; she can’t control it. He is on a mission to prove his loyalty to her after all her years of loyalty to him. He has no interest in finding another toy and he knows this is the root of her anxiety. “Frank please stop” she whispers. “Give me all your pleasure” he encourages and with that a clear silken fluid rushes from between their fractioning skins. Her full-on gripping pussy tugs him from the base to the tip of his raging head. Watching the reflection he sees the glimmering of his rod and how her pussy continues to vibrate around him. In the midst of her after-shocks he cums high into her, slowly letting his cock sway on the inside just as he likes it. He slowly releases himself from her cove, and she retires to his private bathroom. By the time he returns Frank has also changed his clothes. “Sorry Boss, but I told you to stop…” she starts before she is interrupted. “That was pure unicorn magic, don’t be sorry.” He smiles. “Now where were we?” he laughs.

Frank and Carly discuss many hard and soft limits regarding a 3rd party invite. Frank basically goes along with any requests Carly has as long as she insures the utmost discretion. She has many more rules for this misadventure, he just nods quietly along still completely taken back by her enthusiasm. The hunt for #3 begins and Carly goes home that night trying to think of the perfect candidate. No one comes to mind. Several days go by and any possible woman that comes to mind has more than one red flag,. Frank patiently waiting for an update never says a word. The following week Carly gets a call from an old school friend. The moment her number pops up on Carly’s Android, Carly knows that she is the right choice… Simone has always wanted Carly and would do anything to have a crack at her.

To be continued…





Unconventional Perfection


She is drawn to the freaks and the weirdos. She likes the irregulars and the rebels, the ones who refuse to be ordinary and the ones who stand alone. She feels most at ease with the curious intellects but, she is chameleon in her own skin. Hiding her magical mystery in plain sight. Only a select few know that music soothes her soul, laughter heals her spirit and that she hides her pain with comedy. No one knows that she longs to hear that her beauty isn’t a figment of her own imagination. She rivals any of the truly accomplished women in Austen’s novels. She reads, she writes, she crafts. A true artisan. She is the best lover you have ever known and even if she doesn’t look like Angelia Jolie, she by God… is a Unicorn.


She sits at her desk clicking away on her mouse. Creating the best Excel spreadsheet anyone has ever seen. She is a master at Excel contrary to what Frank believes. She turns her head to look at him as he sits in his office with Cash Carter across from him. He looks at her from the corner of his eye and she licks her M-Shaped top lip, she wonders if he has ever noticed this small detail as her lips have been around him more times that she can count. His eyes move back to Cash showing nothing to his friend across from him. But she sees the slightest upward turn of the corner of his mouth, and she decided to have a little fun.


She sneaks in his car and takes out her phone. She needs a little video encouragement to get where she needs to be. She opens her favorite website and scrolls through the options: Big Tits, Big Dick, Cream Pies, Ebony, Lesbian, Bukaki….wait Lesbian! This looks interesting. She chooses a short video to try. Its two lovely blondes. One with Bleach Blonde hair she quickly names ‘Blondie’ and one with Golden highlights she dubs ‘Goldie’. Blondie is leaning back with one hand on a very erect nipple and the other hand spreading her pussy’s lips apart with her index and middle fingers as Goldie tastes her deliciousness. Goldie inserts a middle finger nice and slow beckoning her to cum from the inside out. With her finger still inserted she rises and tastes Blondies free nipple. Carly starts to sweat. She turns off the video and flips Franks visor down and looks in the mirror. Her almond-shaped eyes are perfectly lined and painted for his liking. Does he like it? She thinks to herself. He looks down on her each time she is on her knees with her eyes opened or closed. He gags her till the perfect lines are not so perfect any more.  But he has never said a word. She wonders to herself if all she is to him is 3 holes. She no longer feels the need to play. She exits his car leaving it just as she found it. Thinking of the lack of what she wants to hear and the two women in the video.


Cash leaves at nearly the end of the day. Exiting with a familiar hug. He misses her in his office, she can tell. But he knows her place is here with Frank. Still she has an affection for the man who is like a Big brother to her and she sees him often enough. “Where did you go earlier?” Frank interrupts her pleasant thoughts of her old boss. “I went to your car to watch a video” she replies not looking in his direction. She suddenly feels a little salty towards him. “Want to stay and work on some documents with me after hours?” he says. She knows what he is implying. “Not tonight” she says still not looking at him. He seems unaffected by her refusal. Especially considering she has never before refused him. He wonders to himself what has gotten into her, she even takes care of me when she is out of order. “See-ya tomorrow” he says. “Oh and send me whatever it was you were watching…research.” He turns into his office and closed the door behind him. She walks out of the office wishing he would have taken control, wishing he would have grabbed her and taken from her what he wanted and what she really wanted to give. But he didn’t, she sends the video and closes the door. 3 Holes is all she is.


Before she even gets to the stop sign up the street she gets a text. It’s a picture message. The tip of his dripping cock. “Two women. HOT!” she doesn’t hear from him again the rest of the evening.


She finds herself quickly in dreamland that evening. In a series of unexpected predicaments, all involving other women, sometimes Frank is in them. Many dreams go through her mind in the course of her REM sleep. One dream is so real she wakes up to the pounding her clit. She goes into the bathroom to splash some water on her face. She looks in the mirror raising her arms high in the air looking at the shape of her breasts as the fall into heavy tear drop shaped mounds. Maybe Frank wants to have a threesome. She thinks to herself. Its 3 am when she grabs her phone to send Frank a text message…Are you interested in having a 3rd party join us..also I need a couple days off. See you Thursday. Quickly Frank replies..Let’s discuss this tomorrow, all mental health days are denied..see you tomorrow Poppet.


She turns off her phone and turns on her vibrator. Strange how the thought of another woman felt as she plunged the vibrator deep into her pussy that night. The thought of Frank never crossed her mind, only the thought of how the lovely Blondes in the video would feel in the bed with her. She closed her eyes and could almost feel herself leaning back, pressed up against the breast of Blondie. Her palms rolling over her nipples and her hands cupping her large round tits. Her hair pulled over the side she could feel her breath on her neck. It was hot and wet. She moved her hands down and spread her knees apart so that Goldie could have full access to her swollen wet pussy. Goldie licks her once then reaches up and kisses Blondie. Carly can hear their wet tongues dance in her ear. Blondie pushes her head back down between Carly’s legs and she licks her again. Long and slow, her lips were extremely wet and her tongue rolled over Carly’s pussy and clit with pleasurable ease. She entered Carly with the same long fingers as she had entered Blondie with. Blondie reached down and spread Carly’s lips as Goldie tasted her. She squeezed her nipple and pulled on it, letting it snapped back into place. That night Carly Came all over the bed sheets. She passed out with the vibrator on, the batteries slowly died out.


When she walked into the office the next morning Frank was already there. “Miss Dawson step into my office” She already knew what he wanted to discuss….


Her beauty satisfied artistic eye, peculiarities piqued his curiosity, her vivacity lightened his ennui, and her character interested him by unconscious hints it gave of power, pride and passion. So entirely natural and unconventional was she that he soon found himself on a familiar footing, asking all manner of unusual questions and receiving rather piquant replies.



Small Talk

Throbbing Vocabulary

Every Woman was born with the ambition to become the King’s Favorite. In a world of glittering ambition and mercurial passions, Princesses were bred to be proper and abiding, the mistresses of the kings were edified on an entirely different level. Pandering to powerful men who were accustomed to having their egos stroked regularly, the chosen lover of the king had her work cut out for her. If prostitution is the oldest profession in history, maintaining the position as the chief mistress to the monarch must surely have been the second.  The king could merely lift the skirt of basically any woman he wanted, but the female who captured his special attention had to possess more than just beauty. She needed Charm, Grace, Wit, Intelligence and the ability to foresee what her powerful lover may want next. Kings often amused themselves with their many toys but their mistresses were expected to wait quietly to entertain their lover. Catherine de Medici said once of Diane de Poitiers, as she watched Henri ll of France frolic with his treasured pet from a peep hole “I have never been used so well.”

And I assure you, Sir, well I am used.

Carly tosses and turns as she sleeps restlessly. She hasn’t had a good jarring in a few weeks now and it is taking a toll on her sleep patterns. R3 only manages to keep the beast at bay for so long though. She gets up and goes to the closet retrieving her vibrating purple friend. On the way back to bed she grabs her phone, she might as well look for a video to entertain the mind. Something she wishes Frank would do to her to take the pounding away. She needs him to fuck her, she needs him to make her cum like 4 or 5 times. She wants him to make her squirt like the girls in the videos do, she wants to sit on his cock and let him ram it up into her until a milky stream of thick sticky glue slides down the base of his shaft and pools on the tops of his balls. She wants to see what it looks like from behind when her foam coats his cock from base to tip as he glides effortlessly in and out of her. She wants to taste it off him after he has made her cum that hard.

The next morning she heads out the door to work. Frank is in the office early today so is Gary. Gary has been a little off for a few weeks ever since he misplaced something that he can’t seem to tell anyone about. She always catches him looking feverishly around his office when he thinks no one is around. He also looks like a dog smelling the air for a particular scent whenever he is in Franks office… its very strange behavior. Frank just looks as him and chuckles to himself like he knows something he isn’t sharing, she will be sure to ask him what that is all about later. 1230 rolls around and they all are heading out the door for a meeting “Carly you can ride with me” Frank says as more of an order than an offer. Everyone else takes their own vehicles. Half way down the street she asks him what has been up with Gary. He knows exactly what she is talking about. “Look in the glove compartment” is all he says. She just looks at him strange-like and opens the glove box. Much to her amusement she finds what she has been looking for… her missing yellow panties. “Frank!” she says… “They are mine, just put them back in there and close the door” he tells her. When she sits back up in her chair and looks over to him, she sees he is stroking himself. “Gary found them in the couch that day and took them” he laughs. “I was in his office the next day and saw them in his desk draw and took what belonged to me” he continued. Carly sits mortified… She can’t believe Gary had her panties. “Relax Carly… he has no idea they are yours but it’s been a real joy watching him search frantically for them every day, sniffing the air in my office like a blood-hound. And when you get near him he starts to scratch his crotch and he doesn’t even know why. He is a great guy but the smell of your pussy sent him over the edge.

Before he even realizes what’s going on she has taken his cock in her mouth. Driving down the street he begins to get the blow job of a life time. One hand on the steering wheel and one hand on her ass. His middle finger is tapping her starfish and she thinks he is intentionally hitting all the bumps in the road. He reaches over and voice dials Gary to discuss business as she works his cock at a red light. “Gary I had to make a quick stop and the bank Miss Dawson and I shall be shortly behind you boys for lunch please get a table. “He pulls off into a safe place and grabs her by the hair, her mouth releases his cock with a loud pop.  She starts to climb into the back seat and with her ass in the air and her head in the back seat he stops her and spreads her. He tastes her from behind…”you taste exceptional” he tells her. She nearly cums right there just by the words he says. She gets so turned on when he talks to her. They make their way to the back seat, knowing they must be quick and not expecting a long afternoon of play she gets into position. “I’m going to cum inside you and give you something to think of all day, I know how much you like to smell me on your skin” he tells her. “You know me so well, Sir” she hums. She lifts her skirt. No Panties and plugged just how Frank likes. “Good Girl” his cock rages for her. He didn’t even see her slip it in. All the talking is over whelming to her. “Now turn around and look at me, I want to see you cum Carly” She flips over quickly and unbuttons her shirt, her massive tits fall all over the place. He skirt is up around her waist and her legs are spread. He crawls between her thighs and says “open your mouth.” He sticks his middle finger in her mouth and her tongue rolls all around it like she would do his dick. He impales her. They are both so charged up it takes no time before her tight hole contracts around him and in turn he releases into her depository.

They make it to the café for lunch not long after the others. They are all waiting in the parking lot for them as the table is prepared… It is Sunny out and Frank has a deviant look in his eye when he looks at Carly and says… “I think it might rain again later Miss Dawson… what say you?” All the boys look around… not a cloud in the sky. What is he talking about? They all think to themselves quietly, and without missing a beat Carly says “Yes Sir, I do believe it might rain again later” they walk in to the café and handle business. The rest of the story can play out in your own mind.

Stroking your cock as you drove down the street was probably one of the most exhilarating things I have done. I thoroughly enjoyed rolling my fingers around your sticky tip as you waited for the light to change in anticipation. I watched you searching for the nearest hiding place all because you couldn’t wait to unload your rifle into any orifice I would give you. Knowing how bad you want it is part of the draw. Even if you can’t have me some days I still want to hear you tell me. It makes the wait shorter and the orgasm harder when we finally do travel together. The King is a smart man… Someone tell him to use his words. The maitresse-en-titre would be less Bratty if he did.



Free-Time Paradox

Casual Leisure- It’s immediately and intrinsically rewarding. It’s a relatively short-lived and pleasurable activity requiring little or no training to NJOY… Sir, I am at your leisure.

“Ahh..” she thinks to herself as she walks briskly back into The Donovan Group’s Office. Refreshed from her Swiss vacation off the shores of Lake Constance. Her personal guide Marc was a great help and not too bad to look at either. He was rather tall, bald, bearded and full of ink. He was extremely hard to understand as she doesn’t speak German but, he was worth it. Besides his English was tolerable and his assets an biceps were rock hard. She had been gone for two glorious weeks and she didn’t give one thought to the stack of work that would be piled high on her desk awaiting her return. Frank had left for one of his trips two days ago as some new clients down south needed his undivided attention for a few days. Before leaving he left Carly a detailed email for her to find upon her return. She sighs…. “ Vacation is officially over!”

Monday and Tuesday fly by as she steadily cleans the mess off her desk. She still continues to keep and eye out for her missing  yellow lace panties but they are no where to be found. She is convinced they were hi-jacked. She only wishes she knew the culprit. Frank emails daily to make sure there are no urgent matters. He knows damn well Carly can handle this place for a few days in his absence, and any crisis for that matter. “ I have everything under control boss and my vacation was fantastic thanks for asking” is all she replies to the first of many follow up emails. She doesn’t bother giving him the satisfaction of irking her for his own enjoyment while he is away playing. Nor does she the rest of the week either.  Besides the boys will keep him as informed as he needs to be and he trusts her.


Friday AM-

Hi Carly,

How was your trip? Any hot guys to Oogle…? Now anwser my emails!




(Carly) DELETE!


Friday PM-


Ms. Dawson.. Do you value your job? Answer me now!




(Carly) DELETE!




MISS DAWSON… you are a BRATTY PET and you will get it when I return.




3 am. Carly’s phone buzzes with the sound of a high priority incoming text message. It’s Frank.


C- Why are you up at this hour? You probably smell like cigars and taste like Rum.  Go to bed.

F-What are you wearing Carly?

C-You know what I wear to bed…

F- Show Me!

C-Come back and see for yourself


She silences her phone and heads back off to dream land. All the while Frank lays in his own nakedness, wishing she was on this trip with him to help him with all his administrative needs. Not to mention he hasn’t sunken his raging cock in her in nearly a month. His balls start to ache and he sends one last email.

Miss Dawson,

Your particular services are required here first thing Monday morning.



Sunday she awakens to Franks email and a Flight Confirmation to Frank’s destination. Flight leaves this evening at 7. She runs a few errands and packs her bag and heads to the airport. Before the flight hits the ground she has confirmation for her hotel accommodations. She flags a taxi and heads to the hotel. She arrives to find that she is already checked in with a key waiting for her at the concierge. She heads to her room and showers. She crawls into bed turning the lights off, she is fast asleep by 10:30. Her phone vibrates as many texts come through, they are all from Franks summoning her to him, plugged and ready to play but she never hears anything.

(2:30am) Frank hasn’t been this drippingly hard in a long time. Why she keeps ignoring him is baffling his brain. So he throws on a pair of sweats and walks his kick-stand to the room just across the hall. He has the spare key as he kindly checked her in earlier that day. He creeps in quietly realizing she is fast asleep. He stands above her staring. He lightly strokes her lips with his cock hoping to wake her easily. Her eyes open and she immediately takes him into her mouth nice and slow. Rolling her tongue around his head. It was like she expected him to come to her in the night all along. He lifts the sheet covering her nakedness and drops his pants and crawls in behind her. He spreads her cheeks to pleasantly find a soft purple nite-nite plug buried deep within her ass. He presses his cock against her back and the hot tacky droplets stick to her skin. Reaching around he fills his hands with her enormous tits and he leaves a set of teeth marks on her shoulder near the nape of her neck. Her breathing quickens and her nipples harden between his fingers. He rolls on to his back expecting to be mounted in the traditional fashion. But to his pleasure she stands on the bed. Straddling his face she squats down using the head board for hand support. Hovering just above his face she teases his nose with her engorged clit. He tilts his head back and lifts his neck slightly. His tongue slides between her sweet tasting lips and his cock pulses once releasing a large droplet of clear sap. She starts to slide her hips back and forth letting his nose tongue and mouth slide between her lips. Then she stops and he moves his head quickly in the NO-NO fashion and she gives him her release. Her juices cover his lips and he can’t get enough. Once her vision becomes clear she leans forward and takes his thick steel into her mouth letting him gaze upon her from behind as she is spread wide. He enjoys his cock in her mouth and as a reward he finger fucks her tight pussy with his middle finger as she pleasures him. Tapping and pulling on the soft silicone plug and near the edge he flips her over. Sitting on his knees between her legs, taking deeps breaths and letting his cock come down from near explosion.

He reaches up and leans in taking her nipple between his teeth and sucking hard she groans. Sitting back he looks at her in the dark, he reaches up and pulls the chain on the night side table lamp. Taking his hands he spreads her legs as far apart as they will go. He falls into her and pulls out watching her pussy gape the same diameter as his thick cock. He can sense she is near and he leans in to taste her once more and then impales her hard and deep. He feels her grip and he pulls out. Like a plug releasing the dam, soft clear fluid gushes from her harbor. He thumbs her clit with slight pressure and he sees her pussy contracted hard opening and closing each time more fluid falling from her fluttering hole. It looks like the mouth of a Lamprey without teeth beckoning him to enter her all over again until he finds his own release. He licks her from the base of her plug up her seam to the peak of her thumping mound, tasting her one last time. He slams into her pounding away hard and deep he leans in with his mouth on her breast and he pulls out one last time. Flipping her on to her side he lifts one of her legs and runs his staff up into her. She can feel his body slam up into her hard and she has one of her own breasts in her hand pinching and pulling. He sticks two fingers in her mouth and she sucks on them like they are his cock as she reaches down and strokes his balls with a light massage, feeling them slowly recede. He spreads her high leg even further with his arm exposing her warm wet pussy to the cool air.  Bringing it up around his own leg before he reaches down to smack her little clit one last time as he ram rods her. He thrusts hard deliberate strokes, then he stops and she can feel the root of his steel pounding as his balls draw up in to his body. He continues to fuck right through the cum causing her one last release. When he pulls out of her a mixture of their cum, the ultimate cream pie, falls to the sheets below. She can’t resist a taste and as she raises her finger tips to her mouth he pulls her hair back hard and whispers in her ear “B stands for beautiful” then he slips out of her and the bed simultaneously, redresses and exits the room for a few hours of sleep before his last day out of town.




I enjoy watching you stroke yourself as I kneel before you with my bare knees on the cold tile floor. Your twitching hips and wet fingers, a solo show preformed for one. Eager eyes staring up at you, willing tongue begging for what you give. I didn’t know how starved I was until I tasted you.


Indee Fixe

The Thong Thief Chronicles

A Preoccupation of the mind believed to be firmly resistant to any attempt to modify it… and trust me I am.

It’s the lunch hour at The Donovan Group. It’s been an overly busy morning and Frank is fit to be tied about a deal that has not fallen in his favor. He hides it well but Carly can sense his angst as the others laugh merrily over burgers and beers. She reaches into her purse and pulls out her phone. Before her fingers stroke the keys she gets a text message from Frank. “I need you to get back to the office and get me some info on those clients, I need that account.”  The rest of the men plan on spending the remainder of the day here with their beers, she needs to get back to the office to tend to some business. She politely excuses herself, bidding them fair well and a safe drive home. Then she gets to her car and heads back to the lonely office.

When she arrives she enters through the back door and turns off the alarm. She walks into Frank’s office and starts to clear his desk from all the work. He tends to be very organized but today he left in a fluster and she knows that he will appreciate her cleaning up his organized chaos. She stack everything neatly and places it all in the lower desk drawer. “Ahhh that’s better” she says to herself. She pulls out a small black box that can only be unlocked with the key that has hung on her right wrist for the past 5 years. Several items have come and gone from this box but a few remain… A Princess Plug, her magic balls, and her favorite pair of bunny ears. There are also a few new Items, some still needs to be tested and approved. A shiny NJOY which she has yet to enjoy. And a glass plug shaped like a small pineapple that gives the allusion of a lovely gape when she dons it for his pleasure. Which to choose… so many options.

She lays on the couch next to his desk and starts to think about him and what he does to her. Her pulse quickens and she starts to get warm. She lets the buttons loose on her shirt and slides off her shoes. She starts to feel the pooling of heat between her thighs and they rub together as she tries to stave off the urge to touch herself. She knows he has a camera hidden in here somewhere so that he can tap into his office anytime to make sure all is undisturbed but she doesn’t care. She takes off her shirt and unzips her pencil skirt. She is wearing a yellow lacy bra and a thong of the same color and brand. She kicks her clothes over into a pile and slides off her stockings one leg at a time. She reaches down and pulls the rabbit out of hits hole and licks its tip. She lets it rest on the back of the sofa. Leaving her bra on and she exposes just her nipple to the cool air. The lace grazes her areolas and it makes her nipple harden that much quicker. As she thumbs one of her nipples she reaches down and pulls her thong panties over to the side. Running her fingers up her wet crease she take a quick breath as she bites her bottom lip. She closes her eyes and pretends its Frank’s lips and fingers that diddle her sweet pussy’s lips and clit.  She tastes like magic and she understands the draw he has to her flavor.

Before she goes any further she sends Frank a text and tells him to check his Teddy-Cam. She throws her phone to the chair across the way, she doesn’t care what he text back she just wants him to look. She hears her phone buzz but she ignores it repeatedly. All she hears is the buzz between her thighs with each orgasm she has. She lays resting in between Orgasms and she hears the bell sound to the back door. She smiles to herself. Frank must have come to play. She hears foot-steps down the hall then she hears not one but two voices and one of them isn’t Franks; it’s Gary. CRAP! She thinks to herself. She tries to hurriedly collect all her belongings and the little black box full of toys. She was stuck under Frank’s desk one time before but that was intentional, not because she was masturbating in his office without his permission. Shit Shit SHIT!!! The foot-steps are getting closer and the voices are getting louder. She doesn’t have any choice, she has to hide and hope that Frank will get Gary out of here in a hurry. She crawls under the opening of his desk wearing only her bra. Her clothes are waded in a ball and the black box rests in her lap. She is thankful for Frank’s large executive desk. Atleast there is plenty of room, she just has to be silent as a church mouse. The men enter and the door closes loudly and she is startled. The men talk and gossip for a few minutes and she can hear Frank pour Gary a drink. All she can do is sit there in silence and listen.

Gary’s POV-

“Yea Frank we can have a quick drink before I get home to the wife and kids” I say as I enter Franks office. All of a sudden I smell something familiar. Perfume.. or a mix of perfume and something else. What is that sweet smell. It smells like perfume and… pussy. Damn no wonder Frank likes being in his office so much, this smells great. Damn I need to take my wife out to dinner more, maybe buy her some new perfume. “Yea Frank Rum and coke is fine with me, what is new?  Sorry about that deal falling through today” I say as I inhale deep, enjoying the aroma wafting through the air. “Have a seat Gary” Franks says as they B/S over their cocktails. What is that? I walk closer to the couch and see something yellow and lacy. I sit and reach my hand back to feel what is stuck between the couch cushions. OMG its panties! SHIT! I quickly stuff them in my pocket as Frank grabs a Cigar out of his humidor. “I can’t stay long Frank, a quick drink and I gotta be off”… “No problem man” Frank only grabs one Cigar out of the humidor.

The men continue to shoot the breeze for a bit and then part ways. Gary walks out of Frank’s office and removes the panties from his back pocket and holds them up to his face like an oxygen mask and inhales deeply as he walks straight past Carly’s desk, not even noticing her absence. His cock tingles and he rushes out the door he needs some fresh air before he cums straight in his pants.

Back in Frank’s office…

Frank goes to sit at his desk just as Gary walks out of the door only to find Carly sitting there. “Hello” as she crawls out half.. make that whole naked. He offers her a hand she has been under there for a while. “I saw your little shenanigans on camera.. if you would have picked up your cell phone you would have known we were coming and you wouldn’t have had to hide under there” he laughs. She stands and then hands him the black box “ put that up for me will ya” she starts to straighten out her cloths and get dressed right in front of him. “ what are you doing?” he asks as he hold the black box in his hand and takes a drag of his stogie. He smells of Rum and molasses flavored cigars… she gets turned on all over again. She leans in and inhales him as she fixes her bra… “ I’m getting dressed, what are you doing?” she retorts in a sultry whisper. “I’m about to fuck your sweet smelling pussy, your aroma fills the room?” He turns her around and bends her over the desk expecting to see a shiny jewel in her ass. But there is nothing there. He smacks her hard on the ass and opens the little black box to choose his implement. He places the box on his desk and flips open the hinged lid. He pins her down with his hips, and with his full weight as she is bend over the desk. Her legs are spread with her ass jacked-up high in her black heels and nothing else but a yellow lace bra.

He chooses the glass pineapple for today’s adventure. He hasn’t seen her ass gape in while and he wants to Njoy the new toy when he has ample time to test all its magic. He sits back in his chair and leans back to get a birds eye view of the sight bending before him. “Spread your ass cheeks for me Carly.” He tells her and she reaches back doing what he requests with no hesitation. She feels the cold hair hit her tightly puckered hole. Then she stands up and turns around. “I need a little help Frank.” She holds her fingers up to his mouth and he takes them in one by one wetting them with his salivating tongue. Then she turns back around, taking her place and reaching back she wets her hole with his saliva. “Your spit on my ass feels better than mine every day of the week” she assures him. His cock drips at the idea. Then he wets his own index fingers generously and circles her starfish before entering her just to the first knuckle with his thumb. Her ass is hot and tight and before the days end, he is going to own it. He removes his finger and slowly replaces it with a clear glass plug. He watches her striations spread as he slowly inches his way in. Once it is in position he leans in. He rubs her clit from behind as he licks her ass cheek one time before he bites down. He leave one set of teeth marks and all he can hear is her hiss in pleasure. He stands and pulls her back by her elbows standing her upright and turning her around. She falls to her knees and helps him out of his trousers. Taking her time to stroke and lick his cock as she works. Once he is fully exposed she licks his balls as she strokes his dick before she takes him in all the way to the base. His hands fall to her head and he hunches over a bit slowly fucking her face deeply before pulling out and standing her up. She gasps for air the moment she is released.

Once up to her feet she leans back on his desk and the glass plug makes a slight clank as her ass sits up on to the glass top of the executive desk.  Her legs spread and he walks into her; like a well-choreographed dance. His cock slides in with a little resistance, but her tight pussy is wet and warm and he feels the glass pineapple shaped plug press firmly against, first his head then his shaft as he slides deeper into her. He leans in and takes her tits into his mouth. Rocking back and forth harder and harder as he pushes up into her. Trying to break through her ceiling the best he can. He wants to send her home limping and sore. He bites down on her nipple and pulls when he stands back up he smacks both of her tits hard in a downward motion leaving a lovely pink hand print. Just before he cums, and right on the edge of his own glory he pulls out of her and closes his eyes, taking a deep breath, holding off the  urge to let his cum fall to the floor below.

“Don’t move Beautiful” he says as he retrieves the rabbit out of its hat and sliding it into her pussy slow and deep. He turns it on and fumbles through the settings like he is a boy. She laughs. Finally he finds the setting he is looking for… High.  Almost instantly her body quivers. When she cums juices spray like the mist of a fine French perfume. He stands her up and bends her over and pulls on the glass plug watching it spread her; leaving a true gaping hole for him to see. “Back to the desk for you my dear” he says once the hole closes. The he pulls her by the hips until her ass hangs off the desk and he enters her through the back door with ease. She reaches down to circle her clit with her fingers. “Wait, I have just the thing for your lovely swollen pussy” he says as he eases the rabbit into her overly wet hole. He turns it back on and instantly feels the vibrations radiate up his cocks shaft straight to his throbbing head. It won’t be long now he thinks to himself. So he says “cum with me won’t you B?” and she smiles and says “ I’d love to” with one hand on her left breast; nipple between his fingers and one hand holding the rabbit like a joy stick he pushes his cock in and out of her ass slow and hard. Moving his hips she can feel his balls slapping up against the bottoms of her ass cheeks. “Are you ready my dear” he says. And she winks, she gets extremely turned on when he talks to her that way during sex. She lets go and her pussy contracts around the rabbit, in turn he can feel her ass contract around his massive shaft and he squints his eyes and makes a full release deep into her abyss. He pushes up into her twice before he pulls out of both her holes simultaneously. He sits back in his chair and she exits to his private bathroom to redress. Carly walks out and asks Frank for her Yellow Lace Thong. He tells her he doesn’t have it and after scouring his office. “Frank, where did they go? We have to find them” she starts to freak out. Frank tells her to relax that they are either gone and they will figure it out or they will turn up at some point.

Later that afternoon after Carly puts in the work on the lost account and they say good bye for the evening. Frank hangs out to tweak her findings on what went wrong. Gary has the initial bid in his office and he goes to retrieve it. He opens Gary’s desk drawer and sees a familiar sight. A neatly folded pair of yellow lace thongs. He lifts them up to his face and inhales… You little dirty thief… he laughs. They most certainly belong to his beautiful pet. He puts them in his pocket and takes the clients file. “I think I will keep these for myself” he says aloud.  Although I understand the appreciation. The next morning, Gary is in early working away with a clear mind, but seemingly anxious as he fumbles around all his desk drawers looking for something. Carly asks him when she arrives what he is doing in so early and if he needs help finding something. He says that he was here working yesterday afternoon alone in his office and wanted to finish some work and he seems to have misplaced something but for her not to be concerned. “Ok Gary have a good day” she says as she walks by. Her perfume smells familiar like something he has smelled before but slightly different. “Nice perfume Carly” she says without thought. “Uhhh Thanks!” she says with a smile. Frank meanwhile sits in his car across town, listening to several men chatter on the other end of the line talking about the newest competitor on the scene. He reaches over into his glove compartment and pulls out a pair of yellow soft lacy thong panties. Takes a whiff throws them back into the glove box, gets out of his car and says “Today is going to be a good day!”

Imperfection is beauty, madness is genius and it’s better to be absolutely ridiculous than absolutely boring… Thoughts of an abstract mind.



Tell Her

B…is for Beautiful.

When eating pussy, don’t be a pussy. Take it to the extreme. Let her ride your face; stick your tongue in her hole. Lick every ounce of wetness she seeps for you. Taste it like it will be the last time you ever will. Nibble, kiss, slurp, and suck and finally when you come up
for breath, let her see the wonderful glistening of your face. Then she will know that you gave it every effort. Because, after all she isn’t a dick, when she sucks your dick. She takes it to the extreme; she takes you to another level of pleasure. She lets you fuck her face
as hard or soft as you like. She licks around your head and make you wet. She gives you her gag reflex. She lets the tip of your hard cock bounce off the back of her throat; she jerks you off and sucks on your balls. She makes you feel like you are the best loli she has ever had.
She lick, kisses, slurps and swallows when you bust a nut in her mouth, She sucks your cock even when she gets nothing in return. You see her face at it ugliest. Full of cock, cheeks red, eyes streaming tears all for your pleasure. So when it’s your turn, take more than 30
seconds to taste her. She fancies the way your tongue dances on her sweet tangy lips. Tell her that her pussy makes your cock drip and all you want is to lose your cock inside her. Makes her cum.

He stands in complete nakedness as he takes the last of his Kraken in Coke. Carly takes a mental picture of him; he is beautiful to look at in all his majesty. She leans back on the bed with her legs spread and he can see a slight glimpse of the moisture pooling between her legs.
She sucks the last of the distilled juniper berries and juice off the ice in her glass. They both needed a drink to calm their nerves. Now that the tonic has had a chance to take effect they are ready to fuck. She slides down and rests her head on the pillow. He loves eating pussy and he is going to finally get his chance to do it the right way. He reaches out and feels her warmth with the tips of his cool
fingers. It sends a chill down his spine and warmth up his already raging boner. As his face meets his destiny he inhales and a large sticky drop hits the sheets below. He wraps his arms around her hips and pulls her forward then buries his face between her folds. Her body
relaxes and in no time she knows she on the verge of giving him an appetizer to taste. He jets his tongue in and out of her dripping hole as he uses his thumb to circle her clit and a long middle finger to reach high up into her. She is tight but wet and he can’t wait to sink himself into her. He pulls back and takes a gander at the beauty before him and her pussy is a beauty. Using his hand he pops her a few times to make the blood rise even more to the surface then he sucks quickly on her clit causing a sucking slurping noise simultaneously.
Her legs fall to each side and her release is eminent. A small pool of moisture flows from her tight hole and he laps it up because after all a good Sir goes out of his way to make sure his favorite toy is
pleased beyond measure in the bedroom.

She sits up on the edge of the bed as he stands before her. His cock is eye level. He took one look at her and he knew she was a good girl who knew exactly when to be bad. So as he stands stroking his cock before her she moves forwards and paints her lips with the tip of his seeping member. She licks her lips, he gives her a devilish look and she simply says. “I’m sorry but I need to taste you.” He wraps his hands around her head, gathering her hair between his fist and the moment his staff enters her mouth and she takes him down to the base she feels the tips of his fingers dig in to her skull. She reaches down and spreads her legs; she slips a finger into her own pussy as he has his way with her mouth. He wants to reach further down her slender
upstairs canal. So he stands her up and spins her around. Bends her over and lends a good hard smack to her lovely round ass. He sees something new. It’s pretty and pink and his has his name written all over it. “Your ass makes my cock drip pretty girl” Then he removes her plug, nice and slow watching it pull its way backwards out of the dark
hole in which it’s buried. He spreads her cheeks apart and watches the door slowly close before him. Then he walks over to the Dresser and grabs the newest tool in his arsenal. It’s a plug. It has a bullet shaped head and a curved neck. The end is not a fancy little jewel but a
small oval shaped handle that fits his finger to a tee. Like it was welded just for him he slides his index finger in the groove. He drips copious amounts of oil along the top of her crest and allows it to
come to body temperature as it runs down the crack of her ass making
its way to her sweet starfish. He takes a thumb and rims her making sure she is good and wet. Then he slowly stretches her, sliding the weighty new stainless steal into her cavity. He doesn’t stop until the backs of his knuckles touch the thick meaty center of her ass cheeks.
He pushes and pulls in delight. For those who are unaccomplished in the arts, they would think he is beating her. But in reality he is bringing her to the edge of a cliff. Once he is satisfied that her ass has been good and hammered he runs the head of his cock up and down her crease teasing her hot dark hole. She reaches back and guides him in. Giving
him the permission he wants. Like he needs it, she told him there would be no “NO’s” in this space. Once he finds his way in she is almost positive she hears him let out a growl low enough that only
dogs could hear. He drives into her ass slow and deep, pulling back each time far enough to see his frenulum crest her hole before he pushes back in. She circles her raging clit and he reaches up to take one of her delicious tits in hand, he pinches her harden areola and lets his fingers pull from the base of the color to the tip of her nipple. She screams out as her pussy vibrates. He feels her tighten ass-hole clutch around his cock. He pushes as high as he can up into her, simultaneous release. “FUCK!” he groans as he cums harder than ever before. He exits her ass with a pop, stands there for a moment spreading her, and a thick wad of his seed exits as her ass stays high in the air. He slides her princess back into its rightful place. A perfect crown jewel for the woman who had made his kinks come to life.

“Don’t move, please B” He says as he makes his way to the shower. She can hear the water on the porcelain, and she knows the fucking is no where near done for the day. When he exits with a towel around his waist, he smacks her ass and allows her to go clean up. She does so
and makes her way back to him. He sits on the bed checking emails, the phone never stops but this is his down time and he knows she needs this as much as he does. So he hits the silence and as he finishes off a large bottle of water as they chat on the topical and she pours them one last drink.

They lay at the opposites ends of the bed as they recharge and finish their drinks of choice. “Take off everything except your black ruffed panties please my dear” he asks of her, but she really knows this isn’t a request. She does as she asked and climbs back on to the bed
she wraps a clean cool sheet around her silhouette as she bends her legs and spreads them slightly so that he can take a look at her pussy. He has an all too familiar vibrator in his hand. Very life like and has many speeds. He wets her pussy with his fingers. Once she is wet to his liking her slides the life like dildo into her pussy. The aroma that wafts in his direction makes his cock begins to rise and sweat. He fucks her hard and fast with the hand held cock, taking her
to the precipice but never allowing her to fall over, edging at its finest. He pulls her up and sits back. She sucks his cock with her ass facing him. She is able
to take him in deeper this way and he thoroughly enjoys every minute his cock is in her mouth along with the view. She massages his balls and licking them and sucking them softly. Letting them leave her mouth with a small pop as she strokes his shaft and thumbs his tip in
circles. Then she mounts him, backwards. Bending forward she guides
his cock in to her slick pussy, helping him to push through her tight folds. His hands are on her heart-shaped ass and they never move. She moves up and down just taking his head in, but that isn’t what he desires. He pulls her back and wraps his arms around her taking both her tits in his hands. She can’t help but to take him all the way down to the base. They both groan as she rocks back and forth and he pushes upwards into her. He runs his palms around her nipples and she cries out his name in ecstasy. His real name, the name everyone else calls him by.  He pushes higher up into her at the sound of his name coming off her lips. She rubs her clit as he pounds into her rotating hips.
“I’m going to cum” she says and he reaches up and pulls her hair back. She can feel his breath on her neck and she falls forward. Seated reverse doggie style by happenstance. The jewel in his face; circling around as she moves her hips in a clock-wise motion. Her pussy circles
his cocks head. He rises up to his knees never exiting her and slams into her hard and high, she looks back at him and says “ Fuck me like you do in your fantasies” He pulls back and fucks as hard and as fast as he can. By the time he is done with her pussy her ass is read from the pounding she just took. The feel of his balls slamming up against
her pussy’s lips, the way her nipples graze the sheets, her pussy cums over and over leaving a slightly sticky mess on the bed below. He stands stroking his cock with one hand. Hitachi Wand in the other. She slides back, head off the edge of the bed. He leans into her and she
takes him down the long gullet. He rubs her wet pussy and smacks it a little. He knows how much she likes that, and he has every intention of giving her another orgasm before they part for the evening. He holds the wand up to her pussy, all along she never stops letting him fuck her mouth. She takes him all the way down her throat. Her hands are on her mounds, pinching and pulling her peaks. He knows she is almost there when her thighs tighten and then her legs fall to the sides in a relaxed fashion. He is unrelenting and she lets a pool of
moisture stream out of her hole. He reaches around her thighs and pulls quickly on the pink jeweled plug and he feels his own release at the tip of his geyser. And right on time in perfect fashion she grabs his thighs and pulls him that much more into her throat and as she cums so does he. She can feel the way his balls draw up and the base of his cock pulsates on her lips and nose. It is so sexy the way he gets off on what she gives him. He pulls out weak and empty, sated even. He falls next to her on the bed and tells her she is quiet possibly the best he has ever had. The compliment is more than enough to satisfy her senses.

“Time to go back to work Carly.” Frank says as he dresses. “Yes Sir.” She stands and begins to dress as well,  collecting all their trinkets. Just before he walks out the door he says two words “Loyalty
and Trust” she simply looks back to him and says “Always Sir” he winks and says “Good Girl.”

A good laugh, a partner in crime, epic conversations, a friendship, honesty and unquestionable loyalty. They are stuck with each other.



White Knuckles

Obeir-A French Word: To Behave Obediently. To comply with or follow commands, restrictions, wishes or instructions…To Obey!

She climbs into the room. She is wearing a black dress and he is wearing a suit, tailored to fit his tall frame to perfection. She is busty and she spills over a little. He leads her over to the middle of the room and she kneels before him. She unzips him as he runs his fingers in and out of her mouth. Her tongue and lips are wet and his fingers slide effortlessly in and out of her mouth. He pushes further down her throat and his cock can sense what his fingers feel. She coughs and his cock bursts forth. It’s time for her to do all that he asks.

She wraps her hand around his girthy staff and pulls forward two sticky droplets are released to her. She cleanses her puckered lips with them. The she takes him in. Her tongue glides along the sides of his shaft and around his head as she strokes him up and down. His head falls back in pleasure and just for a moment he enjoys the soft touch of her warm mouth. He pulls out of her leaving her mouth open begging for more.  He plunges into her hard and pulls all the way out. He does this over and over each time reaching further down her gullet. He pulls out again and uses his cock to smack her on the lips and on the side of the face. Using his hand he cups her under the chin with one hand and by the hair with the other forcefully pulling her face onto his rigid appendage. Near the edge he backs off, releasing her, stroking her hair in admiration for being such a willing participant.

Atop the seat sits a Obeir Spanking Bench. It is made of soft red leather and has black leather cuffs lined with lambs wool. She climbs atop the bench and kneels. She crosses her legs and folds them back, like a teenager laying on the floor watching the TV. He locks her wrists into their binds. As he stands before her, she is only allowed to touch the small rectangular area of his body. Always only this rectangular space and nothing else, it is maddening to her. She wants to be able to grab him by the hips digging her nails into his back side, she wants to be given permission to pull him into her mouth as he stands before her. But she knows her place, and she executes her role to a tee: never putting a toe out of line. He reaches down and releases her breasts from the corset style bra she wears. Her breasts are entirely too big to be kept hidden away. Besides he likes how her tiny pink nipples sit atop her peaks, like a lone mountaineer that has reached the summit, they stand tall and proud. They fall and hang like melons over the edge of the foam bench. He pulls her forward and the bench inclines and begins to rock to and fro. She opens wide, quietly urging him to take her mouth and own it like only he does. Like a good Master… He does.

As he drives down her throat he reaches forward and grabs the right cheek of her ass. He spreads it looking for the slight glimmer of something shiny. He sees it and smacks her. Her cheek giggles, he likes it. He pulls out of her and looks down. He pulls her head up toward him by the roots of her hair and her mouth parts. He spits in her orifice and shoves his fingers down her throat again, wetting them with his own saliva, then rams his dick back down her gorge. She gags and gasps for air but continues on, enjoying every inch of him down her throat. He reaches back again pulling her black thong to the side. He moistens her with the saliva he retrieved from her mouth and sticks his middle finger into her slit. Her eyes squint and she moans. The head of his cock widens and his balls tighten. He pulls out of her and her tongue reaches for his tight sack. She licks him, lightly suck one gem into her mouth. He smacks her ass hard and she releases him. Then he pops her check again with his cock and shoved it once deep down before pulling out. He reaches down and palms her breast leaving fingers prints on the outside of her milky mounds. Then he pulls gently on her erect nipple before he pops the side of her again, her breast is now light pink in color. He circles around to the back of her, leaving her bound by the wrists. There won’t be any protesting from her today. He is going to take every hole she has and make it his.

She draws her legs up to the step of the Obeir Bench and her ass is right where he likes it, nice and high. He places his hands on her back side and spreads her, he pulls her thong down around her knees. Such a lovely sight; Her big round ass plugged with his favorite color. But she won’t need the plug for long. He pops her on the backs of her thighs and moves up to the crest of her cheeks and lays a few gentle smacks to her tender flesh, Then rubs the sting away. His rough hands swarm softly over her skin and he spanks her again. He can feel the moist heat rippling off her flesh. She wants him and he knows it. He leans in and tastes her from behind. Her soft meaty pussy taste like almonds and cherries.  She wants him to dive in and devour her. He spends entirely too little time with his face between her thighs. She wants him to be messy, to go for it, to lose himself in her wet crevasse. Rules! Always so many rules with him. Why can’t he just let go, he would enjoy it so much more, enjoy her so much more. He pulls away just before she is ready to cum. Always edging, always leaving her wanting more. He mounts her, spreading her cheeks apart again. He gives the plug a gentle tug and he can see it starts to pull through from the other side. It pops out quickly and her tight little hole closes entirely too fast. The princess plug makes a thud as it falls to the floor below.  She needs something bigger in there to stretch it out and he knows just what will get the job done. He wets his fingers with his tongue then reaches around and lets her taste him. She licks him clean and somehow his finger come out more wet with her sucking on them. He spreads the combination of their saliva up and down the fault line of her body. Her pussy is wet enough but her ass needs more. He spit on her hole and pushes one finger into her. My God she is tighter than he expected. He leans up and whispers something sexy in her ear that makes her smile. Surely some small insignificant inside joke that only the two of them share. Something about the plug being in or how she really is like his favorite cigar but better. Only he knows what to say to make her smile like that. The deviant smile of a woman who knows how to please her Dominant and knowing that his gratitude will be shone in return to his submissive is irreplaceable. Her smile fades and he pulls her head back by the roots of her hair. “Take it” she says as his cock runs up and down her seem. He wastes no time.

He impales her, like Vlad from The House of Basarab. She feels him stretch her, there is no better feeling. He pushes in until the head of his cock reaches her ceiling. She cries out in pleasure, and breaths deep as he uses her hair like the reins on his favorite horse. He pushes forward again and this time stills, releasing her hands from their binds. “Show me” he asks. His tone is reminiscent of a begging, but he would never stoop to such a thing. She gets even more wet, she likes knowing how badly he wants her and how much he enjoys her. He says so entirely too little. He pulls up and she reaches back. He looks down as she spreads her zipper for him. He rests his raging head against her hot hole and her pussy goes electric, pounding away. Her clit searches the best way it knows how, her hips move searching for his cock to enter her again. He obliges but in a different way. She can feel him start to push through, slowly but surely into her rear-entrance. He has to concentrate. She is slippery wet and extremely tight. The heat radiates around him. He smacks her ass and she relaxes. He pushes forward with less resistance. Finally his pelvis reaches her ass and he knows he is rooted as high up as he can go. She never stops spreading herself for him. She can feel his hot skin on her knuckles. He doesn’t take strokes only pushes over and over, letting his girth set in. Letting her body memorized his, letting her hole acquiesce to him. Letting her hole obey his cocks command.

He pulls out of her, impressed that her hands have never let go, he sees her white knuckles grasping on for dear life. He glances to the Bullseye of her dart board. It stands alone slowly closing before his eyes. He stuffs his own dart into her again and pulls out. It gapes wipes open. In his line of sight all he sees are her brightly colored finger nails and her gaping ass. It is beautiful to watch. He pushes in again and when he pulls out this time he invades her pussy, she screams as her clitoris explodes in waves of fluttering orgasmic shocks. He pulls out and pushes through her back door again. His cock yearns to feel the after- shocks of her excitement. Her ass clamps on to him refusing to let go. But he manages to break free he sticks two fingers in and feels her gaping walls pulsate. One last time he parks himself into her, he reaches forward again and feels her breasts. Her body can’t help it, his touch is every bit of magic he promised from the beginning. She cums again, unloading her essence onto him. His balls are covered with her mist. He fucks her pussy hard and fast. She begs him to fill her pussy with his hot glue amongst her screams of pleasure. He slows and enjoys her latching on to him. Drawing him forth, his cock explodes and his body has a rush of warmth that swarms over him. His skin prickles and he finally understands total body orgasm and all its delights. All because he let himself go to her as she gave him all of her pleasure. He never stops, he fucks right through the orgasm until he cums again, until she cums again. Finally, he pulls out of her, his limbs are numb. He walks around to the front of her as she turns over on her back. Her breasts fall towards her chin. She reaches with her arms and brings him to her. She still wants to taste herself off of him. She licks herself off of his tight drawn up sack. He clenches as she gently wraps her hands around his shaft. She pulls forward and draws one last drop from his vessel. She licks the tip of his cock. He is delicious, and he is empty. She stands and dresses, leaving him in a peaceful state of rest.

She quietly closes the door behind her, happy that their play room is back. What a nice surprise.